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Sherri Shepherd Thinks Khloe Kardashian’s Butt is Fake, Fans Attack

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Sherri Shepherd apparently wants a new backside, but specifically, she wants one just like Kim Kardashian’s little sister, Khloe. On Wednesday, the former “The View” host posted on social media that she wants a new butt but says she continuously sees pictures of botched butt jobs done by “back alley persons.” She suggested that she needs to find out who assisted Khloe Kardashian’s with her butt job. “Ladies, stop going…


Rapper Rick Ross put in jail for weed possession

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The rapper Rick Ross is known for bragging about his excessive consumption of all drugs, legal or not.   It turns out that his love for marijuana may have caught up with him. The 39-year old hip-hop superstar was arrested this week for marijuana possession in Fayette County, Ga. According to police, Ross was pulled over for a tinted window violation, but this led to the discovery of the items in…

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Class does the Nae-Nae at Graduation and it’s Pretty Cool

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Graduation is a time for people to celebrate. Education is hard work and rewarding, and there are also times when it’s OK to let your hair down and just have some fun. That’s what this class is doing at their graduation, and it’s actually pretty cool.

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Jamie Foxx does some pretty cool impressions on this video

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Jamie Foxx is one of the most talented entertainers in the world. Watch him do Mick Jagger and other interesting acts. He really tears it up. He even does an impression of Barney. Check it out.

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Funny Video: Promo for black man taking over the Daily Show

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On September 28th, the Daily Show is going to get a new host, Trevor Noah. Check out this promo of his intro to the show. It’s actually pretty funny. Noah has been the subject of some degree of controversy for some of the jokes that he’s made in the past, but it appears that Comedy Central is sticking with him. Good for them, this should be interesting to watch.


Queen Latifah reportedly goes off on fan for saying she came out of the closet

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Reported by Liku Zelleke Queen Latifah is thrilled after her new HBO biopic “Bessie” was well-received by viewers. The critically-acclaimed story of blues legend Bessie Smith stars Latifah in the lead role. Mo’Nique played her mentor, Ma Rainey, and Tika Sumpter played her lover, Lucille. The biopic was 22 years in the making, and Latifah insists the wait was absolutely worth it by saying the experience of playing the blues…

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Tyler Perry hit with a messy lawsuit from former employee

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A former employee of Tyler Perry is suing for millions alleging that he was fired after refusing the a superior’s sexual advances. In the lawsuit, Joshua Sole claims that Perry exposed him to “contempt and ridicule.”   The man is suing for millions in damages, and claims that his history with Perry is what led to other incidents that have been revealed in the media. Sole’s first interaction with Perry,…


Marlon Wayans to Spoof “Fifty Shades…” With “Fifty Shades of Black”

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Reported by Liku Zelleke Marlon Wayans, the king of spoof comedy, has just announced that he will be back in March of 2016 with his take of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which he will be calling “Fifty Shades of Black.” The original movie, based on the book written by E.L. James, is an erotic romantic drama starring Dakota Johnson as college graduate Anastasia Steele who has a sadomasochistic relationship with…


NJ Man Says Rapper DMX Robbed Him at Gas Station

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By Victor O DMX is currently being investigated by police after a New Jersey man accused the rapper and his entourage of snatching and making away with thousands of dollars belonging to him. The man, whose name was not revealed, claimed to have been robbed by the rapper and his entourage of about 15 people at an Exxon gas station in the early hours on  Easter Sunday. NJ.com reports that…

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Can Comedians Be Funny Without Backlash? Jamie Foxx Accused of “transphobia”

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By Lyonel Laverde-Hansen Our popular culture is based on a tension of competing purposes. On one hand, we value the importance of freedom of expression, most famously enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution. A range of personalities has invoked his or her Constitutional rights to justify expression which many find offensive. As a result, performers can be banned or condemned, but not imprisoned for violating local “obscenity laws.”…


Barbershop 3: Ice Cube and Cedric the Entertainer Coming Back After 11 Years

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By Naturally Triece According to Deadline, a Barbershop 3 is on the way. The threequel will be coming 11 years after the sequel to the first Barbershop, which was a hit! The site is reporting that they’re still barbering the deal, but MGM is hiring The Best Man franchise director, Malcolm D. Lee, to direct Barbershop 3. Rumor has it that the film is coming along very well and steps…

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Is Soul Music Dead and Gone?

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By Michal Ortner Many fans of contemporary R&B are wondering where their beloved soul music has gone, as many artists are leaning towards the hip-hop beat of pop culture. Some wonder if artists are feeling pressured into newer sounds that leave no room for the steady, smooth sound of soul. Others are concerned that soul music is losing touch with its original African-American artists and audience. Soul music may have…


Lee Daniels’ kids have read Anne Frank 100 times, but don’t want to read Roots

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In case you don’t know the story of Anne Frank, it’s an intriguing diary written by a young Jewish woman during World War II.  The Jewish community takes great pride in the book, and they make sure that many of their children read it at some point in their lives as a point of cultural heritage. Lee Daniels, creator of the show “Empire,” and the films “Precious” and “Monster’s Ball,”…

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Bitter-sweet: Bobby Brown and His Wife Are Expecting Another Baby

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By Tamala Perkins Bobby Brown has been in an Atlanta hospital at his daughter Bobbi Kristina’s bedside. She is reported to be fighting for her life after being found unresponsive in a bathtub but he has also received some good news; his wife Alicia Etheredge is pregnant. Brown and his wife are expecting their second child together who will be Brown’s sixth child. The couple has a five year old…

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Does the Movie “Black and White” Just Rehash Old Racial Stereotypes?

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By Jamaal Brewer If you have not yet watched the film Black or White, I’m warning you now that this is a *spoiler* alert. I remember first learning about Black or White after it appeared in the upcoming movie trailers for Selma . It didn’t spark my interest initially, but as someone who studies race relations and propaganda I wanted to see exactly what image it would portray and the…