Florida Judge In Hot Water For Allegedly Making Racial And S*xual Insults


By Kacie Whaley A Florida judge may be facing charges after his subordinates filed a formal complaint claiming he hurled racist and s*xist insults at them. It is not clear who filed the complaint specifically, but Jacksonville Circuit Judge Mark Hulsey says he has done nothing wrong and will prove his innocence. He said within an email that the “false allegations have been a poorly kept secret hanging over me…

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OMG! Taco Bell Employee Fired After Refusing To Serve Police Officers


By Kacie Whaley Tensions between some of the American public and police officers are high these days amid several mainstream reports of police brutality. One Taco Bell employee took their dislike for cops to work, and they’ve now lost their job because of it. Over the weekend, two police officers walked into a Phenix City, Alabama Taco Bell. Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones told Opelika-Auburn News that before the officers…

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An Inside Look Into Baton Rouge Cop Killer – Gavin Long


By Kacie Whaley More personal information has surfaced about the alleged Baton Rouge cop shooter, Gavin Long. His old podcasts proved to be very revealing of his s*x life, social life, and transformations. Long, 29, was identified as the culprit of last Sunday’s incident involving three police officers being gunned down and three others being wounded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Since the SWAT Team shot and killed Long, the only…

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$3.7 Million S*x Fantasy Goes Wrong

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 07:  Victoria's Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel Lights The Empire State Building In Pink Stripes on December 7, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret)

By Robert Stitt Chinese businessman Yu “Martin” Xu is out several millions of dollars and still hasn’t slept with Megan Fox. With all his pent up hostility, he’s suing the agency that he claims promised him he could sleep with famous women. In 2014, Xu paid a $24,000 initiation fee to Royal Court Escorts in Sydney, Australia. The fee allowed him to choose s*xual partners from an exclusive menu of…

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Quincy Brown Teams Up With His Dad, Al B. Sure To Remake ‘Nite And Day’


Reported by Liku Zelleke Quincy Brown has reportedly teamed up with his biological father, Al B. Sure!, as he makes his first major move in the music industry. Brown, who is the son of model Kim Porter and the adopted son of rapper and entertainment media mogul Sean Combs will be remaking Al B. Sure’s 80’s hit “Nite and Day.” Many are impressed by the decision the artist has taken…

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Cleveland Police Union Gets Nervous As Black ‘Open Carry’ Protestors Show Up


Reported by Liku Zelleke In the face of the intense tension that permeates across the nation, the head of the Cleveland police union, Steve Loomis, had asked Ohio governor John Kasich to temporarily suspend the state’s open carry laws until after the Republican National Convention which is being held in the city from July 18 – 21. That request was turned down as the Governor didn’t have the power to…

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Actor John Leguizamo Appeals To Latinos To Support Black Lives Matter Movement


By Victor Ochieng Actor John Leguizamo is known as a funny guy, and he delivers every time he takes the stage. But then again, he’s also known to setting aside his jokes whenever he’s speaking about topical societal issues. Following the recent deadly events that saw Black men lose their lives at the hands of the police and the activities of the #BlackLivesMatter, he opened up and shared his thought on what…

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19-Year-Old Arrested Over Facebook Post Saying ‘Just Kill All White Cracker Cops’


By Ryan Velez The Daily Mail reports that a 19-year-old old Georgia man has been arrested after threatening to kill white police officers on his Facebook page. Allegedly, Derrick “De De” Hudson, of Macon, typed “Just kill all white cracker cops LLH” (laughing like hell) on a post linked to a video of Alton Sterling’s son speaking out about his death. The death of Sterling at the hands of Baton…

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Man Gets Exonerated After Rhode Island Police Were Caught Fabricating Surveillance Video


By Ryan Velez Atlanta Black Star reports that a Providence, Rhode Island man charged with assault and resisting arrest has been effectively exonerated after footage of a scuffle outside a nightclub has been revealed. According to WPRI Channel 12 Amy Kempe, public information officer for the Rhode Island Attorney General’s office — announced on Tuesday that 29-year-old Esmelin Fajardo will be allowed to enter a not guilty plea on charges….

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White Supremacist Arrested On Suspicion Of Triple Homicide In Washington


By Ryan Velez A white supremacist has been taken into custody on suspicion regarding a triple murder this Sunday, reports The Daily Mail. 35-year-old Brent Luyster was arrested after a woman drove to a convenience store in Woodland, Washington, with a gunshot wound to her face, informing police that three other people had been shot. While her injuries rendered her unable to speak, she communicated what happened with a handwritten…

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Couple Gets Prison Time For Keeping Their 11 Children in House Filled With Feces


By Kacie Whaley A Pennsylvania couple has been sentenced to between one to two years in prison for leaving their 11 children in shockingly squalid conditions at their home. Tyree and Takeya Fluellen appeared before a Dauphin County judge Tuesday to explain why their children were living in a home laden in filth, PennLive reported. Neighbors complained about the terrible smell coming from the Steelton home and revealed that the…

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Reading While Black Is Suspicious To Whites


By Victor Ochieng Louizandre Dauphin had a lot going on in his mind, thinking about the recent events in which police officers fatally shot two Black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. This prompted him to take some time out of his apartment to a nearby wharf to read a C.S. Lewis book. “I decided to take a drive to the Stonehaven Wharf and sit by the water on this…

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Synthetic Marijuana Turns Brooklyn Streets Into Scene From ‘The Walking Dead’


Reported by Liku Zelleke People have described what they witnessed on Tuesday, last week, on the streets of Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn as reminiscent of a scene straight out of “The Walking Dead” after more than 30 people simultaneously overdosed on K2 – a type of synthetic marijuana – and found themselves in different states of inebriation and even unconsciousness. Witnesses saw people passed out in the middle of…

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Yale Dishwasher Breaks ‘Degrading Image’ Of Slavery Depicted In Stained Glass Window


Reported by Liku Zelleke A dishwasher at Yale was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and criminal mischief after he broke a stained glass window that depicted slaves working in a cotton field. Corey Menafee, an African American, said he decided to knock the glass panel out because he was tired of the looking at the “degrading image.” Following his arrest, he resigned from his job. The dining hall that…

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Volunteer School Aide Caught Molesting Kids Forces School Board To Re-vamp Its Hiring Practices


By Kacie Whaley A Prince George’s County Maryland school board is reviewing both its safety and hiring protocols after an employee was accused of filming child pornography on campus grounds. Deonte Carraway, 22, worked at Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary as a volunteer school aide and youth choir director. Earlier this month, the FBI obtained recordings of children as young as 9 years old displaying s*xual behavior, and it is believed…

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