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'Accidental' shooting scene

Man Commits Suicide After Accidentally Killing Friend

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is reporting that two friends are dead after one was accidentally shot during a struggle over a handgun.  It is reported that the two men were friends and that a gun accidentally discharged when one of the friends was trying to disarm the other.  Lieutenant Eddie Hernandez reports that the two friends were not engaged in an argument.  Regarding the initial shooting, Hernandez states,…


Ferguson Police Charge $135 An Hour To Release Documents on Michael Brown Killing

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April V. Taylor The Associated Press has reported that bureaucrats in Ferguson, Missouri have charged them $135 an hour for a days work to provide them with government files about the fatal shooting of teenager Michael Brown.  This is nearly 10 times the cost of some city’s employees’ salaries, but what makes it even more shocking is that under the state’s Sunshine Act, these records are supposed to be provided…


DOJ Demands Ferguson Officers Stop Wearing “I Am Darren Wilson” Wristbands

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April V. Taylor The Department of Justice released a letter Friday that they sent to the Ferguson Police Department demanding that officers stop wearing wristbands that read “I Am Darren Wilson.” It would seem officers and officials should have been aware of the fact that wearing the wristbands would only serve to agitate tensions between citizens and officers that stem from the August 9th shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael…


Thieves Want Your Medical Records More Than Credit Card Info

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April V. Taylor Data and reports compiled by the FBI have revealed that stealing a person’s medical information is worth 10 times more to thieves and hackers than a credit card number is on the black market.  Just as recently as last month, the FBI warned healthcare providers about guarding themselves against cyber attackers after Community Health Systems Inc.,  one of the country’s largest hospital operators, was broken into by…


Pregnant Woman Slammed On Her Belly By NYPD For Trying To Protect Son From Cops

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April V. Taylor The NYPD is back in the headlines for being overly aggressive.  This time it is for throwing Sandra Amezquita to the ground despite her being five months pregnant.  Amezquita was trying to protect her teenage son from aggressive officers.  In a video of the incident, an officer can be seen riding her to the ground belly first and then placing handcuffs on her despite the fact that…

dr dre

Dr. Dre Made $620 Million, More Than Any Artist Ever In One Year

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Dr. Dre is now the top paid celebrity on the Forbes celebrity earnings list for annual earnings between June 2013 and 2014.  He has ousted Sean “Diddy” Combs from the top spot of highest paid hop hop artist, and what makes the $620 million in estimated pre-tax earnings so astronomical is that it is actually the highest of any musician in any genre ever evaluated by Forbes.  It is also…


The First Black Player in the Major Leagues Wasn’t Jackie Robinson

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Jackie Robinson gets most of the credit for breaking the color line in the major leagues. He’s in all the history books and a blockbuster movie about his life chronicled the baseball legend’s integration into major league baseball. There’s just one problem: Jackie Robinson wasn’t the first black player in the major leagues. According to the Los Angeles Times,   Moses Fleetwood Walker played in the majors 63 years before Jackie…

students_taco bell

High School Brαwls Shut Down California Taco Bell During Afternoon

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Rowdy high schoolers who insist on fιghting at a local Taco Bell during the afternoons have forced the fast food restaurant to amend its schedule. The Antioch, California Taco Bell’s dining room is normally open in the afternoon, but thanks to brawling high school students, the dining area is now closed during that time. Managers at the eatery say the restaurant has become a regular hang out spot for misbehaving…

Lancaster New Era newspaper published offensive cartoon of a slave ship being the inspiration behind airline seats www.blacklikemoi.com

Pennsylvania Newspaper Pokes Fun at Slavery, Then Apologizes

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Reported by Liku Zelleke Lancaster New Era, a Pennsylvanian newspaper, has gone on Twitter to apologize for a tasteless cartoon that compared modern-day air travel to the horrible conditions slaves had to endure while being transported in the holds of slave ships. The cartoon that was printed in the paper’s Saturday edition and circulated last week, was not drawn by any of its employees but readers still thought that the…


Grand Jury Ruling Delayed Until Next Year In Michael Brown Killing

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April V. Taylor In what many are calling a possible delay of justice, the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that the grand jury charged with determining whether or not Officer Darren Wilson will be charged criminally for the death of Michael Brown now has until January 7th to make their decision. Brown was killed by Wilson on August 9th.  Numerous eyewitnesses report that Brown was fatally shots while his hands…

tshirt roses

April V. Taylor: Are Companies Unjustly Profiting From Racism and Black Death?

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April V. Taylor Since the ongoing protests erupted in Ferguson, Missouri and across the country about the death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown at the hands of police officer Darren Wilson, many people, companies and organizations have profited from the sale of t-shirts, wrist bands, and numerous other items, but is this ethical?  Many are beginning to speak out a say that it is not.  A recent article published…


Ga. Lawmaker Complains About Making Voting Too Easy for Blacks

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First Lady Michelle Obama was in Georgia campaigning for Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn on Monday, which rankled some local Republican lawmakers. One state senator was so put off by the visit that he lashed out at a decision to allow one of Georgia’s largest black counties to have early voting on Sunday at a shopping mall. Frustrated that expanded early voting will increase African-American turnout, State Senator Fran Millar…

racist texts

Officer Resigns After Calling Blacks “a Bunch of Monkeys” in Text Message

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The Police Chief in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is trying to calm tensions after an officer resigned over sending racist text messages. WBRZ reports that the department is investigating a detective who allegedly sent racist text messages. “They are nothing but a bunch of monkeys. The only reason they have this job is the n*****, n***** in them,” reads part of one text. “I wish someone would pull a Ferguson on…


“The Economist” Apologizes for Article Defending Slave Owners

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Just a day after publishing a piece defending slave owners, The Economist has has withdrawn the article and posted an apology. A review of Edward Baptist‘s “The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism,” published by The Economist, surmised that Baptist was being too hard on slave owners. Here’s an excerpt: Slaves were valuable property, and much harder and, thanks to the decline in supply…


Thousands of Federal Inmates May Have Sentence Reductions Delayed

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April V. Taylor Just six months after the Justice Department put out a call for defense attorneys to help identify and qualify federal inmates who would have been eligible for lesser sentences under newer sentencing guidelines, the DOJ is now saying those attorneys may not be qualified to help with the effort.  The call was put out as part of Clemency Project 2014, which is a coalition of defense attorneys…