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Man does Ice Bucket challenge on 10 month old baby’s head

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Some people are in love with the ice bucket challenge, which is to raise awareness for ALS, a disease which affects mostly white men.  There is a whole conversation to be had about why black people are doing the ice bucket challenge and not contributing to diseases that affect black people, but that’ll be part of another BLM conversation. This one involves a grandfather who some say should be charged…


Yvette Carnell and Dr. Boyce Watkins Discuss Rev. Al Sharpton’s “Ghetto Pity Parties”

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In the following video, BreakingBrown founder & Your Black World contributor Yvette Carnell discusses Rev. Al Sharpton’s eulogy for Michael Brown with Dr. Boyce Watkins. If you missed the eulogy, Sharpton said black folks are “sitting around having ghetto pity parties rather than organizing and strategizing.” “Blackness was never about being a gangster or thug,” he said. “Blackness was about how no matter how low we was pushed down, we…


Why Students and Even Teachers Are Dropping Out Of School

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By: Krystle Crossman Finding a teacher that is in it for the long haul is becoming a rarity these days. They must contend with new technology, extremely intense testing that is required, new teaching methods, and larger classrooms. Teachers are dropping out of the profession because of all of these new requirements. They are finding it so much harder to do their jobs with all of the new methods that…

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April V. Taylor: Has Ferguson Provided The Flashpoint For The New Civil Rights Movement?

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During a press conference last week, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon made a statement regarding the protests and police aggression that followed the fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th.  Echoing words that have been used numerous times over the last six decades to protest police brutality and racial apartheid perpetuated by government entities, Nixon stated, “This is a test.  The eyes of the…

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Philly Cop Sues Philly Police Department Over Police Brυtality

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Over the years there have been police officers who’ve revealed racial disparities within their ranks, but it is still rare for an officer of the law to sue a police department. Brandon Ruff, a police sergeant, has filed a police brυtality lawsuit against the Philadelphia Police Department. In the complaint, Ruff claims he suffered two sprained wrists and two sprained shoulders at the hands of police when he tried to…

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An American First: Whites No Longer The Majority in Public Schools

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April V. Taylor The Atlanta BlackStar recently reported that the new school year is starting with a historical first; for the first time in the history of the United States, white children in the public school system will be outnumbered by Black, Latino, and Asian children.  Recent studies had predicted that this historical threshold would be crossed sooner rather than later, and with the start of the 2014-2015 school year,…

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Man Gunned Down Over Pellet Gun Was Not Given Chance to Drop Weapon, Says Family

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The family of a man who was fαtally shοt for holding a pellet gun at Wal-Mart spoke out on Tuesday. The family of John Crawford III said that he was not given a chance to drop his toy weapon. The attorney for the family, Michael Wright, said that the Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine should “refer this case to the Department of Justice. Not to a special prosecutor.” Beavercreek police…

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Officer Who Roughed Up CNN’s Don Lemon Investigated After Racist Tirade

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The St. Louis police officer who was seen pushing CNN anchor Don Lemon during a live segment in Ferguson has been relieved of duty over a racist rant. Lemon was reporting on the unrest in Ferguson when Officer Dan Page began to physically push the anchor back. Now video has surfaced of Page making racist and homοphobic comments at an Oath Keepers meeting a few months back. “It’s wide-ranging inflammatory…


Parents Outraged After Black and White Kids Reenact Michael Brown Shoοting

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A teacher is in hot water for forcing black and white students to reenact the Michael Brown shoοting. According to The Selma Times Journal, the teacher was placed on administrative leave after instructing the sixth graders to reenact the shoοting. Jessica Baughn, who has a child in the class, filed an official complaint with the school after learning that her son was made to participate in the reenactment. “I don’t…


Ohio Man Who Worked in Morgue Had $ex with 100 Corpses

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By Nigel Boys A man who had been working the night shift at the morgue in Hamilton, County, Ohio, for 16 years, has admitted that he frequently had s*x with female bodies whilst he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard last week. What makes matters worse, is that Kenneth Douglas’ supervisors were aware that he was drinking on the job…


Witness Says Michael Brown Never Charged at Offcr. Wilson [Video]

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A person who only identified herself as Josie phoned into a radio program to give Officer Darren Wilson’s version of events that led up to the fatal shoοting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. According to her, Wilson fatally shot Brown after the teen “bum rushed” the officer, but a witness at the scene contradicted that story during an interview with CNN. Piaget Crenshaw, who witnessed the shoοting and recorded the…

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Rep. John Lewis Calls for Martial Law in Ferguson, Highway Patrol Takes Over

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Congressman John Lewis (D-Ga) called on President Obama to declare martial law during a Thursday interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. Lewis compared the experience of civil rights protesters in the 1960′s to how residents of Ferguson, MO are being treated and said Pres. Obama should declare martial law in order to protect peaceful protesters. According to Lewis, Obama should not wait on Missouri’s governor to intervene, but should send in…


NBA Player to Blacks: Stop Reaching Out to “Coοn” Al Sharpton

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NBA player Gilbert Arenas is not a fan of Rev. Al Sharpton and lashed out at the activist yesterday for going to Ferguson, MO amid protests. Arenas even called Sharpton a “coοn” and said communities in trouble should stop reaching out to Sharpton. Although Areans deleted his post soon after publishing it to Instagram, Uproxx saved the text. Arenas sent his condolences to Michael Brown’s family, but also went in…


Missouri State Senator was Tear Gassed in Ferguson, MO

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The chaos surrounding the recent police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri just got a little bit stranger.   The police department in the town has refused to answer to the public regarding why they felt the need to shoot down the 18-year old, who was on his way to college.  His body was left dead in the middle of the street, as officers have set up barricades, no…


“She Needs to Drop a Few” Says Fox News Dr. About Michelle Obama

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The first lady is one of the healthiest, most attractive first ladies in history.  So, it’s surprising that anyone would say she’s not healthy.  But leave it to Fox News to tell the biggest lie told since Columbus discovered America.  No reason to be mad about this anymore, it’s actually funny. Read more:  First Lady Michelle Obama has been in the cross-hairs of right wing pundits for everything from pushing…