Man Researched Ways To Have His Pregnant Girlfriend Miscarry Their Child


By Nigel Boys Two months before he and an accomplice are accused of savagely attacking his 7-months-pregnant girlfriend, 34-year-old Torey Branch of Brooklyn, New York, allegedly searched online for ways to ensure that she would not have his child. The New York Post reports that just months before 35-year-old Mia Jones was due to deliver their child, Branch researched over two dozen variations of “Can being hit in the stomach cause…

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Former City Clerk Embezzles Over $1 Million Dollars And Gets No Jail Time


By Nigel Boys During the period between 2009 and 2015 when she worked as a court clerk, 46-year-old Dubuclet Patterson, managed to embezzle over $1 million from the city of Mississippi by stealing fine payments she received, according to reports. Patterson pleaded guilty in December to stealing from the city while working as a clerk in McComb and appeared this week in Pike County Circuit Court in front of Judge…

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Teen Finds Out Why You Shouldn’t Throw Boiling Hot Water On A Cat


By Nigel Boys Leon Teague, an 18-year-old senior at Dunbar Vocational High School in Chicago, who was already on juvenile probation for a residential burglary, landed in trouble with the law again after he posted a video of himself doing something very disturbing to a cat. After Cook County officers investigated a shocking video of a person pouring scalding water on a cat outside on their porch, which was uploaded…

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Disabled Student Is Latest Victim Of Bullying


By Nigel Boys Isaiah Wooding, a 16-year-old student at Penns Hill High School in Pittsburg, who has often been the victim of bullies because of he has cerebral palsy, was humiliated even further as a video of a recent attack was posted on social media, according to reports. The Daily Mail reported Margaret Wooding, the mother of the teen who suffers from abnormal brain development, has had enough of the treatment…

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Dirty Nurse Makes Nassau County Correctional Facility Unsafe


By Nigel Boys Chantiel Cox, a 25-year-old nurse providing medical services at the Nassau County Correctional Facility in New York, allegedly used the opportunity while dispensing medicines to the inmates, to smuggle and promote prison contraband. Cox, who worked for Armor Correctional Health Services, was arraigned Friday in Long Island on charges of conspiracy and promoting prison contraband by smuggling razors and synthetic marijuana to inmates, the Daily Mail reported. “That…

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Man Enjoyed 9 Nine Days Of Freedom Before Being Recaptured


By Nigel Boys After he was mistakenly released from the Inmate Reception Center in Los Angeles, California on the 30th of January, 37-year-old Steven Lawrence Wright, who was in custody awaiting a new trial for murder next month, went on the lam for 9 days. His mistaken release was not noticed till the following day, at which time the Los Angles County Sheriff’s Department set up a manhunt for Wright,…

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8th Grader Gets Called a N*gg@ Everyday And The School Does Nothing


By Victor Ochieng A Black Michigan student has made damning claims that his school, Sherwood Park Middle School in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has remained callous about his complaints about a White kid who has been using an N-Word on him daily. The 8th grader proceeded to inform his parent about the situation in school, prompting his mother Sumayyah Waver to seek court redress. The Thursday lawsuit filed by attorney Nakisha Chaney…

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Texas Tabloid Threatens To Release Addresses Of Officers Following The Fatal Shooting Of An Unarmed Black Man


By Victor Ochieng Following the shooting to death of 36-year-old Antronie Scott, a Texas-based tabloid threatened to release the addresses of officers attached to the San Antonio Police Department. The man was shot by a uniformed police officer, who thought that the cellphone the victim was holding in his hand was a gun. Scott was shot in the chest, killing him at the scene. There was, however, no gun found at the…

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Sunday’s Mississippi Mardi Gras Parade Ends Tragically


By Nigel Boys As the last parade unit completed the route on Sunday during the Mardi Gras parade in Pass Christian, Mississippi, police were called to the scene of a fight and reported gunfire about two blocks north of the parade route, according to reports. Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove told local news media outlets that two men had been killed, 29-year-old Carlos Bates of Gulfport and 43-year-old Isiah Major…

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Is The ‘Knock Out’ Game Making A Come Back?


By Nigel Boys A video depicting an apparent elderly man minding his own business as he is approached by a teenage boy on the streets, which was first uploaded on Facebook, has the New Jersey police more than a little concerned. The Daily Mail reported that after the video, which shows a boy punching an unsuspecting victim on the street apparently rendering him unconscious, was discovered, authorities fear a repeat of…

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8-Year-Old Florida Boy Arrested For Attempted Robbery Using His Mother’s Gun


By Victor Ochieng It was shock and stun at a local grocery store in West Palm Beach, Florida when a local grocery store was almost robbed by an eight-year-old wielding a handgun. The police reported that the boy was arrested and taken to custody after the attempted robbery. The boy, whose first name is Jaden casually walked into the store, where he first went to the aisle and walked around for a…

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How Rapper Chief Keef’s Tweet Caused One Woman To Leave Her Residence For Fear Of Her Life


By Nigel Boys According to residents of a neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota, it’s not safe to be in the area anymore, all because of a message 20-year-old Chicago-born rapper, Chief Keef sent to his more than one million followers on Twitter. The Daily Mail reports that Keef tweeted the address on Friday of a young college student named Ashley, who has since been living in her car because she’s afraid to…

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Toddler Gives Perfect Response To When He Gets Caught Doing Something Wrong


By Nigel Boys A young toddler, named only as Ayden in an adorable video posted on social media, apparently believes that when he is caught doing something wrong, the best thing to do is freeze, ignore the accusations and pretend he isn’t there. In the video posted by Ayden’s aunt, who describes herself as a stay-at-home mom, he is seen freezing up and standing like a statue as she questions…

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Black Man Killed By Police Showing A Cell Phone, Not A Gun


By Nigel Boys Officer John Lee, an 11-year-veteran on the San Antonio Police Force in Texas, has reportedly been placed on administrative duty pending an investigation, after he fatally shot an unarmed Black man who he thought was carrying a gun on Friday. Reuters reports that 36-year-old Antroinie Scott was being tracked by a detective with SAPD’s Repeat Offender Program, because he was wanted on two felony warrants for gun and…

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Can A Sleep Aid Make Someone Commit Murder?


By Nigel Boys When 29-year-old Shannon Coleman decided to end her relationship with Nixon Bourguignon, the father of her youngest son, he allegedly took her life by strangulation in their New York apartment then blamed his actions on a sleeping aid. After being convicted last year of fatally strangling Coleman, 38-year-old Bourguignon was sentenced on Friday to serve between 20 years and life in prison by Supreme Court Justice William…

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