Remarkable Story Of Woman Held Captive, Starved, and Later Rescued Graduating From High School


By: Giovanni Zaburoni Iasia Sweeting, was a sophomore in college when she disappeared in 2010.  According to the Daily Mail, at the time, investigators labeled her as an “at risk runaway,” even though her family said she wouldn’t just vanish without telling someone where she was going.  Four years later, Sweeting was found in a dire situation.  She was discovered after a man named Calvin McIntosh, brought the abused body…

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Victims Lawyer in Holtzclaw’s Case Can’t Get Justice Thanks To The Oklahoma Department Of Corrections


By Victor Ochieng Former Oklahoma City cop Daniel Holtzclaw, who was sentenced in December last year to 263 years in prison after he was found guilty of raping Black women, insisted that he’s innocent during a 20/20 interview, accusing the women who gave testimony against him of having lied. The said interview was aired last Friday on ABC, coming about four months after Holtzclaw was convicted. Damario Solomon-Simmons, a legal expert with…

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After Plea From Family, Man Who Killed Infant Son Turns Himself In

In this undated photo released by St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, Diata Crockett is seen. An 8-month-old boy is dead after a shooting in north St. Louis, and police are searching for the father, Crockett, who is the suspected gunman. (St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department via AP)

By: Giovanni Zaburoni Diatta Crockett, a Missouri man who shot and killed his eight month old son during a dispute with his wife before leaving the scene with their other two children – three year old Blasé and two year old Ryker, has turned himself into police according to the New York Daily News.  Investigators say his wife was holding their son while the two argued in a vehicle.  Crockett’s…

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Special Education Teacher Arrested For Pimping Teen Girlfriend


By: Giovanni Zaburoni A twenty three year old special education teacher in Baltimore, Maryland is behind bars for pimping his sixteen year old girlfriend.  Investigators say the teen girl arranged to meet with a man for s*xual purposes and when she arrived at the Towson East Motel in Baltimore for the transaction, the man revealed he was an undercover officer and both she and her boyfriend, Michael Brandon Osikomaiya were…

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Robbers Busted For Wearing Clothes They Stole And Posting It On Facebook


Reported by Liku Zelleke When three Crips members committed a violent home invasion, they probably thought they had committed the perfect crime because they all managed to get away unscathed – initially. The alleged robbery saw the victims relieved of $15,000 in cash, $10,000 in U.S. Postal money orders, jewelry and some top-end-fashion designer jeans and footwear. Four alleged gang members, Tyshawn Rivera, Derrick Reed, Merkel Washington and Quentin Williams…

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Father Of Four Charged With Rape On Washington D.C. Metro


By Victor Ochieng Prosecutors in a rape case said Monday that John Prentice Hicks, 39, raped a woman at knifepoint on April 12 on a Washington, D.C. Metro train. The man allegedly approached the victim, 39, on a red line train and drew a knife as the train went through the Forest Glen station, says the woman’s statement to the police. Hicks is accused of having first raped the woman…

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How Freedom Of Speech Cost A Girl Her Prom And Graduation Walk


By:  Giovanni Zaburoni Freedom of speech is a right Americans have but when it comes to freedom of speech on school campuses, students are free to say what they want but there can be consequences.  Taiylar Ball, a senior at Homewood Flossmoor High School participated in her school’s talent show.  According to Bossip, she recited a poem called “Dear Black Girls.”  Ball said the N word while reciting the poem…

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Atlanta Housewives Cast Member Loves Her Redneck And The Confederate Flag


By:  Giovanni Zaburoni Black Atlanta Housewife “friend of the cast,” Marlo Hampton shared her love for the Confederate Flag and her redneck boyfriend on Instagram and according to Bossip, her followers let her know they weren’t having it.  These reality stars are always thirsty for attention and they are willing to do almost anything to remain relevant or to be a trending topic on social media, no matter how foolish…

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White Woman Disowned For Having Baby With Black Man; Makes A Video About It


By: Giovanni Zaburoni We live in the 21st century and at this point it shouldn’t be a taboo to love who you love regardless of their race or ethnicity.  In a perfect world, dating someone outside of your race wouldn’t matter to your friends and families but there are still a number of race-baiting, hateful holdouts who are clinging to the old way of slavery and Jim Crow mentalities that they…

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Tupac’s Hummer Sells for?


By Robert Stiit It’s been just under 20 years since Tupac Shakur was gunned down in a drive-by shooting off Flamingo Road in Las Vegas. The shooting has never been solved. Perhaps the unfinished story to 2Pac’s life is part of what keeps the mystery alive. Whatever the case, his music still continues to sell and his memorabilia commands top dollar. Recently, the last vehicle the famed rapper owned was…

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Producer Nate Parker Says White people Need To Come Out Of Denial And Embrace Reconciliation And Justice For All


By Victor Ochieng When Nate Parker, the producer of short film AmeriCAN, gets a moment to speak on an issue, he does so with great passion. This was evident when he spoke with Joey Jackson and former NYPD detective Patrick Brosnan about the reality of white supremacy in America and some of its effects. During a national television interview, Jackson brought an argument that Black people have an opportunity to make…

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Mother Uses Vacuum Cleaner, Crutch, and Knife To Fight Off Burglar


By Victor Ochieng A mother made an unlikely use of some of the tools to fight off a burglar who tried to break into her Oklahoma home. The burglar tried to force his way into the house through the window, but wasn’t successful in his mission after the woman waged war against him using a vacuum cleaner, crutch, and a knife, forcing him to flee for safety. It was on Tuesday…

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Plain Clothed Officer Punches Teen For Filming Arrest


By: Giovanni Zaburoni Poor behavior of some police officers across the country is a reminder of why they need to be monitored while they are out patrolling neighborhoods, especially Black neighborhoods.  It’s hard to keep up with how many officer involved shootings have involved unarmed Black people, or how many Black people have been brutalized at the hands of police, or how many Black children have been roughed up by…

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How An Ex-Con With Four Degrees Desires To Give Back


By Ryan Velez The Huffington Post recently hosted a story from Upworthy about Daniel Geiter, a former inmate who has been able to beat the odds and find success, and is now looking to pay it forward by helping other ex-cons do the same. Geiter’s story begins in the 80’s and 90’s. At the time, he spent years in and out of jail for what he describes as “petty-theft-type crimes.”…

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New Website For LBGT Teens Makes It Easier For Them To Come Out


By Ryan Velez The Daily Mail reports that a new app will allow LGBT teens to test the waters for acceptance of them coming out, while still remaining anonymous. The “You’re Accepted” website is designed to let users to send a personally-composed, anonymous message to friends and family on social media, and read the positive messages they send back, including names of those who have written them. The website is…

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