More Trouble For Planned Parenthood As One Aborted Child’s Heart Was Allegedly Still Beating

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By Michal Ortner As more information regarding Planned Parenthood selling the body parts of babies has circulated, another gruesome story is reaching the ears of the public. Allegedly, one aborted child’s heart was still beating when the brain was harvested by Planned Parenthood, who was partnering with StemExpress at the time. In a video, Holly O’Donnell, a StemExpress employee who was a technician for procuring organs, says that she was…

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Teen Commended For Bravery In Rescuing A Woman Kidnapped By Her Ex-Boyfriend


By James A. Merritt In modern times, people are more inclined to videotape drama than respond to it. Smartphones have conditioned many people to be bystanders instead of active participants in other people’s lives. With that said, it’s refreshing to hear that good samaritans still exist with the courage to make a difference. A great example is Canadian teen – Malyk Bonnet. Bonnet was headed home after finishing his shift…

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“Shoot Cops” Apparel Designed to Stop Police Brutality

shoot cops

By Shanieka Stanton New apparel is sweeping the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada, that officials allege are designed to incite violence against the police; however, the designer sat down with KLAS-TV News Now to counter that claim and discuss the positive message behind his highly controversial fashion statement. Francisco Carbajal, CEO of North Las Vegas-based Ndigenous Visionaries, told the news affiliate that he’s sold more than 100 t-shirts during the…

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Why Did The Residents Of Compton Have To Leave Compton To See ‘Straight Outta Compton’


By Robert Stitt The movie Straight Outta Compton was tops at the box office in its opening weekend knocking Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation from the top spot. Mega-site Rotten Tomatoes rates it 89 percent on the Tomatometer with 96 percent of the audience saying they liked it. The film not only gave diversity to the offerings at theaters across America but was a “win” for black actors and filmmakers. Strangely,…

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Louis Stokes – First African-American Congressman From Ohio Dies At Age 90


By Nigel Boys After celebrating his 90th birthday in February and announcing in July that he had been diagnosed with brain and lung cancer, former U.S Congressman Louis Stokes, the first African-American member of Congress from Ohio, reportedly died on Tuesday. WKYC reports that Stokes’ family issued a statement on Wednesday morning about the man who served 15 consecutive terms in the U.S. House of Representatives and served as the…

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Gay Black Man Was Tortured Over $5 and Now His Accusers Face Hate Crime Charges


By Nigel Boys Two Texas men were indicted by a federal grand jury on Monday for hate crimes related to the alleged beating, raping and torturing of an African-American gay man in Copus Christ in 2012, according to reports. Thirty-two-year-old Jimmy Garza Jr., and 22-year-old Ramiro Serrata Jr., are charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit hate crimes, one base on race and color and the other based on…

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu Hospitalized For Infection


By James A. Merritt World renowned champion of peace, Archbishop Desmond Tutu was hospitalized Monday evening in Johannesburg, South Africa, according to CNN. The eighty-three year old activist and spiritual leader is seeking treatment for an “infection,” according to his daughter, Canon Mpho Tutu. Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize winner has struggled with health problems on and off for years. Unfortunately, Tutu has seen his health deteriorate with his increasing…

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Father Denied Right to Visit Daughter After Sexual Assault


By Shanieka Stanton “I think my daughter needs to see me…I think she wants her father,” Denneth Shearer told Ethan Calloway of News4Jax on Tuesday, following the brutal attack of his 8-year-old daughter. “How do you think my youngest daughter feel?” he asked while fighting back tears. “What’s going through her mind? And she can’t get to her daddy.” Desperate to find his daughter’s attacker and to see his little…

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Police Charge Rev. William Pounds In The Death Of His Fiancé


By Michal Ortner William Pounds, the pastor of Kings Chapel CME Church in Perry, GA is facing charges for murder after attempting to stage the murder of his fiancé, Kendra Jackson to look like a suicide. Jackson, who was found with a gunshot wound to the head was allegedly arguing with Pounds over the status of their relationship. Pounds told authorities that Jackson was arguing with him about their relationship….

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Father of 11-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Accused Of Killing 3-year-Old Faces Criminal Charges


By Nigel Boys A visit by an 11-year-old boy to his father’s home in Detroit on August 3 turned into a tragedy when he allegedly ended up fatally shooting 3-year-old Elijah Walker in the face. While the boy was charged with manslaughter in Juvenile Court earlier this month, Curry Bryson, his father, was also charged with manslaughter on Monday, according to the Wayne County prosecutor’s office. Prosecutors said Bryson stored…

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Teen Who Killed His Mother, Covered Up The Smell, And Partied Was Sentenced To 28 Years


By Nigel Boys In March of 2012, after an argument escalated due to breaking curfew, 16-year-old Kit Darrant reportedly killed his mother and hid her body for over a week. The incident, which occured on the 1700 block of Northeast 191st in Miami, Florida, took three years to be finalized by prosecutors. On Friday, the 19-year-old pled guilty to second-degree murder charges in the strangling of his 35-year-old mother, Renette…

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Dr. Samori Swygert: Early Schools Must Teach Classes On Racial Tolerance


American schools should incorporate mandatory classes on racial tolerance and sensitivity. As a nation, we talk a good game about racial equality, justice, tolerance, sensitivity, and “being a melting pot” of all races. The rhetoric on racial equality is poetic, beautiful, it’s alluring and enchanting for the ignorant. However, America’s performance fails to match the script. Evidence of “Non-scholastic” programs in American Schools American schools incorporate multiple “non-scholastic” programs into…

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By Nigel Boys In the third embarrassing escape in the New York City neighborhood of Upper Manhattan in under two months, another prisoner bolted from the clutches of the police in East Harlem on Sunday, according to reports. Police reports state that 25-year-old Austin Stevenson had just been put in a patrol car by two officers on East 102nd St. to be transported to the 23rd Precinct. As officers were…

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NY Pizzeria Apologizes For Pic-a-Nika Pizza Promotion


By Robert Stitt The acclaimed pizzeria and deli, Pizza by Certé, in New York City has faced a social media backlash for their new “slice of the week” Pic-a-Nika”. The pizza has among its toppings salted watermelon and fried chicken. The issue started when a customer thought that the title sounded like “Pick a Ni**er”, and with the watermelon and fried chicken was blatantly racist. He took a picture of…

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The Bic South Africa Ad That Is Drawing Criticism


By Robert Stitt Bic makes pens. There are few things sexual about pens, unless they are those novelty pens that you turn upside down to see a picture un-robed. Even then, those are sold at novelty shops and truck stops so nobody has made any big complaints about them. Seems Bic found a way to make women mad. Again. In 2012, Ellen DeGeneres took on Bic for their “Pens for…

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