Inmate Slices His ‘Manhood’ In An Attempt To Avoid The Death Penalty


By Nigel Boys After tattooing his head to appease the Egyptian god he worships, convicted murderer Nikko Jenkins, who is awaiting a decision if he will face the death penalty, has mutilated his body again in what some believe is an attempt to prove his insanity. Twenty-nine-year-old Jenkins was arrested in August 2013 after he killed four people, just 10 days following his release from a Nebraska prison in July….

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Cleveland Police Chief Demands An End To Violence After A 5-Month-Old Girl Was Killed


By Angela Wills Among the latest victims of violent deaths on the streets of Cleveland is an innocent 5-month-old little girl. She has been identified by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner as Aavielle Wakefield. The shooting reportedly took place around East 143rd Street and Kinsman Road. Reports say that Little Aavielle was inside a vehicle driven by her mother along with two adult male passengers when shots were fired into…

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Suspects Who Bit a Miami Policeman’s Finger Off is Shot Dead


By Yolanda Spivey Thirty-one-year-old Junior Prosper was shot dead by a Miami, Florida police officer after nearly severing the officer’s finger during a traffic stop. Prosper was driving a taxi cab that had crashed on Interstate 95 during rush hour traffic. The unidentified officer tried to restrain Propser but the officer stated that Prosper took off running into some nearby bushes. The details on what happened next are a bit…

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Black Reporter Gets A Protective Order Against An Angry White Man


Reported by Liku Zelleke Duke Carter, a reporter for WSLS Channel 10 who was threatened soon after the shooting of two journalists has been granted a protective order against a Virginia man. Carter’s order was given against Donald “Donnie” Visel Jr. Visel has been accused of making a shooting gesture against the reporter while he was out on an assignment. According to court documents, Carter was working on a story…

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What Did A Lawyer Who Is Also A Former Magistrate Judge Do To Get Arrested?


Reported by Liku Zelleke Kimberley Bandoh, a lawyer from Georgia was arrested in the Riverdale Municipal Court where she was handling a case in court. She had allegedly left her two children ages 2 and 3 locked inside her car that was parked in the court’s parking lot. According to police, the children had been in the car for nearly 30 minutes. They were made aware of the fact after…

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6-Year-Old Witnessed Missouri Couple Allegedly Raping A 16-Year-Old Boy


By Nigel Boys A Missouri woman and her boyfriend are facing felony charges after being arrested for gang-raping a 16-year-old boy at their home in Carrolton, sometime in late August or early September, according to KCTV5. Twenty-six-year-old Laura Ann Bentley and 34-year-old Jason Ashley Schlueter were arrested after the teenage boy’s mother filed a report to police that he was forced into s*xual acts involving a foursome, Rolling Out reports….

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Why Is George Zimmerman Back In Court?


By Nigel Boys Former neighborhood watch leader, George Zimmerman, the man who sparked protests and national debate about race relations two years ago, appeared in the same Florida courthouse that made him infamous in yet another shooting trial. Zimmerman, who was acquitted in 2013 in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, appeared in court on Tuesday for the preliminary hearing of Matthew Apperson who is accused of shooting at him…

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Father Blames Child Protective Services For Him Wanting To Harm His Children


By Nigel Boys A three-year-old girl, along with her five-year-old sister was rescued from a North Carolina pond on Sunday night when an off duty Durham County sheriff’s deputy pulled them out of the water. Their father, Alan Tysheen Eugene Lassiter had allegedly tried to drown them. Twenty-nine-year-old Lassiter of Raleigh was charged with the two girls attempted murder, along with the attempted murder of his 7-year-old son, who ran…

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Dr. Samori Swygert – Is Brian Williams The Face of White Male Privilege?


Yesterday Brian Williams was afforded the opportunity to cover the Pope’s arrival in the United States yesterday on MSNBC. Brian Williams was suspended from anchoring on MSNBC seven months ago after it was revealed that he lied about coming under gunfire while covering war stories in the Middle East. BRIAN WILLIAMS BROKE THE OATH Brian Williams epitomizes the poster boy image of white male privilege in the United States of…

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Boston Transit Cop Goes Off On Female Rider And It’s Recorded


By Nigel Boys A video taken by another passenger aboard the Route 15 MBTA bus in Boston on Friday showing a transit cop repeatedly striking a woman who had been accused of theft, has since gone viral on YouTube. The video, taken by 24-year-old Nino Brown, an organizer of the activist group, Mass Action Against Police Brutality shows the violent encounter between the Boston transit cop and the woman as…

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What Did Waka Flocka Flame Say To Get The LGBTQ Community Up In A Roar?


By Michal Ortner Popular rap artist, Waka Flocka Flame, recently guest starred on a morning talk show, “The Breakfast Club,” out of New York. His comments concerning Caitlyn Jenner and the transgender population have brought on much criticism and condemnation from several media outlets. During his radio speech, he explained that the younger generation feels “afraid” when it comes to being “husbands and wives.” He also had several statements about…

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History Of Child Abuse Causes 12-Year-Old Boy To Stab 9-Year-Old


By Nigel Boys Jamarion Lawhorn, who was 12 when he was found guilty of the first-degree murder of a 9-year-old child at a Michigan playground, may have done so to get away from abusive parents, according to the Daily Mail. Lawhorn, now 13-year-old, stabbed Connor Verkerke, 9, four times in the back with a knife as they played on a playground in Kentwood, near Grand Rapids in August, 2014. He…

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Video Shows Student Viciously Beating A Fellow Football Player Over a Missing Visor


By Nigel Boys After the riots and clashes between several students from Frederick Douglass High School in Baltimore City and the police over the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody last April, the school is again in the news this week over a violent confrontation. The Daily Mail reports that 17-year-old student and member of the school’s football team, Sean Johnson, approached a teammate in the cafeteria on…

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Mother, 1-Year-Old Son, and Boyfriend Killed Because Of A Dirty Diaper And Baby Crying


By Nigel Boys When 16-year-old Brandon Fletcher went to the home of his sister, Bianca Fletcher, in the 5900 block of East 84th Street, Kansas City, Missouri on September 8, he found her and her 1-year-old son, JoJo, had been shot and killed. He also discovered the body of his sister’s 18-year-old boyfriend, Shannon Rollins Jr. KCTV reports that the following day, 22-year-old Joseph Nelson, a former boyfriend of 17-year-old…

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What An African-American College Art Student Did That Has Gained National Attention


By Nigel Boys Students at the University of Buffalo in New York were shocked to find racist signs hanging around their campus at various locations on Wednesday, including “White Only” and “Black Only” signs around their water fountains, according to the Daily Mail. However, the students and administrative staff were even more surprised when the culprit of the racial signs owned up to posting them because she wanted to “get…

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