People Are Asking How India’s First Female Uber Driver Died At Age 39


By Robert Stitt Bharathi Veerath was born in Andhra Pradesh. Ten years ago she moved to Bengaluru to start a new life. Part of that life was becoming the city’s first female cab driver. It is rumored that she also became the first female Uber driver in India, according to Bossip. This last week, she was found dead. Her landlord said that he saw her car “abandoned” and did not…

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Millionaire Developer Uses His Money To Save A Homeless Woman’s Life


By Robert Stitt Lasharn Francis Harvey was homeless. She lived outside a New York office building on West 57th Street — Manhattan’s Billionaires’ Row, with her dog, Sahara. Each morning she would greet the people with a blessing as they entered the posh business quarters. Most people did not give her a second glance. They also did not bother her. She had been there for years. Steve Witkoff is a…

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Modern Day Lynching In Mississippi


Reported by Liku Zelleke On June 18th, Antwun “Ronnie” Shumpert, 37, was pulled over by a police officer for a routine traffic stop. He suddenly exited the car and started running away, according to the Tupelo Police Department. The officer, with his canine unit companion in tow, chased Shumpert and finally caught up with him when they found him hiding under a house in the Lee Acres neighborhood. According to…

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Rumor: Whole Cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Is Fired


By Robert Stitt What do Karlie Redd, Stevie J, Joseline, Mimi Faust, Lil Scrappy, and your ex have in common? That’s right – they all got the boot. Word on the street is that the entire cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is being replaced by a cast with more star power. Yet, Bossip points out that the producers are going to have a problem finding high-profile stars who…

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Experiment In Harlem Shows Black People Still Favor White People Over Their Own

Clark Doll Test 2

By Kacie Whaley As proven in an experiment on 125th Street in Harlem, New York, Black people still favor White people over their own. When the Doll Test was first administered on a group of children in the 1940s, it was viewed as evidence proving that Black children had been reared to hate the color of their skin and favor White skin instead. The children were presented with a White…

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Toya Wright’s Husband, Memphitz Gets Hit With A $82,000 Lawsuit


By Kacie Whaley Amid the recent announcement that he and estranged wife Toya Wright are separating, Memphitz is now being sued for allegedly failing to pay back an $82,000 bank loan. According to Bossip, Memphitz, whose real name is Mickey Wright Jr., took out a loan with 6.7 percent interest from City National Bank in 2010. The 39-year-old former record executive agreed to make payments of $1,386 a month to…

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Jessie Williams And The Role Of The Black Artist

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 14:  Actor Jesse Williams attends The 2015 MoCADA Masquerade Ball at Brooklyn Academy of Music on May 14, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Rommel Demano/Getty Images)

By Doshon Farad Paul Robeson once said , “The artist must elect to fight for Freedom or for Slavery. I have made my choice. I had no alternative.” I am very elated by Sunday’s BET awards. It was perhaps the most political and progressive one in its history. Of course not only am I speaking of Beyonce’s and Kendrick Lamar’s very powerful performance, but also in particular, Jessie Williams’ prolific…

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Black Woman Had A Shotgun And Confederate Flag Pointed At Her For Parking


By Ryan Velez Atlanta Black Star reports that this past Sunday, a Henrico County, Virginia man was taken into custody after pointing a shotgun at a Black woman and waving a Confederate flag at her because she parked her car in front of his house. Cierra Mayes told Virginia’s WTVR CBS 6 that she had parked in front of the home of 54-year-old Thomas Lee Campbell while attending a community…

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The History Of S*x Farms And The Effects On Black Men


By Victor Ochieng The history of African-Americans is marred with heart wrecking tales of people who were robbed of their dignity and subjected to inhumane conditions. While the focus has been on Africans being transported to the United States and put into forced labor, there hasn’t been much talk about s*xual atrocities they faced. Many people aren’t aware that there were white slave owners who owned s*x farms where Black people, men…

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‘Shahs of Sunset’ Host Asa Rahmati Says She’s Ready To Start A Family With ‘Soul Mate’ Jermaine Jackson Jr.


Reported by Liku Zelleke Asa (sometimes written as A$A) Soltan Rahmati is one of the “Shahs of Sunset” – a Bravo reality TV show that follows the life of a group of Iranian American friends from Beverly Hills – and is also an entrepreneur with an established brand of kaftans. What many people do not know is that the 39-year-old Iranian refugee is also the girlfriend of Jermaine Jackson Jr….

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Why Is There Bitterness Over A Black Jamaican Nurse Getting An 8-Foot Statue In London?


By Victor Ochieng Later this month, an 8-foot-tall statue of Mary Seacole, a Black Jamaican nurse, will be erected at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London. This hasn’t gone down well with supporters of English war nurse Florence Nightingale. Some historians argue that Seacole didn’t achieve much, but her achievements were exaggerated for political pursuits. The statue, which is expected to cost an amount of $730,000, will be the first of its…

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Kenya Moore’s Attitude And Cooking Doesn’t Match Her Looks


By Robert Stitt We don’t know if Rachel Ray will vote for Donald Trump, but she will likely agree with him on his assessment of Real Housewives of Atlanta personality Kenya Moore. Trump famously told Moore during her stint on Celebrity Apprentice: “You’re the most evil woman I’ve ever met in my life.” Recently, Moore was participating on a Food Network reality show called “Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition”…

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Pizza Place Denies Black Man Entry For Wearing Pants That Are ‘Too Street’


By Victor Ochieng A Chicago man wasn’t happy after he and his wife were booted from a pizzeria in West Loop area. The restaurant says they couldn’t serve him because he was in violation of their dress code by donning sweatpants. However, the customer insists the restaurant discriminated against him because he’s Black. NBC Chicago reported that Antar Jackson was stopped at the door of Parlor Pizza Bar, a ‘comfortable, affordable, and…

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53-Year-Old Woman Was Killed By Students Skipping School and Sneaking Back In


By Victor Ochieng A 16-year-old high school student reportedly sneaked out of school together with another teen after which they stole a car and killed a grandmother in a hit and run. One of the students even managed to slip back into school after committing the crime. reported that on April 25, the two New Jersey-based Camden High School students left the school building before classes began and none of the…

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6-Month-Old Dies In Car Due To Father’s Negligence


By Victor Ochieng A Des Moines, Iowa man told the police that his six-month-old son died from exposure to excessive heat after he fell asleep in the front seat of his car while his son was in the back seat. However, the police aren’t buying his story. The man, Lance Jordan Williams Sr., 35, was taken to police custody and charged with child-endangerment after officers established that he’d actually left…

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