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August 19, 2014

Cedric the Entertainer Feels Fellow Cops Are Protecting Michael Brown’s Killer

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The New York Daily News is reporting that comedian Cedric the Entertainer has spoken out about the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri surrounding the death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.  He stated, “Right now, it feels as though the young man had no weapon – he was shot six times – and the officer is being protected by other officers.”  He went on to state, “Why can’t they get to the…

Holocaust Survivor Arrested Protesting in #Ferguson

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April V. Taylor In a shocking display of how starkly the situation in Ferguson, Missouri stands in contrast with the freedoms that many see as foundational American ideals, a 90-year old Holocaust survivor has been arrested protesting the death of Michael Brown.  The Huffington Post reports that Hedy Epstein, “who assisted Allied forces in the Nuremberg trials,” was arrested for “failing to disperse,” during a protest regarding Missouri Governor Jay…

Watch Don Lemon Get Roughed Up by Ferguson Police

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CNN anchor Don Lemon has drawn a good deal of criticism for calling on young black men to pull up their pants, but while reporting in Ferguson, Lemon quickly learned that you can be a well dressed CNN anchor and still be mistreated by the police. While Lemon was reporting for CNN, he shouted “I think we’re about to be arrested.” Although Lemon was not arrested, he was physically shoved…

Trayvon Martin’s Mother Unites In Grief With Michael Brown’s Mother

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April V. Taylor There is perhaps no greater pain for a mother than having to bury her child, and it is from that place that Sabrina Fulton, the mother of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin, has reached out to the parents of Michael Brown, Michael Brown Sr. and Lesley McSpadden.  Fulton’s son was gunned down by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, and McSpadden’s son was gunned down by Ferguson police officer…

Tupac: Why Black People Have A Right To Be Angry

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Tupac Shakur was one of the most legendary hip hop artists of all time, and his influence helped a generation of black youth find their voice.  Eighteen years have passed since his senseless and tragic murder, but the imprint he left on American culture and black conscious is still visible. Born in Manhattan, New York, he was named after Tupac Amarau, an 18th century South American revolutionary who was executed…

Don’t Look Now, But the KKK is Headed to Ferguson to Protect White Business Owners

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As if tensions weren’t already high enough in Ferguson, now there are reports that the Ku Klux Klan is headed to the city to protect white business owners. It has already been reported that members of the white supremacist terrοr squad are holding a fundraiser in Ohio to raise money for the white police officer, Darren Wilson, who kιlled unarmed teen Michael Brown.  Now additional information indicates that the racist…