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Malcolm X tells grand jury who is trying to murder his family

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Hear Malcolm X’s own words about his relationship with the Nation of Islam and how he ended up leaving the organization. After you watch the video, please tell us what you think. Can the black community move past this? In the video, Malcolm even says that he knows that he’s “a dead man already,” and that the kind of information he has about the Nation of Islam might lead to…

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Member of Drake’s Entourage Sentenced to 6 Months for Beating His Girlfriend

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Reported Stephen Kanyi Travis “Baka” Savoury, a well-known member of rapper Drake’s entourage, was sentenced to six months in jail for assaulting a woman during a domestic dispute in Toronto. The 37-year-old pleaded guilty to assaulting the 22-year-old, whose identity is being protected by the courts. She and Savoury were in an on and off relationship for several months, and it eventually turned ugly. Attorney Katherine Rogozinski said that the…

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Tyler Perry hit with a messy lawsuit from former employee

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A former employee of Tyler Perry is suing for millions alleging that he was fired after refusing the a superior’s sexual advances. In the lawsuit, Joshua Sole claims that Perry exposed him to “contempt and ridicule.”   The man is suing for millions in damages, and claims that his history with Perry is what led to other incidents that have been revealed in the media. Sole’s first interaction with Perry,…


Baltimore: White Man Brutally Attacked By Black Teens In Front Of His Home

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Reported by Liku Zelleke Five high school students have been arrested by the Baltimore County police after they savagely beat a disabled man who was trying to break up a fight between teenagers that had started in front of his home. Police said they had arrested five teens and charged them as adults for the attack on Richard Fletcher. The brutal assault was caught on a cell phone video. The…

Georgia man hanging

Black Georgia Man Found Hanging From Tree

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Police in rural Georgia are assuring residents that at this point in the investigation, there are no signs of foul play in the case of a black man found hanging from a tree. During a press conference, Joe Wooten, a Georgia Bureau of Investigation special agent, told reporters that although there was “nothing overt” to indicate foul play, investigators had not ruled it out, CNN reports. Roosevelt Champion, 43, was interviewed…

Georgia principal

Racist Georgia Principal: “Was I Supposed to Say African-American? Were They All Born in Africa?”

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A Georgia principal who ignited a firestorm of controversy with her racially inflammatory remarks, then blamed the devil, is still trying to dig her way out of the hole she dug for herself. Nancy Gordeuk, founder of TNT Academy in Stone Mountain, was recorded trying to get the graduation crowd to stay and listen to the valedictorian who she’d skipped over in the program. As the audience begins to leave,…


Long Time Radio Legend, News Anchor Ty Wansley Passes Away at 63

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Reported by Victor Ochieng Ty Wansley, a longtime radio show host and news anchor, died on Wednesday at the age of 63. Wansley died at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he was admitted last week over congestive heart failure and relevant disease. The radio personality is reported to have suffered small strokes a couple of times in the past. Many people extended their condolences to Wansley’s family and friends. “He…


Marlon Wayans to Spoof “Fifty Shades…” With “Fifty Shades of Black”

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Reported by Liku Zelleke Marlon Wayans, the king of spoof comedy, has just announced that he will be back in March of 2016 with his take of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which he will be calling “Fifty Shades of Black.” The original movie, based on the book written by E.L. James, is an erotic romantic drama starring Dakota Johnson as college graduate Anastasia Steele who has a sadomasochistic relationship with…

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Ted Cruz: Obama “inflamed racial tensions… divided us”

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Reported by Robert Stitt Few things have been as polarizing in America during the past year as race relations. Granted, the issue has always been here, so it’s not completely accurate to say this is something new or that it has only surfaced due to recent events. Yet, with the highly-publicized police-involved deaths of Black men such as Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Freddy Gray, race relations surged past the…

Demonstrators destroy the windshield of a Baltimore Police car as they protest the death Freddie Gray, an African American man who died of spinal cord injuries in police custody, in Baltimore, Maryland, April 25, 2015. Protesters returned to Baltimore's streets Saturday to vent outrage over the death of Gray on April 12.      AFP PHOTO/JIM WATSON        (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Teen Smashes Cop Car During Baltimore Riots; What happened When He Turned Himself In

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Reported by Robert Stitt A number of iconic images will forever represent the Baltimore riots and protests that took place in the aftermath of Freddy Gray’s death. Two of the photographs are of 18-year old Allen Bullock using a traffic cone to smash the windows of a police car. When the pictures went viral and word went out that the police were looking for the young man, his mother and…

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Michael Moore: “Disarm Police”, Release Blacks “incarcerated for drug ‘crimes’”

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By Evette D. Champion Filmmaker Michael Moore unleashed some interesting demands on Twitter on Thursday. He believes that America’s police should be disarmed and “every African-American currently incarcerated for drug ‘crimes’ or nonviolent offenses” should be released from prison. The controversial documentarian started his rant on social media early Thursday morning with a vague tweet: “Imprison u, shoot u, sever your spine, crush your larynx, send u to war, keep…

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Watch: Al Sharpton, Baltimore Mayor shove away Fox News Reporter

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Fox News reporter Leland Vittert ended up getting pushed aside by Al Sharpton earlier this afternoon when he confronted Sharpton and the mayor of Baltimore about whether she issued any stand-down orders to the police. Vittert reported yesterday that law enforcement sources told him Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered the police to stand down on Monday before the violence and rioting got out of hand. Vittert kept asking, “Why can’t we…


Supreme Court ruling tells police they can’t make defendants wait for drug dogs

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court handed down a decision that said it was unconstitutional for police officers to hold suspects during traffic stops without probable cause. In a 6-3 ruling, the court made it very clear that police officers cannot hold a suspect for additional time in order to wait for a drug-sniffing dog to arrive. The court ruled that it was a…


This man wants you to remember: Not all cops will shoot you

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By Nigel Boys In the wake of outrage following the recent shooting death of an unarmed Black man in South Carolina by a police officer, a video posted on YouTube and Facebook by a Black man named Will Stack claims that not all Black people are victims and that not all cops are bad. The 22-year-old U.S. Army National Guardsman recounts his experience with a White officer in Lexington County…


Woman Arrested After Leaving Racist Notes on Neighbor’s Door

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An Oregon woman has been arrested for leaving racist notes on her black neighbor’s door. Eva Chapin, 34, was charged with intimidation and harassment. Chapin, who says she’d been having parking issues with her neighbor, hoped the sticky notes would “get a reaction” from the neighbor, reports The Oregonian. “I’m not a racist but I can see how someone can become hating (racial slur). You did this. There were no…