Student Dies In Annual Tradition At Ohio State University


By Nigel Boys As those either too timid or too sensible to join the activities watched from the water’s edge, hundreds of students took the early morning plunge into the extremely cold water of Mirror Lake on Wednesday at the Columbus campus of Ohio State University. Along with those brave enough to face the freezing water as part of an annual tradition of the Ohio State University (OSU) was 22-year-old…

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Recently Released Dashcam Video Shows Cop Pursuing Chicago Teen Before Shooting Him 16 Times and Killing Him


By Angela Wills Newly released dashcam video shows Jason Van Dyke, a Chicago cop, as he pursues Laquan McDonald for a mere 30 seconds before shooting and killing the teenager. Dashcam footage taken from the police car of Van Dyke, a white officer, as he drove through a Burger King parking lot shows McDonald, 17, dashing out in front of him just before running down the street, carrying a small…

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Early, Early Bird Gets The Biggest Worm On Black Friday


By Victor Ochieng If you’re contemplating shopping from Best Buy this Friday during the Black Friday madness, you’re probably going to be served after Jarvis Johnson, a married Avondale, Arizona man who has set camp in front of a Best Buy store with his bed, television set, and video games. Of course we’ve seen people line up hours earlier than the time when doors open, but camping in front of a store…

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Why A Possible Urine Test Created So Much Drama


By Nigel Boys Although he was on probation, 18-year-old Derek Charles Jeunegens, from Cape Coral, Florida, reportedly went out drinking and came home Monday morning to his girlfriend intoxicated. So that a later urine test would prove clean, Jeunegens allegedly demanded that his girlfriend go out and buy him “detox.” However, when she refused, he allegedly became angry, tried to choke her while slapping her around, threatened to commit suicide…

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Ten Year Old Boy Witnessed Cops Shooting and Subsequently killing Handcuffed Man


By Bo Thornton Ze’Morion Dillon-Hokins, a ten-year-old boy, recently came forward to reveal that he saw a handcuffed man being shot in the head by police.  Dillon-Hokins explains how he saw the shooting of 24 year old Jamar Clark just a few yards away.   Dillon-Hokins said, “They took out a gun and popped him in the face” The death of Clark led to protests in Minneapolis. Ze’Morion’s witness statement may prove…

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Countless Surgeries For Little Girl Attacked By Pit Bulls


By Nigel Boys In June 2014, 6-year-old Zainabou Drame was playing in the street with her 9-year-old brother, when she was savagely attacked by pit bulls, leaving her fighting for her life and relying on life-support machines to keep her alive. Fifteen months later, the now 7-year-old girl, who had to be placed into a medically induced coma on account of her severe injuries, is trying to resume her life,…

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Vanderbilt University’s Black Conservative Professor Slams Students Calling For Her Suspension


By Victor Ochieng Carol Swain, a Black conservative professor, has come out guns blazing against an online petition demanding her ouster over accusations of discriminatory acts during her classroom sessions. EAG News reported that Swain, who’s a professor of law and political science at Vanderbilt University, Nashville campus, is being targeted for suspension after she made online posts of materials of interest to “Christian conservatives.” “Although Ms. Swain is free…

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Georgia Man Wrongfully Convicted Decades Ago Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Over Mistreatment and Being Coerced To Plead Guilty


By Victor Ochieng It was September 22, 1984, when Timothy R. Johnson was apprehended by police officers and charged with the murder of a Warner Robins store clerk, who was shot dead during a robbery incident. In December of that same year, he pleaded guilty of the charges and was slapped with a life sentence. There is one thing, however, that Johnson knew even as he was pleading guilty –…

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14-Year-Old Girl In Hospital After Being Ran Over Viciously By A Car


By Nigel Boys A brawl between several girls on Friday, outside Cullen Middle School, Texas, developed into something more serious, when a 14-year-old girl was run over by a car as a cell phone video recorded the incident. DeBreanna Hunter has already undergone three surgeries in less than two days to repair the damage done when the driver of the vehicle allegedly, purposely ran over her. She was lucky to…

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3 Teens Get Caught After Putting Plans to Kill Other Students on Social Media


By Bo Thornton Social media posts have become law enforcement’s best friend. Due to some not so smart criminals’ undying need for love and attention.  These types tend to have uncontrollable urges to share any and everything when it comes to intimate details of their lives.  They share most anything, up to and including their previous and their planned criminal activity.  Because of these social media confessions, investigators’ jobs have…

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Deceased Child’s Mother Denies She Used Donations To Buy A New Car


Reported by Liku Zelleke Karla Lee, the mother of Tyshawn Lee – the 9-year-old boy who was lured into an alley and shot, allegedly, because of his father’s gang activities – has denied reports that she used money from a GoFundMe account setup for funeral services to buy a new car. Lee made comments regarding the issue, after people took to social media to criticize her, saying that it’s simply…

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Three Sisters Arraigned In Court After Vicious Attack on One’s Boyfriend


By Victor Ochieng Three sisters were arraigned in court on Wednesday after allegedly assaulting the boyfriend of one of the sisters. The sisters, Tammica Mitchell, Kanisha Mitchell and Precious Neely, are facing numerous charges, ranging from assault, aggravated burglary, to vandalism. They’re said to have forcibly made their way into the man’s home before viciously attacking him. After making their way into his home, the man alleged that one hit him using…

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Clinton’s Atlanta Campaign Speaks on Racial Equality While Addressing Young Protesters


By Margarette Lesema On Friday, Democratic President front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton shouted over black protesters as she made promises that she will address issues on systemic racism and that she will follow the footsteps of President Barack Obama, and go even further. Her campaign’s theme centers on the country’s lingering racism and she outlined plans for reforms in criminal justice, the same pitch that her rivals— former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and…

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A Soldier’s Post For Black Lives Matter Trends And Goes Viral


By Angela Wills U.S Army Soldier Steven Hildreth Jr. has a message for the Black Lives Matter community. It’s quite simple according to him, “A little respect goes a long way.” Hildreth’s message comes after he was stopped by police in Tucson, Arizona on Oct. 27th. At the time of the stop, he was carrying a weapon and wearing a hoodie. His upload to Facebook depicting the aftermath of the…

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National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Seeks To Engage HBCU Students in Raising Awareness


By Victor O With the students are heading back to campus from fall break, a lot of activities will be taking place. National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is being celebrated at HBCUs around the nation as an opportunity to engage students in creating awareness about HIV/AIDS. The message behind the initiative is:  “Get Educated, Get Tested, Get Involved, and Get Treatment.” Students who’re interested in becoming part of the program are…

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