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Alvin Cross

Man Accidentally Texts “You Have Some Weed?” to Probation Officer

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A Georgia man may’ve landed himself on the dumbest criminals list because of how he got into trouble with the law. The Albany man was on probation, but now he’s headed back to prison because of a text he sent to his probation officer. Alvin Cross Jr. pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine after texting his probation officer looking for drugs. According to prosecutors, the probation officer received a text…


Football Coach Fired for “Racist” Watermelon Celebration

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Academic Magnet football coach Bud Walpole had a successful season, but his method of celebration cost him his job. The Charleston County School District in South Carolina confirmed Monday night that they’d fired the Raptors head coach due to a watermelon celebration they’d deemed racist. Apparently, the watermelon victory celebration began this season and was continued as the team’s winning streak stretched on. Those on the team described the celebration…

A baseball cap and a portrait of Michael Brown is shown alongside his casket inside Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church before the start of funeral services in St. Louis

Police Chief: “Very Unlikely” Darren Wilson Will Be Charged in Michael Brown Kιlling

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Even though the grand jury has not yet issued a decision on whether Officer Darren Wilson will be charged for gunning down Michael Brown, those with knowledge of the process seem to be forecasting that Wilson will escape criminal prosecution. Last week the St. Louis Dispatch reported that one witness who testified before the grand jury said Brown did not have his hands up high and that the teen staggered…

elementary Ebola

East African Students Banned From School Over West African Disease

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Two students at a New Jersey elementary school stayed home from school due to fears they may spread Ebola to their peers. The Ebola virus has emerged in west Africa, not east Africa, but that didn’t stop Howard Yocum Elementary School from informing teachers that two students from east Africa had enrolled at the school. The two students were scheduled to enroll, but were blocked after parents got wind of…


Rapper Cam’ron Sells Ebola Face Masks With His Picture on It

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Up until now, the world’s response to Ebola has been to tackle the disease at the source–in hotspots like Liberia and Sierra Leone–without panicking. But just last week a traveler at Dulles airport was spotted wearing a Hazmat suit. Now, rapper Cam’ron is attempting to profit off fear, and have a little fun, by selling Ebola face masks that include a picture of the rapper on the front. The mask…

Montre Merritt

Black Teen Forced to the Ground at Gunpoint Over Seat Belt Violation Files $12.5 Million Dollar Lawsuit

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Because a Waycross, Georgia officer was only given a mild punishment after forcing a teen to the ground at gunpoint over a seat belt violation, the family of has decided to take a different route, filing a $12.5 million dollar lawsuit against the city. Montre’ Merritt told reporters that Officer Cory Gay held a gun to his head and ordered him to the ground during a traffic stop in front…

Photo Credit: Ashleigh Abreu - Special to The Post-Star

State Troopers Called to High School Football Game After Brαwl, Chοking and Racial Slurs

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A Saturday high school football game between two New York teams came to an abrupt conclusion after state troopers were called to put an end to a brαwl on the sidelines. During a game between Whitehall and Rensselaer, one player had already been ejected over a personal foul, leading to tensions that boiled over in the second quarter with a fight near the benches. The final straw, however, came during…

Photo Credit: Reuters

Crowd Begins Walking Out as Obama Makes Campaign Speech

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President Obama hasn’t been seen stumping for many candidate this election season because his approval rating has dropped considerably since the time he was reelected. That disconnect between Obama and voters was on display Sunday as the president campaigned with a Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland. President Obama has spent the majority of his time and effort raising money for Democrats since his approval rating took a plunge. First…

Michael Brown2

Officer Darren Wilson Says He and Michael Brown Struggled for Gun

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According to officials close to the investigation, Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson told authorities that he and Michael Brown struggled over his service weapon before shοts were fired. The New York Times reports that this information was revealed to officials with inside knowledge of the federal civil rights investigation. Officer Wilson reportedly admits that shοts were fired while he was still inside the vehicle, but says that was during the period…

Obama spear

Idaho Man’s Halloween Decoration Includes Obama’s Head on a Spear

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An Idaho man says he doesn’t much care how people react to his Halloween display, which just happens to include President Obama’s head on a spear. “I’ve got the Grim Reaper on the ATV, and Obama’s head is on the spear and he has been decαpitated,” Richard Piersol told KBOI-TV. Piersol’s not lying. In his yard, right next to the Reaper, is an Obama mask attached to a wooden spear….


GOP Ad Features Dem. Candidate Paired With Tattoo Faced Black Man

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A new ad paid for by the the National Republican Campaign Committee is already being called the Willie Horton ad of this election cycle. The ad appeared on Friday in a Nebraska race for the 2nd Congressional U.S. House seat. In the ad, Brad Ashford, Democratic challenger to incumbent Republican Lee Terry, is accused of supporting a law that let a convicted felon out after serving only half his prison…

vest or vote

Chilling Ad: Vote Or Buy A Bullet Proof Vest For Your Sons

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April V. Taylor The Florida based social justice organization Dream Defenders has launched a satirical ad for The Dream Vest, which is being marketed to “provide safety for all children with high productions of melanin to protect them from unwarranted state violence on civilians.”  The initiative is using the hashtag #VestorVote and is meant to draw attention to the fact that people of color are disproportionately targets of police violence…


Why Are Black Men Killed By Police 21 Times More Often Than White Men?

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April V. Taylor Thanks to the terribly inadequate federal record keeping about the number of people killed by police, there is a lot we do not know about who cops kill, but what has been determined by a recent study completed by ProPublica is that Black men are 21 times more likely than white men to be killed by police.  ProPublica ia a non-profit that specializes in investigative journalism; they…


Tragic: Ebola Victim Thomas Duncan Begged for Diaper Prior to Deαth

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Last week the nephew of an Ebola victim who died accused the Dallas hospital that treated him of racism. If the allegations are true, then the loss of Thomas Duncan is even more tragic than originally thought, but the heart-wrenching story of the moments prior to Duncan’s deαth are so horrendous that they will probably do little to put his family’s mind at ease. In addition to losing his life,…

backs turned

Young Ferguson Activist Calls NAACP President Uncle Tom

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April V. Taylor In a surprising turn of events during an event keynoted by Dr. Cornel West, a group of young activists who have been on the front lines in Ferguson, Missouri protested a speech given by NAACP President Cornell William Brooks at Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis.  Activist and journalist Rosa Clemente describes what happened as follows, at “a gathering of over 3,000 people…at some point the young people…

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