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Man Allegedly Shοt Mother’s Boyfriend for Inviting Over Mixed Race Grandchildren

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A Mississippi man allegedly brυtally beαt his mother’s boyfriend and shοt him for having mixed race grandchildren. According to relatives, Jeffery Daniels, 37, beαt Craig Wilson with brass knυckles and then shοt him in the stomach on Friday because Wilson invited his mixed race grandchildren over for a sleepover. Wilson knew there was animosity brewing after he found a cross burning in his yard not long ago. Daniels was charged…

Don Lemon Ferguson

Watch Don Lemon Get Roughed Up by Ferguson Police

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CNN anchor Don Lemon has drawn a good deal of criticism for calling on young black men to pull up their pants, but while reporting in Ferguson, Lemon quickly learned that you can be a well dressed CNN anchor and still be mistreated by the police. While Lemon was reporting for CNN, he shouted “I think we’re about to be arrested.” Although Lemon was not arrested, he was physically shoved…


Don’t Look Now, But the KKK is Headed to Ferguson to Protect White Business Owners

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As if tensions weren’t already high enough in Ferguson, now there are reports that the Ku Klux Klan is headed to the city to protect white business owners. It has already been reported that members of the white supremacist terrοr squad are holding a fundraiser in Ohio to raise money for the white police officer, Darren Wilson, who kιlled unarmed teen Michael Brown.  Now additional information indicates that the racist…


Witness Says Michael Brown Never Charged at Offcr. Wilson [Video]

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A person who only identified herself as Josie phoned into a radio program to give Officer Darren Wilson’s version of events that led up to the fatal shoοting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. According to her, Wilson fatally shot Brown after the teen “bum rushed” the officer, but a witness at the scene contradicted that story during an interview with CNN. Piaget Crenshaw, who witnessed the shoοting and recorded the…


Olympic Athlete Cited for Hunting Deer on Lexus Dealership

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An Olympic athlete who, according to a neighbor, has been down on his luck, was cited on Thursday for deer hunting at a Lexus dealership. Police in Colorado claim that they were called to the dealership after someone reported seeing a man hunting on the property with a crossbow. Soldier and former Olympian Dremiel Byers was taken to jail over the incident, but wasn’t booked because the charges were misdemeanors….


Texas governor Rick Perry may be on his way to prison

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By Nigel Boys According to Michael McCrum, Grand jurors in Travis County, Texas have indicted the Governor Rick Perry for allegedly abusing his official capacity by coercing a public servant into resignation with the threat of removing funding for the state’s public integrity unit. McCrum went on to say that Perry had publicly promised to veto $7.5 million of the state funds allotted to the office of Rosemary Lehmberg, district…

Officer Darren Wilson

KKK Reportedly Raising Money for Cop Who Gunned Down Michael Brown

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The South Carolina-based New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan says its Missouri chapter is raising money for the officer who gunned down unarmed teen Michael Brown. “We are setting up a reward/fund for the police officer who shot this thug,” said an email from the group. “He is a hero! We need more white cops who are anti-Zog and willing to put Jewish controlled black thugs in their…

Jesse Jackson ferguson

Rev. Jesse Jackson Calls Michael Brown Kιlling a “State Execution”

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Appearing on MSNBC, Rev. Jesse Jackson compared the kιlling of unarmed teen Michael Brown to a “state execυtion.” “[H]ow many times was he shοt?” Jackson asked. “And where was he shοt? And why was he lying in the street for several hours? That was kind of a state execυtion.” “There’s a pattern of this behavior,” said Rev. Jackson, referencing Trayvon Martin and Oscar Grant. In op-ed published at USA Today,…


Remember When Ferguson Cops Beαt a Man, Then Charged Him for Bleεding on Their Uniforms?

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Officer Darren Wilson was identified on Friday as having gunned down unarmed teen Michael Brown. Since Brown is deceased, he can’t tell his side of the story, but the Ferguson Police Department has a history of abυse. As The Daily Beast reported, Ferguson police once beαt a man bloοdy then charged him with destruction of property for bleεding on their uniforms. “On and/or about the 20th day of Sept. 20,…

road rage woman

“N*gger-Loving Atheist Bιtch!” Shouts Woman During Road Rage Incident

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To people who are mentally stable, traffic incidents are nothing to blow as gasket over, but to those who are already bubbling with rage, a minor traffic mishap can escalate rather quickly. This week a video showing a woman yelling at a Muslim man during a road rage incident is getting a lot of attention on social media. Although the details are unclear, it appears that the woman was enraged…

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Almost Half of Black Americans Feel Police Brutality Worse Than 20 Years Ago

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April V. Taylor A new HuffPost/You Gov poll shows that nearly half of black Americans, four out of ten to be exact, feel that police relationships with the black community have worsened over the course of the last two decades.  Further underscoring the sad state of affairs between police and black people is the fact that only a third of blacks feel that the relationship has improved in the last…

Dante Parker

California Husband and Father Tasered to Deαth by Police

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A California father and husband was Tasered to deαth by police when he was stopped after an attempted burglary. San Bernadino County Sheriff’s deputies said they had no choice but to Taser Dante Parker on Tuesday since the man became belligerent when deputies attempted to apprehend him. According to officers, Parker was suspected of trying to break into a home in the area, but when they encountered Parker, who was…


NBA Player to Blacks: Stop Reaching Out to “Coοn” Al Sharpton

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NBA player Gilbert Arenas is not a fan of Rev. Al Sharpton and lashed out at the activist yesterday for going to Ferguson, MO amid protests. Arenas even called Sharpton a “coοn” and said communities in trouble should stop reaching out to Sharpton. Although Areans deleted his post soon after publishing it to Instagram, Uproxx saved the text. Arenas sent his condolences to Michael Brown’s family, but also went in…

pepper spray black man

White Guy Starts a Fιght, Black Guy Gets Pepper Sprayed

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During a peaceful demonstration in Seattle, a random white guy decided to take off his shirt and confront a black guy in the crowd. A security guard then runs up, automatically assumes the black guy is the troublemaker, and pepper sprays him. The incident occurred on Saturday at a pro-Palestinian rally at Starbucks. Raymond Wilford, 25, says there was a white man at the protest who was looking for trouble….

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“Go Back to Africa” Yells Man at Ferguson Residents

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A Missouri man took video of himself antagonizing protesters in Ferguson, Missouri and posted it, then took it down, The Raw Story reports. The unidentified man hurled racial slurs at protesters and taunted them with insults that he recorded. “If it was a white person, nobody would care,” the man says as he observes the damage done to a convenience store during riots. “F*ck y’all.” The video of the man…