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Suspect in food truck attack

Racists Hurl “N” Word at Food Truck Workers: “I’m Totally Getting Away With This”

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Two Denver food truck workers say they were attacked after refusing to serve a man who was using racial slurs. Terrence Gibbons says he and two friends were serving food out of his food truck at around 8:30pm on Friday after the Colorado Rockies game when the incident occurred. Gibbons runs a BBQ truck and his friend, Karl Umland, who was helping serve food, says they encountered some issues. “It…

madonna drake

Madonna Kisses Drake; He Looks Like He’s Gonna Throw Up

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By Victor O. This was not the first time Madonna would be involved in a gross and somewhat shocking onstage kiss.  Remember the Britney Spears lip-lock several years ago? But the latest stunt pulled by the pop icon at the Coachella festival didn’t appear to go as planned. The pop singer, who is currently trying to promote her latest album, Rebel Heart, and she had just finished performing her popular…


David and Tamela Mann’s New Show Breaks Records

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Reported by Liku Zelleke Bounce TV premiered its original family sitcom, Mann & Wife, on Tuesday, April 9 to a record-breaking number of viewership. The network proudly announced that the series has become its most-watched original to date. The numbers they released showed that Mann & Wife was watched by nearly 800,000 viewers in over 540,000 households. Their viewership stats also indicate that the show was the third most-watched program…


Black Bond Actor Says Agent 007 Must be Portrayed by a White Man

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Many fans of James Bond movies have been clamoring for the iconic character to be portrayed by British actor Idris Elba, but the first black James Bond villain disagrees. Yaphet Kotto, who portrayed the character Dr. Kananga in the 1973 hit “Live and Let Die”, said the coveted Bond role should only be played by a white actor, “political correctness be damned.” During an interview, Kotto says the movies should…


Clemson University to Suspend SAE Frat For Black Gang Themed Party

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By Ryan Brennan The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity chapter at Clemson University is facing a probation of two years after the school was informed of a gang-themed Christmas party. The party, which was put together by members of the fraternity, was deemed as disobeying the school’s code of conduct, which led to the university implanting the probation. The fraternity’s “Cripmas Party” in December led to a lot of criticism before…


NJ Man Says Rapper DMX Robbed Him at Gas Station

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By Victor O DMX is currently being investigated by police after a New Jersey man accused the rapper and his entourage of snatching and making away with thousands of dollars belonging to him. The man, whose name was not revealed, claimed to have been robbed by the rapper and his entourage of about 15 people at an Exxon gas station in the early hours on  Easter Sunday. NJ.com reports that…

Cortez Berry

Prison Guards Forced to Resign After Beating Leash Photo Goes Viral

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Two Georgia correction officers resigned on Monday after a photo of a beaten inmate being held with a leash went viral on social media. According to prison officials, the two inmates who were seen towering over the beaten inmate, Cortez Berry, were both transferred out of the facility. Berry remains in protective custody, NBC News reports. Berry’s family became aware of the beating on Facebook but when they went to…

kevin hart.

Can You Guess What MTV is Giving Kevin Hart?

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Reported by Ryan Brennan MTV made a big announcement today that involved good news for Kevin Hart, well-known comedian, actor and television producer. The network announced that he will receive the Comedic Genius Award at this year’s MTV Movie Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The award was introduced in 2013, when Hart’s co-star in the film Get Hard, Will Ferrell, was the first to win. Hart,…

bill tony robinson

Landlord Sends $1,200 Cleaning Bill to Roommate After Teen Gunned Down by Police

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The roommate of a teen who was fatally shot by a Wisconsin police officer now faces eviction after being sent a $1,192.00 cleaning bill by the landlord. Anthony M. Limon, the roommate of slain teen Tony Robinson, is being charged for a “bio-hazard cleanup” for the removal of Robinson’s blood from the apartment, ThinkProgress reports. Limon says the bill he received from the landlord gives him only five days to…

Lamar Blackmon

Man Claims He Was Beaten for Asking Question During Arrest Over Traffic Violation

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An Alabama man claims to have been beaten by police during an arrest over a traffic infraction. Police arrived at Lamar Blackmon’s residence, which he shares with his mother, shortly after the pair returned home from getting tires replaced on February 13. Officers attempted to arrest Mr. Blackmon on an outstanding traffic warrant and that’s what triggered the incident. Dorothy Blackmon said police asked her son to identify himself, which…

obama slips

President Obama Slips On Air Force One Steps, Internet Goes Wild

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By Ryan Brennan President Barack Obama must be sick and tired of all the trips he has been making. After returning to Washington proceeding a weekend getaway in Florida, Obama was almost ready to take another trip. However, this one wouldn’t have been as fun as the last. Obama was ready to take the famous walk down the Air Force One steps. Perhaps he was a bit unfocused or was…

Cortez Berry

Mother Horrified After Jailed Son Pictured With Swollen Eye and Rope Around His Neck

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The mother of an inmate pictured with a rope tied around his neck and a swollen eye is demanding answers from prison officials. Mother Demetria Harris said she was left with more questions than answers after her son, Cortez Berry, an inmate at Burruss Correctional Training Center in Forsyth, Ga, was pictured with a leash around his neck while two other men towered over him. One man was holding the…

men with owls

“We Chillin’ With an Owl”: Drunk Joyriding Men Should’ve Taken Animal to Bird Hospital, Say Officials

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Wildlife officials aren’t happy with a video circulating on social media of two men riding around drunk with a wounded owl in their possession. Officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission say the two men could face charges for taking the owl on a drunken joyride. Since the two men in the video also discussed eating the owl, officials say they were concerned. “[The video] infuriates me,” said Amy…


Gary Dourdan’s Ex-Girlfriend Wants Him to Pay for Her Nose Repairs Even if He’s Bankrupt

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By Victor Ochieng Former “CSI” actor Gary Dourdan may have had his fair share of controversies and a life that saw his fortunes dwindle. But that doesn’t mean he can escape from paying his girlfriend for busting up her nose. When it comes to bankruptcy, one normally gets away with a lot of things, including bills. But in this case, Dourdan’s ex, Nicole Cannizzaro, is asking the court not to consider…


Father Shoots Son in Rear End During Argument Over Orange Juice

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A Baton Rouge father took out his frustration on his son during an argument over orange juice. Eldridge Dukes, 58, is facing attempted manslaughter charges after a Sunday spat with his 18 year old son over the tasty breakfast beverage. Dukes asked the teen about the missing juice in the family’s living room sometime around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday. Dukes pulled a handgun after his son broke a vase, The…