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Tracie Medus

Ex NOPD Cop Pleads Guilty to Stealing $158,700 From Katrina Recovery Fund

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A former New Orleans police officer pleaded guilty last week to stealing from a government fund designed to help Hurricane Katrina victims. Tracie Medus, 39,was charged with theft after authorities discovered that she’d taken $158,700 from a fund created to help hurricane victims return to their homes, but hadn’t adhered to the program’s guidelines. Medus was placed on unpaid suspension in November after the Feds announced that charges were pending…

Photo Credit: Nancy Stone, Chicago Tribune

Ebony Offered Hurricane Katrina Victims “Discontinued Fashion Fair Lipstick”, Says Writer

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When news broke over the weekend that the Johnson Publishing Company was selling its archive of black images in hopes of raising $40 million dollars, many within the black community lamented over the media company’s financial hardship. One writer, however, recalls the selfishness with which Johnson Publishing lorded control over the images and wonders if the company’s current predicament is just bad karma. Zondra Hughes wrote that she experienced the…

NYT Charles Blow tweets

Charles Blow on Son Being Stopped at Gunpoint: “Bullets Cannot Be Called Back”

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After unarmed teen Trayvon Martin was gunned down by George Zimmerman, New York Times columnist Charles Blow began making regular appearances on news shows to discuss what it’s like to be a black man and raise black children in a society hostile towards both. Over the weekend, Blow learned firsthand the helplessness a black parent faces when their innocent child is harassed by police. In a series of tweets, Blow…

ipad thief

iPad Thieves Caught After Taking Selfies To Show Off With Stolen Money

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By Nigel Boys According to reports, two men who stole an iPad and a large amount of cash out of a truck in Houston, Texas, might have gotten away with it if they hadn’t felt like bragging about the crime by taking pictures of themselves. The incident happened on Jan. 8 when Randy Shaefer came out of his River Oaks apartment to find that thieves had broken into his truck…


Former Bus Driver Wins 7 Million and Cashes Out for $4.3 Million

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By Angela L. Braden Frederick McClendon, a retired city bus driver, is now one of New York’s newest millionaires. The 51-year-old retiree purchased a Cash4Life lotto ticket at a Brooklyn liquor store.  The next day, McClendon discovered that ticket was worth $7 million. According to the New York Daily News, the day after purchasing the ticket, McClendon went back to that same liquor store where he had bought it.  That’s…


Lawsuit Claims McDonald’s Fired Black Workers Who “Didn’t Fit the Profile”

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A lawsuit filed by 10 McDonald’s workers at U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia accuses the fast food restaurant of sεxual and racial discrimination and harassment. According to the lawsuit filed on Thursday, black workers were fired because they “didn’t fit the profile” at the Virginia restaurants. “All of a sudden, they let me go, for no other reason than I ‘didn’t fit the profile’ they wanted…


Elderly Man Says Robber Was Just Lucky He Didn’t Have His Gun Ready

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Azeal Jackson of Michigan says it was the middle of the night when he was jarred by the screams of 75-year-old Samella Jackson. “I heard her holler, ‘Azeal! Azeal!’ Then he left her room and came into mine,” Azeal said. News 4 reports that a man had gotten into the home through a sliding window and walked into Samella’s bedroom. “I asked him, ‘What the hell are you doing in…

Rikers guards fired

6 Rikers Guards Fired After Hοgtying and Beαting Mentally Ill Inmate

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Six Rikers guards, including one captain, have been fired for hogtying and brυtally beαting a mentally ill inmate in 2012. The decision to fire the guards was announced on Wednesday by New York City Correction Commissioner. Robert Hinton– an inmate who’d been placed in a solitary confinement unit for the mentally ill–suffered a broken nose, fractured vertebra, bleεding from the mouth and his eyes were swollen shut after the beαting….


Unskilled Workers, Teens and Minorities Only Worth $7 an Hour, Says Republican

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When pundits consider why wages in this country have been stagnant for decades, no one should exclude the idea expressed by  conservatives that the minimum wage is good for some demographics. Republican Rep. Tom McClintock gave voice to this view on Thursday when he spoke about why increasing the minimum wage is a bad idea. During an appearance on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, host Greta Brawner asked McClintock if he, like…


Black Man With Legally Licensed Gun Attacked by White Vigilante

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We’ve all heard of driving while black, but now comes a case of exercising your Second Amendment right while black. Gun rights advocates tout open carry laws as a tool for detouring crime, but one black man carrying a legal firearm was victimized by a white vigilante while exercising his constitutional rights. Clarence Daniels, 62, was wrestled to the ground by 43 year old Michael Foster. Daniels is black. Foster…


Al Sharpton Should “Go Back to the Gutter Where He Came From” Says Sheriff

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Rev. Al Sharpton is not new to controversy, but he’s been in the crosshairs of both liberals and conservatives this week. During the premiere of his nightly Comedy Central talk show, host Larry Wilmore ripped Sharpton for jumping in the fray of every racial controversy. Not long after Wilmore roasted Sharpton for being an opportunist, a Fox & Friends guest blasted the MSNBC host. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was…

Photo Credit: White House, Pete Souza

Obama Joked About Going to Strip Club, Said of Wendy’s Fast Food, “That Stuff Will Kill You”

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President Obama’s former assistant, Reggie Love, has written a memoir about his time with the president and began by offering teasers a few weeks ago. Love previously revealed that Obama once walked in on Love and a lady friend with whom the aide had spent the night. Now Love is sharing additional information about the president’s habits and tastes. Among other things, Obama is particular about his feet. “Throughout the…

John Frazier

Black Homeless Man Set on Fire by Group of White Skinheads

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An African-American homeless man was set on fire by a group of white men as he slept on a bench. John Frazier, 58, suffered third degree burns after three white men with shaved heads set him on fire near Ventura Beach. The assαult occurred at around 11pm on Saturday night. A bystander spotted the flames and rushed over and used sand to douse the flames and then called 911. “Three…

Fenty and Powell

Former D.C. Mayor Vacations on Luxury Yacht With Steve Jobs’ Billionaire Widow

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Adrian Fenty was the up and coming mayor of Washington D.C. until he was defeated in reelection. Education reform was a passion of Fenty’s during his tenure and that brought him in contact with the widow of Apple’s founder–Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs died after suffering from complications from pancreatic cancer. Jobs’ widow, Lauren Powell, 51, became a billionaire after Jobs’ passing and began dating Fenty after the ex-mayor divorced his…

Andre Perry

Charges Dropped Against Man Arrested For Wearing Two Finger Ring

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Charges have been dropped against a Brooklyn photographer who was arrested after police mistook his two finger ring for brass knuckles. Andre Perry, 32, was arrested by an NYPD officer in November after being stopped and questioned. Perry was arrested on weapons charges at Union Square subway station after a cop decided that his two finger ring was a set of brass knuckles. Perry told the arresting officer that he’d…

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