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Why Are 1 In 4 HBCU Students Not Black?

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The number of non-Black students who attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) continues to climb.  Statistics show that the student body’s of these traditionally Black schools is changing, with an average of 1 in 4 students not being Black.  The statistics were compiled through research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education.  There are multiple reasons this is happening, and here are some of them: 1….

obama golfing

Michael Jordan Calls President Obama a Sh*tty Golfer

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Once you reach billionaire status, it’s probably safe to say that you don’t really care what other people think about what you have to say. To the contrary, when you’re not worried about your next meal, or yacht, you can say exactly what you think. Maybe that’s what former NBA star Michael Jordan was thinking when he called out Obama on his pitiful golf game during an interview. Ahmad Rashad…


Darrien Hunt Autopsy Proves Police Shot Him Four Times In Back

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Darrien Hunt is yet another representation of the grim statistic that a person of color is killed every 28 hours by a police officer.  Hunt was fatally shot by officers in Utah because they claimed it was a sword; Hunt was unarmed and actually carrying a toy sword that was part of a Japanese anime costume he was wearing.  A Comic Con event where attendees dress up as comic book…


40,000 Voter Registrations Missing in Georgia, Judge Does Nothing About It

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April V. Taylor In what is appearing to be an attempt to suppress the voices of mostly Black and Hispanic voters in Georgia, some 40,000 voter registration applications have mysteriously vanished since being turned in to state and local officials earlier this year.  Every vote counts, but this election is particularly pressing because the Georgia governor and U.S. Senate races are neck and neck.  In a moves that are causing…


Black Conservative Says Blacks Were Better Off With Massa Than Liberals

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At least one black conservative believes blacks in America were better off during the days when they were bought and sold than under today’s liberal laws. Mychal Massie says–given the rate of abοrtions, out of wedlock children, and incarceration rates–blacks were better off in Massa’s house than with affirmative action laws or the groundbreaking Civil Rights Act. Massie expressed his longing for the antebellum era during an interview with the…


Ferguson Activists Tell Country What The Mainstream Media Won’t In #FergusonFireside

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[View the story "#FergusonFireside Tells Country What The Mainstream Media Will Not" on Storify]

Pape Drame and Amadou Drame were beaten in Bronx over Ebola virus www.blacklikemoi.com

African Children Brutally Beaten, Bullied In NYC Over Ebola Virus

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Reported by Dr. Sinclair Grey III When news first broke of Ebola in the United States, many people began panicking. Why? Because they really didn’t know about Ebola, its symptoms, and how it’s contracted. In addition to this, the mere fact that Ebola is emanating from Liberia (West Africa), judgement and stereotypes of persons “looking African” have placed individuals in harms way. Case in point: two brothers were beaten so…

truck driver

Truck Driver Cries Over 44,000 Pounds of Stolen Miller High Life

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A Florida truck driver began to cry while explaining to a reporter how his truck load of Miller High Life was stolen. Thieves stole his half full truckload of beer on last Monday at an Orange County truck stop. Van Thomas says he’s worked extraordinarily hard to build a successful life as a truck driver. He bought a semi-truck a few weeks ago so he could start his own business…


Chicago Police Knock Over Woman On Dialysis, Place Man In Chokehold

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LeRoy Hubbard III reports to WMAQ that he has video of Chicago police barging into his parents’ home and knocking over his mother, who was on a dialysis machine, before placing him in a chokehold.  According to NBC Chicago, the incident of alleged police misconduct took place after officers tried to stop Hubbard while he was simply walking outside of his parents home in the Englewood neighborhood on the South…


Federal Police Officer Allegedly Put Gun to Uber Driver’s Head

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The passenger who allegedly pointed a gun to the head of an Uber driver is actually a federal officer. Salt Lake City driver James Brothers says he picked up a group of people earlier this month at a bar and dropped off a man and woman at a party and another at a hotel. He said passenger Byron McDonald began acting strange as he approached the hotel after having a…


Restaurant Owner Removes “African” From Sign Due to Decline in Business Over Ebola Fear

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In the U.S. there have only been a handful of people who’ve contracted the Ebola virus and all of them had direct contact with someone infected with the disease. Still, fear is rarely rational and fears over Ebola have resulted in shunning Africans. Owners of a Minnesota restaurant claim that their African name and cuisine once drew in patrons with exotics appetites, but now business is down due fears about…


Anonymous Says Darren Wilson Won’t Be Indicted, Lives In South St. Louis

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April V. Taylor The hacker group Anonymous released a Tweet over the weekend stating that they had received leaked information that Darren Wilson will not be indicted by the grand jury for the death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.  Today, they released a report containing information about Darren Wilson’s current alias, appearance and location.  Anonymous stated in Tweets from their Operation Ferguson Twitter account that they had…

Gospel singer James Fortune forced stepson into scalding hot bath water for misbehaving is arrested again www.allchristiannews.com

Gospel Singer Who Forced Stepson Into Scalding Hot Bath Water Arrested Again

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Reported by Nigel Boys Thirty-five-year-old, two-time Grammy Award nominated gospel music artist, James Fortune (pictured), who was accused of abusing his stepson in 2001, is on the wrong side of the law again for allegedly assaulting another family member, according to MyFoxHouston.com. The report continues that a spokesman for Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office in Richmond, Texas, told them that Fortune was arrested on October 24 for aggravated assault of…

Philly cop

Watch Philly Cop Follow Teens So He Can Threαten and Yell at Them

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After Michael Brown was gunned down in Ferguson by Officer Darren Wilson, many observers pointed out that the police force was majority white, implying that hiring more black officers might result in a force less hostile to the black community. An incident in Philadelphia, where a black cop follows teens then hurls expletives at them, calls into question that theory. In a video posted to Facebook and reported on by…


Vonderrit Myers’ Independent Autopsy May Contradict Police Account

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April V. Taylor The Associated Press is reporting that an independent autopsy that was conducted by Dr. Cyril Wecht at the request of slain teen Vonderrit Myers’ family shows that Myers was shot 8 times, six of those shots were to the back of his legs.  Wecht stated during a news conference that a wound to the side of Myers’ face was most likely the fatal injury.  The controversy surrounding…

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