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Maybe One Reason Police Are Quick to Shoot Is Because They’re So Fat

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In recent months, the news has been rife with stories of police officers gunning down unarmed black men. Sometimes, as in the case of Rumain Brisbon, police claim to have believed the suspect had a weapon, but in other instances, officers never claim to have seen a weapon. So why are police officers so quick to pull guns on assailants? It may have something to do with how fat many…


Floyd Mayweather Throws a Fit in Saks Fifth Avenue, Allegedly Calls Sales Girl a “B**ch”

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Floyd Mayweather is one of the most talented boxers we’ve ever seen and he’s also the richest, but he’s not always the most well behaved, at least according to media reports. Mayweather’s latest incident took place on Wednesday, when the boxer had a run in with a Saks Fifth Avenue sales lady. According to police, Mayweather threw a fit when the sales girl didn’t allow him to use the restroom…

Samuel L. Jackson

Bill O’Reilly Slams Samuel L. Jackson for Jumping on the “Grievance Train”

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Samuel L. Jackson wrote a song about police brutality and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly immediately interpreted the song as a symbol that Jackson does not appreciate what America has given him and has instead, jumped on the “grievance train.” O’Reilly says it doesn’t make sense for black successful people like Jackson to speak out against racism. “Enter President Obama, perhaps the greatest African-American success story in history. But the…


Thief Fakes Heart Attack While Stealing ‘Barbie’ From Walmart

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A Florida man had a getaway plan when he and his friend allegedly stole toys from a local Walmart. Unlike most accused shoplifters, these men didn’t take off into a full sprint or get into a scuffle with the loss prevention officer. Instead, one man pretended to be having a heart attack so that his partner in crime could get away with the stolen goods. According to the sheriff’s office,…


Nas Says It’s Not Good for U.S. to “Look Like Apartheid South Africa”

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Nas recently spoke with TIME magazine about racial issues in America and said “it’s not cool to look like apartheid South Africa.” “You may have read about the Civil Rights [movement], but you didn’t live it,” he said in the interview. “You may have read about lynchings in Mississippi and Alabama, but you didn’t live through it. It was before this generation’s time. Before my time. Now you get to…


Man With No Use of His Arms Charged With Gun Possession

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A New Jersey man who does not have use of his arms due to a spinal chord injury has been charged with possession of a firearm. In discussing the charge, the man’s attorney says it’s outrageous that her client would be charged and jailed for such a crime when he doesn’t even have the arms with which to use a gun. Marcus Hubbard, who lost the use of his arms…


Police Issue Statement in Support of Cop Who Shοt Unarmed Dad

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The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) is standing by a cop who shοt an unarmed dad after mistaking his pill bottle for a gun. PLEA has remained quiet since the deαth of Rumain Brisbon earlier this month, but now they’re coming out with a statement in support of the officer involved in the shoοting. Officer Mark Rine gunned down Brisbon during an apparent scuffle. “Officer Rine did not start his…


Cop Creates “Breathe Easy, Don’t Break the Law” T-Shirt

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After a grand jury refused to indict an officer caught on video placing Eric Garner in a fαtal chokehold, “I can’t breathe” became a symbol of police violence. Now, one Indiana cop is countering the “I can’t breathe” slogan, which has been captured on t-shirts worn by both celebrities and protesters, with his own “Breathe easy, don’t break the law” t-shirts. According to local affiliate WSBT, police officer Jason Barthel…

Obama BET interview

BET Journalist Complains That Obama Prefers Latino Media to Black Media

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The BET journalist who interviewed President Obama last week admitted on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” that many in the African-American community view the president as preferring Latinos to blacks. “I think the difference between the African-American community and the Latino community is that there have been much fewer interviews on television with African-American press,” BET’s Jeff Johnson said. “And so I think this interview was incredibly important because there have been fewer interviews…

dave chappelle

Dave Chappelle Recalls How Cops Chοked Him on His Own Movie Set

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There is an ongoing debate about the intersection of class and race in the U.S. Racism is prevalent in American life, but some argue that those who are most victimized aren’t just black people–they’re poor black people. Still, there are cases where black celebrities, as well as lesser known blacks who vacation on Martha’s Vinyard, have become victims of police brutality. During an event last week at Saenger Theatre in…

Photo Credit: Pennlive.com

Man Says He Feels Disrespected After Finding “N” Word on Bar Receipt

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A Pennsylvania man says he’s left feeling disrespected after finding the “N” word on his bar receipt. Marquis Moore, 29, purchased an order of wings from Zembie’s Sports Tavern on Saturday night and decided to take a peek at the receipt when he arrived home, Pennlive reports. Now Moore says he almost wishes he hadn’t looked at the receipt, since what he found left him reeling. On the portion of…

Photo Credit: Brookings

Hispanic Population Will Double That of Blacks by 2044

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The browning of America is not news and has been widely discussed by several news outlets. The fact that white people are set to go from majority to minority is a given, but new information indicates that the Hispanic population will soon overtake that of blacks. A new Brookings Institute report indicates that by 2044, Hispanics are projected to make up 25.1 percent of the U.S. population, which will double…

Brandon Gibbs

Police Use “Minimum Force” to Disarm White Man Dressed in Full Body Armor

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Eric Garner was chοked to deαth by an NYPD cop on suspicion of selling loose cigarettes, while John Crawford was gunned down in an Ohio Walmart while carrying a pellet gun. If justice were blind in this country, then a white man who was armed to the teeth should have been taken out immediately. Instead, officers with the Gonzales Police Department patiently coaxed the man out of his apartment so…

Darren Wilson 2

Officer Darren Wilson Nicknamed “Ears”, Notorious for Harassing Ferguson Residents

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After a Ferguson grand jury reached a decision not to prosecute officer Darren Wilson for gunning down Michael Brown, St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch promised to release all evidence presented to the grand jury. He didn’t do that. In fact, as was widely reported last week, McCulloch omitted testimony from key witness Dorian Johnson in the package presented to the media, as well as other testimony that painted Wilson…


Conservatives Berate Jay-Z as “Former Crack Dealer” Now That He’s Speaking Up for Blacks

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by Yvette Carnell In 2010, Jay-Z flew to Nebraska to meet with one of the most revered financiers in the world–Warren Buffet. According to a Forbes article, the two men discussed wealth strategies as well as giving back. Although the meeting was widely covered by financial magazines and other conservative outlets, very few of those outlets berated Jay-Z as a former crack dealer. It seems that so long as Jay-Z…

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