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men with owls

“We Chillin’ With an Owl”: Drunk Joyriding Men Should’ve Taken Animal to Bird Hospital, Say Officials

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Wildlife officials aren’t happy with a video circulating on social media of two men riding around drunk with a wounded owl in their possession. Officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission say the two men could face charges for taking the owl on a drunken joyride. Since the two men in the video also discussed eating the owl, officials say they were concerned. “[The video] infuriates me,” said Amy…


Gary Dourdan’s Ex-Girlfriend Wants Him to Pay for Her Nose Repairs Even if He’s Bankrupt

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By Victor Ochieng Former “CSI” actor Gary Dourdan may have had his fair share of controversies and a life that saw his fortunes dwindle. But that doesn’t mean he can escape from paying his girlfriend for busting up her nose. When it comes to bankruptcy, one normally gets away with a lot of things, including bills. But in this case, Dourdan’s ex, Nicole Cannizzaro, is asking the court not to consider…


Father Shoots Son in Rear End During Argument Over Orange Juice

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A Baton Rouge father took out his frustration on his son during an argument over orange juice. Eldridge Dukes, 58, is facing attempted manslaughter charges after a Sunday spat with his 18 year old son over the tasty breakfast beverage. Dukes asked the teen about the missing juice in the family’s living room sometime around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday. Dukes pulled a handgun after his son broke a vase, The…


Rapist Accused of Getting 30 Men Drunk and Sexually Assaulting Them

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A Maryland man who was convicted of sexually assaulting other men may have as many as 30 victims, say police. Joey Poindexter, 40, was convicted in February of buying alcoholic drinks for men he met at bars, then taking them back to his home where they were assaulted. At the time, he was convicted of assaulting only five men, but now prosecutors say his actual number of victims may exceed…

Brandon Jones

Protests After Cleveland Police Admit to Killing Unarmed Teen Robber

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Cleveland police admit that there was no weapon found at the scene where an officer fatally wounded 18 year old Brandon Jones. The teen died of his injuries on Thursday. Activists protested the teen’s death on Saturday. Jones broke into a grocery store on early Thursday morning and those mourning his death admit what he did was wrong, but wonder why the teen had to pay with his life. “If…

blackface belgium

Which Country’s Foreign Minister Proudly Tweeted a Photo of Himself Wearing Blackface?

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America’s equivalent of a foreign minister, John Kerry, doesn’t show much in the way excitement or jubilation. But in other countries, foreign ministers and cabinet officials seem much more willing to express themselves. One foreign minister’s expression of merriment, however, has many observers wondering if he went too far. Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders dressed in blackface at an annual folklore festival in Brussels on Saturday. According to Vox, Reynders…

angie stone arrested2

R&B Singer Angie Stone Arrested For Allegedly Knocking Out Daughter’s Teeth

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According to court documents, Grammy-nominated R&B singer Angie Stone was arrested Monday along with her daughter for a domestic violence incident that occurred between the two.  The documents show that Stone and her daughter, Diamond, were in an argument about Stone’s grandchildren when things turned violent. Stone told police that her daughter punched her in the face, so she defended herself using a metal stand that accidentally hit Diamond in…

al sharpton

Rev. Al Sharpton to Haters: MSNBC Didn’t Fire Me, I’m Not Going Anywhere

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Rumors have been swirling over the past week that Rev. Al Sharpton is poised to either lose his MSNBC gig or, at the very least, be moved to a weekend time slot. Responding to the rumors, Sharpton told The Daily Beast that he isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The Daily Beast started the rumors after speaking with an MSNBC executive who said the network is going in a different…

teen hero

Heroic Teen Stops Out of Control Bus After Driver Gets Knocked Out by Classmate

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Things could’ve ended badly for the young students riding on a Louisiana school bus last week, but that didn’t happen thanks to the actions of a quick thinking teen. When a female bus driver tried to get a 15 year old student to stop spιtting on cars and throwing things, the misbehaving student came up behind the bus driver and hit her in the head so hard he knocked her…

homeless man pepper sprayed

Watch California Cop Cop Kick, Then Pepper Spray Homeless Man for Sleeping and Mouthing Off

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Police brutality activists have pointed out that cops sometimes act as judge and jury as opposed to officers charged with the duty of upholding the law. A San Francisco cop caught is accused of taking the law into his own hands while confronting a homeless man who’d fallen asleep on a bus. Video shows the officer kicking 36 year old Bernard Warren when he couldn’t get Warren to wake up….

Calif. School Officials Apologize For ‘Blacks Only’ School Assembly

Calif. School Officials Apologize For ‘Blacks Only’ School Assembly

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California school officials are apologizing for discriminating against white students during a class assembly. KTVU reports that officials at a Benicia School are apologizing for a Black History Month assembly where only African-American students were invited to attend. “It looks like segregation. Certainly does. It was,” Benicia Unified School District Superintendent Janice Adams told the news station. “I understand how it looks and I’m very sorry for that, because that’s…

Latoya Suggs

Students Are Refusing to Pay Back Predatory Student Loans That Left Them Jobless

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Students who have taken out predatory loans that haven’t yielded results are taking matters into their own hands and launching a debt strike. According to Democracy Now, at least 15 students from the for profit Corinthian Colleges system are refusing to pay back their predatory student loans.  Another group of activists are also challenging loans taken out by Everest College, which is a subsidiary of Corinthian. Corinthian has also been…


Inmate Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances in his Solitary, Steam Filled Cell

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Reported by Liku Zelleke Officials in Maryland are scratching their heads after an inmate was found dead in his mysteriously steam-filled prison cell. 35-year-old Louis Stanley Leysath III was serving a life sentence in the Jessup Correctional Institution when his body was discovered in his solitary cell. Correctional staff attempted to resuscitate him by performing CPR, but he was pronounced dead a short while later. Leysath was serving a life…

john lewis

Rep. John Lewis Says Rudy Giuliani’s Comments Represent “Scars and Stains” of Racism

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Ever since President Obama took the oath of office, his opponents have sought to paint him as un-American. They’ve accused President Obama of being a secret Muslim as well as harboring anti-American sentiments. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is the latest Republican to chime in and deride Obama as a president who doesn’t love America. Rep. John Lewis, who marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., said during a…


NYPD Official Says Cops Fell Asleep During Training After Eric Garner’s Deαth

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High ranking police officials encouraged training for all New York officers after Eric Garner was chοked to deαth on a city sidewalk by Officer Daniel Pantaleo. According to officers who attended the recent training, however, the training was mostly a waste of time. According to The New York Post, eight out of ten officers who attended the training post-Garner’s deαth gave it negative reviews. “It’s been a big disappointment on…