Man Kills Stepson And Goes To Police And Church


By Victor Ochieng A Georgia man is in jail after he confessed to a police officer that he had killed his son. The killer, Carl Lewis of Woodstock, Georgia walked over to a police officer who was directing traffic at the First Baptist Church of Woodstock and told him he had shot his stepson and didn’t know whether the son had died or not. After speaking with the officer, Chekoree Sheriff’s Deputy…

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News Anchor Falls To Her Death Before Her 25th Birthday


By Kacie Whaley A rising star in the news world, Taylor Terrell died after slipping into a waterfall right before her 25th birthday. Terrell anchored the morning news in Georgia for 41NBC News. On Thursday, one day before her birthday, she went to North Carolina to celebrate with a friend at Rainbow Falls. While standing in the river at Pigsah National Forest in Transylvania County, Terrell accidentally slipped and fell,…

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An Inside Look Into Baton Rouge Cop Killer – Gavin Long


By Kacie Whaley More personal information has surfaced about the alleged Baton Rouge cop shooter, Gavin Long. His old podcasts proved to be very revealing of his s*x life, social life, and transformations. Long, 29, was identified as the culprit of last Sunday’s incident involving three police officers being gunned down and three others being wounded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Since the SWAT Team shot and killed Long, the only…

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Couple Gets Prison Time For Keeping Their 11 Children in House Filled With Feces


By Kacie Whaley A Pennsylvania couple has been sentenced to between one to two years in prison for leaving their 11 children in shockingly squalid conditions at their home. Tyree and Takeya Fluellen appeared before a Dauphin County judge Tuesday to explain why their children were living in a home laden in filth, PennLive reported. Neighbors complained about the terrible smell coming from the Steelton home and revealed that the…

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Synthetic Marijuana Turns Brooklyn Streets Into Scene From ‘The Walking Dead’


Reported by Liku Zelleke People have described what they witnessed on Tuesday, last week, on the streets of Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn as reminiscent of a scene straight out of “The Walking Dead” after more than 30 people simultaneously overdosed on K2 – a type of synthetic marijuana – and found themselves in different states of inebriation and even unconsciousness. Witnesses saw people passed out in the middle of…

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Tragedy Strikes San Bernadino Community As 3 People, Including A 9-Year-Old Boy Are Shot Dead


By Ryan Velez The Daily Mail reports that a nine-year-old boy and his father are among the casualties in a tragic triple shooting outside a San Bernadino liquor store on Friday night. Travon Williams was killed alongside his father, Travon Lamar Williams, 26, and Samathy Mathan, 25, said San Bernadino police. According to a store employee, the shooting was nearly too fast to perceive, as father and son walked into…

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6-Month-Old Boy Used As A Bat


By Kacie Whaley One Florida teen is in custody after using her infant child to batter her boyfriend on the Fourth of July. The incident began after 18-year-old Tatyana Allen of Orlando traveled 65 miles from her home to celebrate Independence Day with her boyfriend and their 6-month-old son on Daytona Beach. According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Allen got into an argument with her child’s father when he refused…

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Off-Duty Cop Kills Man In An Act Of Road Rage


Reported by Liku Zelleke Conflicting reports have emerged surrounding the circumstances of the shooting to death of Delrawn Small, 37, in front of his girlfriend and kids. In the initial report, it was thought that Small was involved in a near-miss car accident on Atlantic Avenue and Bradford St. in Cypress Hill, Brooklyn. Initial reports suggested that Small got out of his Kia EX and went over to the driver…

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Modern Day Lynching In Mississippi


Reported by Liku Zelleke On June 18th, Antwun “Ronnie” Shumpert, 37, was pulled over by a police officer for a routine traffic stop. He suddenly exited the car and started running away, according to the Tupelo Police Department. The officer, with his canine unit companion in tow, chased Shumpert and finally caught up with him when they found him hiding under a house in the Lee Acres neighborhood. According to…

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Black Woman Had A Shotgun And Confederate Flag Pointed At Her For Parking


By Ryan Velez Atlanta Black Star reports that this past Sunday, a Henrico County, Virginia man was taken into custody after pointing a shotgun at a Black woman and waving a Confederate flag at her because she parked her car in front of his house. Cierra Mayes told Virginia’s WTVR CBS 6 that she had parked in front of the home of 54-year-old Thomas Lee Campbell while attending a community…

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6-Month-Old Dies In Car Due To Father’s Negligence


By Victor Ochieng A Des Moines, Iowa man told the police that his six-month-old son died from exposure to excessive heat after he fell asleep in the front seat of his car while his son was in the back seat. However, the police aren’t buying his story. The man, Lance Jordan Williams Sr., 35, was taken to police custody and charged with child-endangerment after officers established that he’d actually left…

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Wig Wants No Part Of Bride-To-Be’s Photoshoot


Reported by Liku Zelleke A photo shoot is supposed to be one of the highlights of a bride-to-be’s voyage to her wedding day. It is part of the process of capturing the happy moments for years to come. It is therefore, for her at least, a time of fun, joy and happiness. Except it wasn’t that joyous of an occasion for one Texas woman who, while having her pictures taken…

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Should A Former Atlanta “Death Camp” Where Black Prisoners Were Sold Be Sold or Preserved?


By Victor Ochieng A site, which was once the infamous Chattahooche Brick Company, where African-American convicts were sold into slavery even after Lincoln’s Emancipation Declaration, has become the new bone of contention, with locals demanding that it be preserved due to its historical significance, while others are bent on selling it. Following the end of the U.S. Civil War, there were many Blacks in the south that remained locked up and were…

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How A Tennessee Teen Paid For College By Selling Newspapers


By Victor Ochieng As a result of hard work and dedication, a Tennessee teenager has managed to save enough money to pay for his entire college education even before setting foot on campus. That might sound like someone earning some good money or in a descent employment, but that’s not the case of this 17-year-old Kevuntez King. “I just stay away from the negativity and try to always be positive,”…

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NYC Man Who Beat Wife’s Would-Be Rapist Is Freed On Own Recognizance


Reported by Liku Zelleke Mamadou Diallo, 61, from New York was freed from custody after a Bronx Criminal Court judge let him walk out on his own cognizance even though he had beaten a man to death. When the cab driver walked out of the court house after facing the judge, waiting members of the Guinean community to which he belongs and other supporters broke into a cheer. The reason…

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