Eighth Grader Refused Lunch Because She Paid With A $2 Bill


By Victor Ochieng A Texas eighth grade student earned herself a date with the police after she tried buying a school lunch using a $2 bill given to her by her grandmother. The Christa McAuliffe Middle School’s student, Danesiah Neal, only wanted to eat some chicken nuggets. Unfortunately, officials at the Houston-based school confiscated the $2 bill and told her it was a fake. They later handed the girl over…

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School Bully Caught On Camera Injuring Boy With Debilitating Bone Disease


By: Giovanni Zaburoni A student at Airport High School in Carleton with a debilitating bone disease suffered a broken leg after getting into a fight with a school bully and now his mother is speaking out about how it started with her son being the victim of racial attacks online.  According to FOX2 in Detroit, students pulled out their phones and shot video of the fight between Jordan White and…

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Black Man Fatally Shot and Kill By Police In Florida With No Video Or Witnesses Coming Forward


BY: Giovanni Zaburoni A 21-year-old Black man with no prior arrest record in Fort Pierce, Florida was shot and killed by a police officer during a traffic stop.  Police say he tried to flee the scene during their interaction with him and while doing so, ran over the legs of one of the officers but there is no dash cam video, or eyewitnesses who are willing to go on record…

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Student Suspended For Defending Himself Against School Bully


By: Giovanni Zaburoni A 12-year-old boy has been suspended from Invest Collegiate Charter School in Charlotte North Carolina for defending himself while being attacked by a school bully and his mother is speaking out about the zero tolerance policy that she believes is being used unfairly against her son.  In an exclusive interview with FOX46, Kandis Malone told a reporter zero tolerance policies “sounds real good on paper, but I…

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E-Cigarette Battery Explodes And Woman Gets Third Degree Burns


BY: Giovanni Zaburoni Katrina Williams of Queens New York is being treated for third degree burns after an e-cigarette battery exploded in her pocket while she was trying to park her car.  According to The Daily Mail, Williams says the explosion was strong enough to rip the skin off her leg and shred the pants she was wearing.  “It was like a firecracker that actually went off I was like…

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Chicago Rapper Dead After Shooting Music Video


By Michal Ortner During a music video recording session, a young rapper who goes by the stage name of Thugga was shot and killed. Damond A. Dawson, the rapper’s real name, was shot in the back of his head and died at the scene of the crime. Though there were cameras on the site to record the music video, the shooting was not caught on film. According to reports, a gunman…

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Story Of Child S*x Workers Trying To Pay For School


By:  Giovanni Zaburoni An organization named Street Child is working to break the cycle of poverty, child prostitution, and lack of education for girls in Sierra Leone.  According to an article in The Daily Mail, s*x in exchange for education and food is common in the country.   A girl named Adama described how her life as a prostitute began.  When she was ten years old, Adama’s mother died and…

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Man Charged With Murder Following The Death Of His Stepbrother He Allegedly Kicked In the Testicles


By Victor Ochieng A family member of an Ohio man kicked in the testicles told DailyMail.com that the suspect alleged to have kicked the man was actually his stepbrother. The assailant was charged with murder. Last week, the 58-year-old man, Jackie Pierce, was indicted by a Cleveland jury on murder, felonious assault, and robbery charges, following the death of his victim, Willie Cannon, who was 64 at the time of his death…

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Former Rikers Prisoner Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against NYPD And NYC Over Claims He Was Coerced To Confess


By Victor Ochieng A former prisoner who spent a whole six years in Rikers Island for a crime he apparently didn’t commit is pursuing the NYPD cops who partook in his arrest and the city of New York for $10 million. The Bronx man, Dale Robertson, had been accused of murdering Stacey Inman, 24, a nursing student, reported to have been two months pregnant at the time of her murder. NY…

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Powerful Story Of Woman Beating All Odds To Graduate From Law School


By Victor Ochieng Melonie Wright is set to graduate from Emory University with a law degree in a month’s time. The intriguing thing about Wright’s achievement is the fact that she actually started off by taking special education classes. Her special Ed teachers even informed her parents that their daughter would always need a little extra help. That’s just one challenge that Wright had to go through. Besides “needing extra help” tag,…

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385-Pound Man Speaks Out after Being Kicked Out Of United Airlines Flight Because of His Weight


By Victor Ochieng Errol Narvaez wasn’t happy a bit with the way United Airlines handled him when he wanted to travel on one of their flights. Narvaez was in Las Vegas over the weekend and had made plans of flying back to Jersey City during early Tuesday hours. But things started going wrong when he was first moved from his secured seat at the aisle to another in the middle…

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Mutulu Shakur, the step-father of the late Tupac Shakur Is Finally Up For Parole


By: Giovanni Zaburoni In the 1980’s Tupac Shakur’s step-father, Mutulu Shakur was a member of a nationalist group called The Black Liberation Army. Members of the BLA were once part of the Black Panther Party.  According to the U.S. government, Shakur’s group was involved in a string of robberies that left three people dead including an armed guard and two police officers. Shakur was placed on the FBI’s ten most…

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Questions Surface About Teens Death In Treatment Center


By: Giovanni Zaburoni A 16-year-old boy living in a treatment center for troubled youth is dead and two employees at the center have been taken into custody for their roles in his death.  According to CBS Chicago, detectives say Shaquan Allen, a resident of the Allendale Association treatment center was having behavioral issues Wednesday night.  Two employees, James Davis and Justin Serak were attempting to get the teen back to…

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Rapper Fat Trel Arrested For Counterfeit Currency Possession


Reported by Liku Zelleke Fat Trel, a rapper from Washington, is under arrest after allegedly trying to pass counterfeit bills at a Maryland casino. According to Anne Arundel County police, Fat Trel – real name Martrel Reeves – was arrested on Sunday after investigators say he tried to exchange fake dollar bills for chips at Hanover’s Maryland Live Casino. They also say, Reeves, 25, has been charged with possession of…

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Teen Shot in The Back After Doing PSA Against Gun Violence


Reported by Liku Zelleke Zariel Trotter, the 13-year-old from Chicago who had appeared in an award-winning anti-violence video, has himself been shot in the back near his home in West Side. Trotter was shot on Friday night by a stray bullet that was fired when two groups of people got into a violent fight. He was not the intended target. The teenager was in the PSA entitled “Black is Human”…

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