racist grafitti

Vandals Spray Racist Graffiti on South Side Chicago Property

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cosby show2

30th Anniversary of The Cosby Show: 10 Little Known Facts

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23 Years And Still No Justice For Murdered 11 Year Old Girl

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The First Black Player in the Major Leagues Wasn’t Jackie Robinson

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Colin Kaepernick is under investigation for an incident that happened at the Viceroy Hotel in Miami. www.blacklikemoi.com

Did He Or Didn’t He? NFL Quarterback Fined for Dropping the “N” Word

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Here’s how the government killed Martin Luther King, Jr.

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efore scoffing at this headline, you should know that in 1999, in Memphis, Tennessee, more than three decades after MLK’s death, a jury found local, state, and federal government agencies guilty of conspiring to assassinate the Nobel Peace Prize winner and civil rights leader. The same media you would expect to cover such a monumental decision was absent at the trial, because those news organizations were part of that conspiracy….

mall cops

Mall Cops Who Kιlled Black Man Won’t Face Charges

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Detroit mall cops who kιlled an unarmed black man while restraining him will not face charges, prosecutors announced on Thursday. Mall security restrained McKenzie Cochran, 25, after reports that he had been behaving in an odd manner and told a jewelry store clerk that he wanted to kιll someone. Cochran reportedly walked up to the counter at LA Diamonds and said, “I want to kιll someone.” When mall cops arrived…


Politician Who Yelled the “N” Word at Diners Drops Out of Race

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A New Jersey politician and borough council candidate dropped out of the race after news emerged that he once hurled racist slurs while mooning patrons at a diner. Joe Sorrentino called the incident, which occurred in 2007,  a “stupid” mistake, but it was enough to get his name removed from the Democratic ticket. Republicans dug up two separate incidents from Sherbans Diner and released the reports on Wednesday. “I regret…

students_taco bell

High School Brαwls Shut Down California Taco Bell During Afternoon

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Rowdy high schoolers who insist on fιghting at a local Taco Bell during the afternoons have forced the fast food restaurant to amend its schedule. The Antioch, California Taco Bell’s dining room is normally open in the afternoon, but thanks to brawling high school students, the dining area is now closed during that time. Managers at the eatery say the restaurant has become a regular hang out spot for misbehaving…

Eric King

Man Arrested for Allegedly Throwing Molotov Cocktails at Black Congressman’s Office

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The man who allegedly threw Molotov cocktails at the office of Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) has been arrested. Eric King was taken into custody on Tuesday for allegedly tossing two Molotov cocktails in Cleaver’s district office. Cleaver was in Washington D.C. at the time. Surveillance video reportedly showed King breaking into Cleaver’s office, say Kansas City police. King, who has been tied to anti-government graffiti,  had his home searched by…


LAPD Has Killed At Least One Person A Week For More Than A Decade

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April V. Taylor A new report entitled “Don’t Shoot to Kill,” has been published by the Los Angeles Youth Justice Coalition and reveals that Los Angeles Police Department officers have killed almost 600 people over the course of the last 14 years, amounting to one person a week.  Ironically, the report was released on the same day LAPD officers killed Ezell Ford, an unarmed 25-year-old black man.  When the group…


Marc Lamont Hill Might Debate Racists, But Draws the Line at Touching Them

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Marc Lamont Hill may chance running into a racist every now and then by being a pundit for Fox News, but he’s not here for racists. Hill tweeted about an incident at a sports bar in Detroit where he ran into a guy who made a comment about blacks, then proceeded to stick his hand out to greet Hill, but Hill wasn’t having it. Hill tweeted that an “old white…