Trayvon Martin’s Mother Unites In Grief With Michael Brown’s Mother

April V. Taylor

There is perhaps no greater pain for a mother than having to bury her child, and it is from that place that Sabrina Fulton, the mother of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin, has reached out to the parents of Michael Brown, Michael Brown Sr. and Lesley McSpadden.  Fulton’s son was gunned down by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, and McSpadden’s son was gunned down by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

The letter is heart wrenching with Fulton admitting that she has yet to come to terms with her son’s death, but that the support she receives from others and the meaningful work of helping other families who have faced similar tragedies helps her heal.  The letter was published by TIME, and in it, Fulton reaches out, admitting that she has no “word of automatic comfort,” but goes on to say, “Neither of their lives shall be in vain.  The galvanizations of our communities must be continued beyond the tragedies.  While we fight injustice we will also hold ourselves to an appropriate level of intelligent advocacy.  If they refuse to hear us, we will make them feel us.”

Fulton also spoke to the personal experience unique to McSpadden as Brown’s mother.  While the country is embroiled in a pitched battle for justice over Brown’s death, Fulton points out how personal the tragedy is for Brown’s family telling McSpadden, “Michael is your son.  A son that barely had a chance to live,” whose, “killer…is alive, known and currently free.”  Fulton also speaks to honor Brown’s life, “not the circumstances of his alleged transgressions.”  Similar to the way Trayvon Martin was portrayed as a weed smoking deviant by media, Brown has been portrayed as a robbery suspect who possibly deserved the use of force perpetrated against him.

In closing, Fulton passionately states, “feeling us means feeling our pain; imagining our plight as parents of slain children.  We will no longer be ignored.  We will bond, continue our fights for justice, and make them remember out children in an appropriate light.  I would hate to think that our lawmakers and leaders would need to lose a child before protecting the rest of them and making the necessary changes NOW…”




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