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April V. Taylor: What The Mainstream Media Is Hiding About Ferguson Part 1

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If people were not aware that the mainstream media presents a biased view of current events, the events that unfolded in Ferguson after Michael Brown’s death have revealed the bias to the masses.  Many of the images of protesters and the portrayal of the type of community Ferguson is have not told the whole story.  During my visit to Ferguson, I have witnessed multiple things that the mainstream media has…


Fox Anchor Irate That Michael Brown Video Interrupted Coverage About “Deαth of an American”

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Michael Brown was black, and according to Fox News’ host Megyn Kelly, that made him less than American. During a Tuesday report, Kelly became upset at her own producers for breaking into a segment on the beheαding of American journalist James Foley with video from the continuing protests in Ferguson, Missouri. “Hold on,” she said. “I realize — just — I realize something’s happening in Ferguson, but we’re talking about…


1 in 4 Military Families In U.S. Need Helping Feeding Themselves

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April V. Taylor The United States is generally thought of as the country who hands out food aid to Third World countries across the globe, but what many fail to realize is the growing numbers of Americans who are forced to rely on food donations in order to avoid going hungry.  A recent USA Today article points out that a recent Feeding America study found that some 46 million families…


Texas governor Rick Perry may be on his way to prison

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By Nigel Boys According to Michael McCrum, Grand jurors in Travis County, Texas have indicted the Governor Rick Perry for allegedly abusing his official capacity by coercing a public servant into resignation with the threat of removing funding for the state’s public integrity unit. McCrum went on to say that Perry had publicly promised to veto $7.5 million of the state funds allotted to the office of Rosemary Lehmberg, district…


63% of Americans Believe Blacks Are Mostly Responsible for Their Own Condition

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Blacks were property during slavery, then there was Jim Crow, and blacks weren’t initially even included in the New Deal. We could go on to list the ways in which blacks have been systematically disenfranchised in America, including redlining, but somehow, a majority of Americans still believe that blacks who can’t get ahead are mostly responsible for their own condition. A Pew Research poll found that most Americans believe that…

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Meet the Black Republican Who Doesn’t Think Poor People Are Lazy and Listens to Lil Wayne

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Darius Foster is a Republican candidate currently running for a seat in the Alabama State House. What’s odd about that? Not much, until you listen to what Foster has to say about himself. The first thing he wants you to know is that he’s not your stereotypical black Republican. For example, Foster says the last concert he attended was Lil Wayne, that he went without heat for half a winter…


Black Miss. Preachers Persuade Congregation to Vote for Anti-Affirmative Action Republican

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If Mississippi U.S. Senator Thad Cochran makes it past tomorrow’s primary, he may owe his win to black pastors who have been working behind the scenes to get him elected. The New York Times reports that a dozen black pastors met in a store front church to devise a plan for convincing their members to support Sen. Cochran in the primary. In explaining their position, Bishop Ronnie C. Crudup Sr.,…

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The Hampton dropout who is now a department chair: Dr Carey Latimore

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In this video, Dr Boyce Watkins speaks with Dr. Carey Latimore, chair of the History Department at Trinity University. Dr. Latimore talks about how he went from being a dropout of Hampton University to later becoming a highly-respected scholar. Additionally, Dr. Latimore talks about intellectual freedom and the ability of scholars to disagree without becoming disagreeable. The interview also talks about the importance of black scholarly mentors and how so…


Former Congressman Booted From Radio Show After Using the “N” Word

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Former Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh was recently booted from his own radio show for attempting to use the “N” word on air. During his show “The Answer”, Walsh tried to have a conversation about the “N” word as compared to the word Redskins. Apparently, his general manager took issue with the racial slur and cut him off. If you don’t remember Walsh, he’s the deadbeat dad ex-Congressman who made…


Detroit’s Reduced “Hybrid” Pension Plans Could Become Model for Cash Strapped States

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Detroit’s pension crisis may be at the beginning of a resolution now that unions have approved a reduced plan. If  all goes well, this plan could serve as a model for cash strapped states that can no long afford pensions. “The city and its labor partners have come up with what we think is the best option to strengthen employee pensions so we can continue to meet future obligations in…


Mother allegedly kidnaps daughter to avoid black history lesson

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By: Krystle Crossman Normally when people want to keep their children out of school to home-school them, it is because they want to bond with their child or because they feel that the schools aren’t up to the task. In these cases, the parent will fill out paperwork to have the child home-schooled and go through all of the proper channels to make sure that their child still gets credit for…


White woman orchestrated her husband’s death and got just 10 months in prison

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There’s this thing called “white privilege” that they speak about at universities, but no one believes that it exists.  They don’t discuss it in mainstream media very much, since the media is owned by white people. So, maybe a big part of white privilege means not having to discuss white privilege.  This article from Yvette Carnell discusses a white woman who committed a terrible crime, but was given one of…


Let’s put an end to the New Jim Crow

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  Dr. Boyce Watkins and Russell Simmons have gathered a coalition of supporters from various walks of life to stand together to correct the serious injustices of the prison industrial complex.  Rehabilitation and even punishment are acceptable in themselves, but when a nation builds an entire economy around the unjust incarceration of millions of its citizens, that nation is serving as a tool for its own demise.  Families are destroyed…


Dr Boyce Watkins: What the OJ Trial taught me about white people, black people and America

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins I remember 20 years ago, waking up from taking a nap.  I was dating a really horrible woman at the time who shall remain nameless.  But then again, I probably think she’s horrible because she dumped me for a better-looking man, so just chalk it up to my being a hater.  But anyway, the woman in the previous sentence said “Hey Coco (that was my nickname…


The UNCF takes money from men who can’t stand President Obama

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The United Negro College Fund has been under fire for taking money from any available source.  But the organization has struggled to find funding to support the many Historically Black Colleges and Universities in America that are under severe financial strain. UNCF President Michael Lomax has taken criticism for accepting a large donation from Charles and David Koch, two billionaire brothers who recently gave $25 million to the organization. The…