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October 21, 2014

Ferguson Protestors Say Senator Nasheed Refused Breathalyzer, Had Gun During “Staged” Arrest

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April V Taylor Missouri state senator Jamilah Nasheed was arrested by Ferguson police for blocking traffic outside of the Ferguson police department.  It was also reported that Nasheed refused bond and spent the night in jail.  While it appears as though her act of civil disobedience was meant to show solidarity with peaceful protestors, many who have been on the front lines ridiculed Nasheed for the events surrounding her arrest….

April V. Taylor: Toni Morrison Earned The Right To Choose Her Legacy

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April V. Taylor It seems many people have taken offense to Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison choosing to leave her papers as part of the permanent library collection of Princeton University, where she taught at for nearly two decades.  Those who have taken offense feel as though the papers should have been left to HBCU Howard University, where Morrison graduated from and also taught such influential Black leaders as Stokley Carmichael….

East African Students Banned From School Over West African Disease

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Two students at a New Jersey elementary school stayed home from school due to fears they may spread Ebola to their peers. The Ebola virus has emerged in west Africa, not east Africa, but that didn’t stop Howard Yocum Elementary School from informing teachers that two students from east Africa had enrolled at the school. The two students were scheduled to enroll, but were blocked after parents got wind of…

Rapper Cam’ron Sells Ebola Face Masks With His Picture on It

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Up until now, the world’s response to Ebola has been to tackle the disease at the source–in hotspots like Liberia and Sierra Leone–without panicking. But just last week a traveler at Dulles airport was spotted wearing a Hazmat suit. Now, rapper Cam’ron is attempting to profit off fear, and have a little fun, by selling Ebola face masks that include a picture of the rapper on the front. The mask…