White Republicans “Afraid of Black Americans” Says Bill O’Reilly

April V. Taylor

FOX News Bill O’Reilly is known to make comments that stir up controversy, and in a recent interview with PBS radio host Tavis Smiley, he left Smiley baffled as he alleged that Black people are to blame for their economic problems and admitted that Republicans are scared of Black people.  The conversation took place on an episode of “The O’Reilly Factor,”  where the two discussed the Black vote and how Republicans and Democrats approach Black voters.

The exchange began when Smiley questioned O’Reilly over why Republicans would not want to more fully engage with Black voters to understand their points of view.  O’Reilly responded by saying that Republicans were “more intimidated than uncaring,” when it comes to Black voters.  Smiley seemed perplexed and flabbergasted by what O’Reilly said, asking him “Why? Are black folks scary?”  O’Reilly answered by saying, “No, no, the white Republican power structure is afraid of Black Americans.  They don’t know how to treat them; they don’t know how to speak to them…They don’t know anything about the culture, and they don’t want to be called a racist bigot, so they stay away.”

Smiley attempted to dig deeper into O’Reilly’s reasoning by asking him why that would make someone scared instead of making them want to try to understand.  O’Reilly answered by stating, “Because they [Republicans] feel it’s not worth the trouble, the few votes they might siphon off, to get involved with it.  That’s how they feel.  I know that for a fact.”

Smiley responded by pointing out that many Black voters feel that neither political party looks out for their best interest because in addition to the Republican party’s apathy, Democrats consistently take Black voters for granted.  The two seemed to have found common ground on this point with O’Reilly stating, “The reality is that neither party is truly interested, I believe in the economic opportunity and social mobility of African-American voters.”

The two didn’t stay on common ground for long as O’Reilly advocated his controversial opinion about the “disintegration” of the Black family being more responsible for the economic struggle faced by Blacks than white privilege.  In an attempt to refute O’Reilly’s argument that the Black family is the cause of Black people being poor, Smiley pointed out that, “There are more white folk in poverty in this country than there are African-Americans.  The new poor in this country are the former middle class.”  Smiley also cited a statistic from the Census Bureau that shows that one out of every two Americans is either living in or close to poverty, stating, “That ain’t a Black or brown problem.  That’s an American catastrophe.”




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  1. It’s funny how Fox News!..bill o’reilly!..are trying to re-write history!…when you look at the history of this country!…The Establishment!…has the history of kidnapping black folk!…separating the black family!…raping black folk!…lyhching black folk!…burning of black folk homes!…cutting black folk sexual organs off!….brutal beatings of black folk!…and after all that!…bill o’reilly has the nerve to say!…that are afraid of black folk!…no we are afraid of them!…you know Fox News!..and bill o’reilly are a joke!…everybody knows it!…The World knows it!….

  2. Oh, the Republicans are so scared of us!…..bullshit! Those corporate shareholders don't give a damn about nobody but the sheeple they control and the wealthy that control them.Its great to see that my people are starting to see both political parties for who they are.What I want for my Black people is for us to walk away from these politicians and their herds cause they aren't worth the air we breath.

  3. As for O'Reilly, he's part are the privileged problem that is reason that we don't like his party in the first place.

  4. Oreilly s full of it! Him and any other affluent white person in this country are not afraid of black people. The ones he, Oreilly is claiming are afraid of black people, if they were, the ones like Bill Oreilly, would not make the idiotic statements and create and or support the processes and legislation that continually denies and oppresses the upward mobility, political and economic empowerment and control of communities black and brown people live in that we see going on around the country!! For instance, the gerrymandering and outright disposing of voter registration and early voting ballots, as recently seen in Georgia, and when Florida threw away ballots, and closed polls early in black neighborhoods in the presidential elections where the last George Bush was initially elected! Also, the outright disregard for black lives by some in the country in positions of powers and authority. The generational destructive things such as the eugenics programs that are coming to light where, black, brown and poor white families were systematically disbanded and many were forcibly, by tribunals, or coerced into having their loved ones sterilized! No, bill oreilly, it is something else you and others of your ilk are afraid of!

  5. Poppycock! Bill O'Reilly is an ass. People like this I've figured, have no soul; an ingredient is missing in their DNA.

  6. Whites are terrified of Blacks because if Whites had been enslaved, Whites would want the same revenge Whites imagine Blacks want.

  7. This may be the case of voting for the lesser of two evils…..However I am still voting. If you don't participate you have no voice.

  8. bill oreilly has got this one TWISTED too. I'm glad that Tavis pointed out to him that there are more wites living in poverty, etc. because of the same things he damns Blacks for. I agree that neither party really cares for the plight of most Americans. That's why we need to get "ours" for ourselves and not wait on politicians. I'm glad that I don't allow ANYONE to define me or tell me how to think or live.

  9. It is this constant race baiting that keep all of us fighting against each other and not talking about the REAL issues that effect us all.

  10. Very enlightening!! Thanks Bill

  11. Is O'Reilly the mouthpiece of the republican party surreptitiously saying to Black voters, don't waste your time to come out and vote, because neither party needs your vote? Is this one of the several ways they plan to discourage Blacks from voting? How much lower can these folk go to wallow in the cesspit?

  12. This is a black and white problem with enough blame to go on both sides.

  13. Personally, I’ve found that to remain probably the most fascinating topics when it draws a parallel to.

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