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Farrakhan gives some strong words on Ferguson and Michael Brown

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Minister Louis Farrakhan is one of the most respected and appreciated voices in all of black America.  So, when the tragedy of Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson, Missouri took place, Farrakhan was one of the first to speak on the matter. Farrakhan gave a recent address in which he stated that the Michael Brown shooting was a mere microcosm of what’s been happening all throughout the United States. He says…

al sharpton

Is Al Sharpton Too Political To Be An Effective Leader?

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April V. Taylor There were several black leaders and celebrities who attended the funeral of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager who was killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th.  Among them was Al Sharpton, who also delivered Brown’s eulogy.  Many young people in Ferguson have spoken out out about the fact that they do not consider Sharpton to be their leader, and a recent…


BreakingBrown.com: 21 reasons white people should care about the Ferguson Protests

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by Melissa Cordner If I hear one more person claim the people of Ferguson are “just playing the race card,” I am going to scream. If one more person tells me to calm down because Ferguson “doesn’t affect me,” I am going to scream. The truth, of course, is that we’ve all been screaming for ten days… or for hundreds of years. WHITE PEOPLE—THIS AFFECTS YOU. White people—I care because I, as an…

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Rev. Jesse Jackson Blasts Fox News for All White Ferguson Panel

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Given the racial tensions in Ferguson, MO following the kιlling of unarmed teen Michael Brown, one would think that news networks would reach out to African-Americans when discussing the topic. For most networks, this has been the case, but Fox News put together a segment on Ferguson that included no African-Americans and Rev. Jesse Jackson called out the network for the obvious exclusion, while appearing on Fox. Meanwhile, Dr. Ben…

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Officer Who Roughed Up CNN’s Don Lemon Investigated After Racist Tirade

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The St. Louis police officer who was seen pushing CNN anchor Don Lemon during a live segment in Ferguson has been relieved of duty over a racist rant. Lemon was reporting on the unrest in Ferguson when Officer Dan Page began to physically push the anchor back. Now video has surfaced of Page making racist and homοphobic comments at an Oath Keepers meeting a few months back. “It’s wide-ranging inflammatory…

GoFundMe Wilson

Cop Who Gunned Down Michael Brown Has Raised $218,000

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After George Zimmerman was arrested for kιlling Trayvon Martin, many people were stunned at the hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations that were funneled to Zimmerman. Now it seems that history is repeating itself, because the officer who gunned down Michael Brown is receiving similar financial support. A website created to support Officer Darren Wilson has raised almost $218,000 over the last few days, according to the Detroit Free…

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Sharpton on Replacing Rev. Jesse Jackson: “Everybody Has Their Day”

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Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson have had a complex relationship that sometimes resulted in the two men bumping heads over who would lead the black community. Unlike Jackson, Sharpton doesn’t have an organic connection to the civil rights movement through Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but Sharpton made a name for himself in New York and used that reputation to catapult himself to prominence. Nowhere is Sharpton’s prominence more…

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April V. Taylor: Does Ferguson Prove That American Apartheid Exists?

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As an activist who works to pursue equality at every juncture, there was an instinctual pull for me to travel to Ferguson, Missouri where unarmed teen Michael Brown was gunned down by a Ferguson police officer during what witnesses say was him surrendering.  I needed to come to bear witness to the historical, divisive, and unprecedented events that have been unfolding and to work to ensure that no more mothers…

Jason Riley

Writer Says Eric Holder Should Tell Ferguson Protesters to “Pull Up Their Pants”

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As Attorney General Eric Holder heads to Missouri on Wednesday to deal with the unrest in Ferguson, one Wall Street Journal editorial board member says Holder should be more concerned with the attire of protesters than the deαth of Michael Brown. The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley said Eric Holder’s arrival in the city was just part of Obama’s attempt to be the “race-healer-in-chief” and discussed what Holder should say…

Hedy Epstein

Holocaust Survivor Arrested Protesting in #Ferguson

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April V. Taylor In a shocking display of how starkly the situation in Ferguson, Missouri stands in contrast with the freedoms that many see as foundational American ideals, a 90-year old Holocaust survivor has been arrested protesting the death of Michael Brown.  The Huffington Post reports that Hedy Epstein, “who assisted Allied forces in the Nuremberg trials,” was arrested for “failing to disperse,” during a protest regarding Missouri Governor Jay…


1 in 4 Military Families In U.S. Need Helping Feeding Themselves

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April V. Taylor The United States is generally thought of as the country who hands out food aid to Third World countries across the globe, but what many fail to realize is the growing numbers of Americans who are forced to rely on food donations in order to avoid going hungry.  A recent USA Today article points out that a recent Feeding America study found that some 46 million families…


First black Secret Service Agent discusses JFK assassination and how he was framed

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This is from the Youtube channel of WeAllBeTV: “No More Secrets: The First Black Secret Service Agent, Abraham Bolden, Speaks Out On BEing Framed, JFK Assassination & Cover-up…” 1/19/2011 (Note: Bro. Abraham Celebrated His 76th Life Affirmation Day With Us On The Day Of This Interview!) From the first African American assigned to the presidential Secret Service detail comes a gripping and unforgettable true story of bravery and patriotism in…


Former Congressman Booted From Radio Show After Using the “N” Word

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Former Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh was recently booted from his own radio show for attempting to use the “N” word on air. During his show “The Answer”, Walsh tried to have a conversation about the “N” word as compared to the word Redskins. Apparently, his general manager took issue with the racial slur and cut him off. If you don’t remember Walsh, he’s the deadbeat dad ex-Congressman who made…

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Malcolm X explains why black people don’t have jobs

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In this very important video, Malcolm X is talking about the importance of owning black businesses.  Due to the legacy and history of African Americans being trained to work for whites, we are stuck in a cycle within which we’re taught to believe that our purpose for education or any other training is to get a white-owned company to hire us. The challenge with this line of thinking is that…


Romney advisor says Obama isn’t of the “right heritage”

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Reported by Liku Zelleke Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney has switched up gears and is making himself more visible. He has been making speeches left and right including his first one on foreign policy. That would have been OK if he had handled it all by himself. Romney’s advisors have been trying to help him out a bit by explaining what he’s trying to say and what his intentions are….