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October 8, 2014

6 Specific Ways Blacks Are Financially Worse Off Under Obama

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Barack Obama’s election was hailed by many as the beginning of a post-racial America in which Black people were going to experience new-found equality. This hope for a post-racial America has been dashed by the fact that recent statistics show that Black Americans have not actually improved in many areas of inequality but instead have stayed the same or gotten worse since Obama’s election. One of the areas that has…

White Churches Silent About Blacks Being Killed By Police

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Many places of worship have chosen to speak out about the police brutality perpetrated against Black people and other people of color; however, white churches have been largely absent from the conversation.  Kevin Clay recently blogged about his experiences at his majority-white place of worship.  Clay points out that there are many black people like him who attend churches that are majority-white, and he feels that as faith communities, these…

95% Of Convictions Are Actually Plea Bargains

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April V. Taylor Many people assume that if a person is convicted of a crime, then they are guilty, but a recent article by The Economist reveals just how often a person is convicted of a crime without there ever haing a trial.  A shocking 95 percent of convictions in the United States are actually the result of plea bargains. Plea bargains are offered by prosecutors in exchange for leniency…

North Carolina Republican Got Welfare While Making Six Figures

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The fact that Republicans are largely responsible for perpetuating the stereotype of the welfare queen who lives it up while receiving government benefits makes the case of North Carolina Republican Senator Wesley Meredith an interesting one.  According to ABC11, Meredith’s challenger for the 19th District Senate seat revealed that Meredith’s family received Medicaid benefits during the late-1990s when Meredith’s annual salary was more than six-figures.  Bill Richardson, the challenger, released…

Autopsy Reveals Christopher Dorner’s Actual Cause of Death

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Reported by Nigel Boys In an autopsy report released last week, it was revealed that the former Los Angeles Police Department Officer, Christopher Jordan Dorner, killed himself rather than avoid being taken out by authorities. The former United States Navy Reserve officer was being hunted by police who had tracked him down in the San Bernardino Mountains along the shore of Big Bear Lake, California, after exacting revenge on former…

Law makers crackdown on home-schooled children following Sandy Hook www.blacklikemoi.com

Following Sandy Hook Tragedy, Lawmakers Crackdown On Home-Schooled Children

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Reported by Nigel Boys After the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre of 2012, lawmakers in Connecticut proposed a bill last year that would have made it a requirement for school children to undergo mental health assessments, including those who were schooled at home. The bill never made it to the voting process because it died in the committee stage of the government task force after fierce opposition from supporters of…