Slimmed Down Al Sharpton Accused of Fat Shaming Supporters

Rev. Al Sharpton was once overweight, but after changing his eating habits, the activist lost a Al Sharpton officeconsiderable amount of weight.

The Smoking Gun reports that even though Sharpton had his own struggle with weight, he’s quick to make obese people the bυtt of his jokes.

According to TSG, Sharpton makes fun of his overweight followers during meetings at his Harlem headquarters.

As the writer of the article notes, Sharpton lost his 150 pounds after moving to a high end apartment in Manhattan, whereas many obese African-Americans reside in areas without access to fresh fruits and vegetables. There is a Trader Joe’s in Sharpton’s lobby, but most African-Americans don’t have it that easy.

Sharpton allegedly mocks his obese followers with the same sort of zingers that were once directed at the jogging suit wearing activist.

During meetings at the Harlem headquarters of the National Action Network, Sharpton reportedly said of a female former classmate who is pushing 300 pounds, “Ain’t nothing worse than ruining your life over somebody that don’t look that good anymore.”

At a fashion show being put on by his daughter, Ashley, Sharpton said of one candidate, “Why Ashley didn’t have me model?” adding,  “’Cause you too fat! We doing full-body size, but we ain’t doing the oversize.”

Sharpton reportedly admitted that he’s been taking aim at overweight people since he lost weight.

“Since I lost weight I talk about fat folk real bad. I like keeping fat folk around me so I can just talk about them,” he allegedly said.

Sharpton mocked an aide by saying, “I know how to make you jog. All I got to do is just put a fried chicken sandwich right here.”

He also admitted ridiculing a diner who sat across from him at Sylvia’s after she ate a full course meal with fried chicken and dessert, then asked for sweet-n-low. “So I couldn’t take it anymore and said, ‘Miss, lemme ask you something. All of that you took, what do you need Sweet’n Low? I mean, you just make yourself feel better? You might as well pour the whole bag of sugar in the cup.”

What do you think? If the allegations are true, is Sharpton just keepin’ it real or has he gone too far?