Dr. Umar Johnson explains how hip-hop is killing black men

thugsSome people don’t like Dr. Umar Johnson, but it might be because his version of the truth is different from the mainstream.  But he’s not stupid, and he has quite a few theories that might help explain why black people are always found at the bottom of the barrel, even when Democrats and other so-called friendly organizations are lining up to help us.

Dr. Johnson, in this long video that is well worth the watch, talks about hip-hop, drugs and various forms of population control that have long been used to control the black community.  While these conspiracy theories may seem far fetched, it is well-documented that the United States government has, for hundreds of years, engaged in sinister activity to control the actions and attitudes of black people.  So, with such a nasty history of spying and manipulation, why would we expect that they’ve changed their tune today?

Watch the video and tell us what you think.  Is this worth listening to or is it nonsense?  If so, then why do black people continue to struggle under the grips of unemployment, disease and incarceration unlike anyone else?  Take a look.



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