The 10 Craziest Things Kanye West Has Said

Kanye West is a rapper, songwriter, record producer and fashion designer who began his career as a producer with Roc-A-Fella Records.  He first gained fame for his contributions to Jay-Z’s The Blueprint album in 2001 as well as his work on hit singles for such artists as Alicia Keys, Ludacris and Janet Jackson.

West was born in Atlanta, Georgia but moved to Chicago with his mother after his parents divorced.  West’s mother was an English professor at Chicago State University, and she raised West in a middle class suburb.   West also lived abroad in China as a child for a brief period when his mother taught English there.

He began writing poetry at just five years old, and by thirteen, he was able to convince his mother to invest in him being able to record music.  Although West was a good student and had received a scholarship to the American Academy of Art, West eventually dropped out of college completely to focus his energy on his music career.  This experience became the basis for the title of his first album The College Dropout, which he released after working as a producer for some time.  The album won widespread critical acclaim and won West several awards.

He went on to produce five other albums and also become involved in fashion.  One of the things that has not been absent from West’s career is controversy.  One of the most iconic controversies was West stating on a fundraiser for relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina that then president George Bush didn’t care about Black people.  He also created  controversy for his behavior and antics at multiple awards shows including the American Music Awards, the MTV Europe Music Awards and the MTV Video Music Awards.  There are many more instances of West seeming to make a fool of himself., and this video contains some of the most crazy incidences.

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