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February 3, 2015

NYPD Cop Indicted for Stomping on Suspect’s Head

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An NYPD officer caught on camera stomping on a suspect’s head will face misdemeanor assault charges. Although many observers will be pleased that an officer is being held accountable for his actions, some are sure to question why the officer is facing misdemeanor as opposed to felony charges, given the graphic video. Charges against Officer Joel Edouard, 36, are expected to be announced on Tuesday. A cell phone video shows…

Ex Police Marksman Pleads Not Guilty to Kιlling Black Suspect

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Over the last year there have been an increasing number of conversations in the U.S. on ways of ending racial profiling among police. This renewed interest stems from the deαths of unarmed blacks, like Eric Garner and Michael Brown. Another high profile case across the pond in the U.K. involves a black robbery suspect who was allegedly gunned down by a white officer in 2005. An ex-police marksman in London…

“We Need to K*ll This White Motha F***a”: Man Arrested for Threαtening Darren Wilson

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Tensions ran high after a Ferguson grand jury refused to indict police officer Darren Wilson for gunning down unarmed teen Michael Brown. After the decision was announced, unrest in Ferguson ended with thousands of dollars in property damage and Wilson going into hiding. It wasn’t just people in Ferguson who were irate, however, since the decision sparked national protests. One Washington man allegedly decided to take matters into his own…

Spike Lee Sued Spike TV: 10 Things You May Not Know About Shelton Jackson Lee

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By Marie Seva Did you know that in 2003, Spike Lee filed legal action against Spike TV to discontinue the use of his nickname, claiming that his fame may lead to people’s belief that he was affiliated with the network?  Here are 10 more intriguing topics on the accomplished actor, writer, producer and film director. 1. Lee was born Shelton Jackson Lee to Jacqueline Carroll (a teacher) and William James Edward Lee…