Lee Daniels’ kids have read Anne Frank 100 times, but don’t want to read Roots

In case you don’t know the story of Anne Frank, it’s an intriguing diary written by a young Jewish woman during World War II.  The Jewish community takes great pride in the book, and they make sure that many of their children read it at some point in their lives as a point of cultural heritage.

Lee Daniels, creator of the show “Empire,” and the films “Precious” and “Monster’s Ball,” took custody of his dead brother’s two children along with his Jewish boyfriend at the time.  When their relationship came to an end, they shared custody of the kids.  But apparently, Daniels isn’t as concerned about his kids receiving their African American heritage as he is about their Jewish heritage, at least based on what he says he is teaching them.

This lecture below by Anthony Bowder gives his perspective on Daniels, how he thinks and where he comes from.  One thing that pops out is Daniels’ self-description that he is “a little homo, a little euro and a little ghetto.”  Some have taken objection to Daniels’ insistence that he use white and Jewish money to tell black stories that Jews would never allow to be told of their own children.  At least that’s Bowder’s assertion.

You can listen to his lecture below.  One part that surely stands out is Daniels’ remark that his children have “read Anne Frank 100 times, but never read Roots.”  Tell us what you think that means?



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  1. Bev Cashen at 4:12 am

    If it was important to him that his children read "Roots" then why didn't he make sure it was including in their reading material?

  2. Crystal Banks at 11:38 am

    I've been watching this man, and he's very proud to make movies/ shows based off black people, however, he cannot stand us. Just look at some of his previous statements and you will see the self hate. #JustAnotherSellOut

  3. David Johnson at 7:59 am

    You see Taiwo it's black people who stop homosexuals from getting married, it's black people who stop homosexuals from being discriminated against, it's all black people doing this right? Wrong, it's white people Lee and you know it. You are just a fucked up black man that is mentally and emotionally unstable and thinks that as long as he plays the game he's the magic nigger. Lee, look at Cosby, they aren't going to let you sail into the sunset rich and happy. Your going to get your nigger moment. And after reading what little from that interview saying it's alright being black and you saying that you don't have your kids reading roots but read Diary of Ann Frank hundreds of times is telling.

    Your a fucking sellout Lee Daniels pure and simple. They run to you because you'll jump when they tell you too. It's men like you that are destroying the black community and in the future we are going to wonder what did we allow to get into our community, what did we do. Lee your not the magic nigger, your just a nigger to them.

  4. TheREALITY at 12:52 pm

    Lee Daniels is NOT going to get a dime from me or will I tune into “Empire”.. a ratchet program.

    Lee-the pervert one, know what works upon explotiation in the black community and how to get PAID as a writer, producer and director.. and how we as Black ppl like to watch other blk ppl doing the most ratchet -ness, violence, immoral acts in cinemas depicted as a film or weekly cable program.. Lee did this on film Precious(another incest and rape violent film ) Monster’s Ball( halle as a drug addict whore to a trailor trash white male hillibilly), Shadow Boxer(incest and drugs, immoral acts).. and now with Empire.. ratchet-ism glamour.

    Lee’s a danger to the black community.. wise up blk ppL .. stop flooding you soul with programs like, “Scandal”,( a black woman who is a whore and mistress for a white president). Also any and all black reality programs that depicts violence , profanity, immoral acts of thinking and living.. that’s just to start..

  5. LayLay Russell at 6:04 pm

    I have NO use for that house clown. He's so stupid. I never felt bad to be Black, no matter what I have been called or the struggles I have endured. My people have a rich history, and have built this country, so what is there to feel bad about in regards to THAT? Lee, kill yourself. You are exactly what is wrong with our Black people: a charlatan and a fraud for them. They will spit you out like sour milk when they have gotten everything they wanted out of you. His hatred of Black women is also another thing I find repulsive. I have never watched Empire and don't plan to…I refuse to support Black people who make their fame off stereotypes and then talk shit about us to them. Nor do I support actors and actresses who star in such shows. We should demand better. Smh

  6. chosinfew at 1:42 pm

    Annelies Marie Frank aka Anne Frank, wasn’t a “young Jewish woman”. She was a 15 year old girl who was a Jew.
    You can’t compare a girls diary with a novel. I would suggest he have them read “Destined to Witness: Growing up Black in Nazi Germany” it is the autobiography of the late Hans Massaquoi.

    Chosinfew – one of the Frozen Chosin

  7. Vincent Parrish at 9:44 pm

    This dude is a faggot sellout! He let a fake jew push a fictitious book on his kids but won't make them read Roots! Only saw one of his suck movies, won't be supporting his garbage!!!

  8. Enoch Mubarak at 10:18 pm


    HERE’S A CLUE BLACK AMERICA….Try something new.
    The point is….. evolution and the issue is being smart enough to evolve from what there is no dispute about.

    Our strategy by way of promoting our imagery to the world is to deliberately put forth images portraying and showcasing ourselves as slaves, losers, quitters, rapist, robbers, abusers, deadbeats, sex offenders and murderers when the first battle in the 21st century world revolution is being waged over self-imagery is sheer ignorance, stupidity and self deprivation.

    The Indians got tired of the old cowboy kill the Indian movies that no one disputes. The Japanese got tired of the old U.S Army kill all the Japanese war movies and the Spanish players are tired of the old immigration illegal alien treatment. All 3 of them did and doing something about it by refusing to honor, respect or support that media or mindset.

    They choose instead evolution to a new, fresh improved self image. Only black people wallow in slavery, keep it alive, celebrate it and pay other races to see themselves portrayed as abusive, cowardly, uneducated, trifling and primitive.

    The revolution has already started but you don’t see it because that’s not how you see yourself. I am on team black America and I got to be honest…. IMAGE IS EVERYTHING and…you guys are making me look bad.

    Black America’s 2015 image strategy – GRADE F – Try again.

    Sincerely Enoch Mubarak.
    President/CEO Mubarak Inter-prizes.

  9. Abdulmalik Saafir Sr at 10:48 am

    This is Hollow-wood. Nothing in it but termites. White writers, producers and directors get paid big bucks to create moments on the screen to sublimely seduce you. It is not the conscious alert adults they are after, it is our young people they're after. Hollow-wood is not the real life bit set the trend for the cattle and sheep people to follow or be guided by. That create and and program the unconscious people into their web and suck the life out of them, until they no longer are independent thinkers. They become I Robots, with their eyes wired shut, nothing can enter and they can no longer hear nor see what is being fed to them. It's a diet that is being forced upon the ignorant one who don't know its not a healthy mental and moral diet. We all are going to pay for this in the long run because one day the real stage is going to be set and the curtains are going to open. And the final question will be asked by The Creator. Why did you do nothing, when I gave you My Words to deliver and address these evils of mass destruction? What will be our answer? Especially to the so-called Religious Communities, cause Satin have all denominations warring against each other while he (satin) works his plan on trying to rob G'D of a whole people. We got to come together as we did in the 20's, 30's 40's 50's 60's and 70's all faiths, organizations, fraternities' etc; had a common cause and that was survival and demands for not only civil rights but human rights. Somewhere the paton,wasn't passed to the generations following us. Somebody intervene and substituted the paton for sherm, crack and angel dust. We have got to recover quickly because this is the new re-construction period and they are working hard to put all their players in place to start the new Jim Crow Act on today's stage.As far as this little sick man (mind) he's not even a fraction of what they're planning and his money and ill contributions will be as dust on your coffee tables.

  10. Allen Shaw at 6:43 am

    I thought it had been established that Roots was not a true story?
    I thought each individual has a right to read what they want to read.
    Did anyone ask if the person had read any other books concerning African history or is Roots the only book that acceptable!

  11. Sistagirl from the Boogie Down Bronx at 7:52 am

    Lee sets off all kinds of alarms for me… Not actually feeling him… I get strong INAUTHENTIC vibes…

    However, with regard to his kids and their reading material, my daughter also struggled with the covering of the black experience in her predominantly white school. I bet Lee’s kids attend exclusive, predominantly white schools. My daughter also demonstrated more of an interest in the history and challenges of other ethnicities and cultures. My daughter also seemed to be very interested in the Jewish experience when studying cultures and history of people in school . The reasons I believe was all too painful for her to internalize while in the milieu of the school. She didn’t want her classmates to see her sweat. Know that her Dad and I definitely ensured that she participated in a culturally enriching rights of passage program while attending that school. So, that there was no confusion about how we felt about the greatness and richness of Black people and their contribution to the world.

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