A Brooklyn Doctor Works To Stop Violence By Helping Black Teens


By Ryan Velez Atlanta Black Star reports that a Brooklyn emergency room physician is taking an extra step to help Black teens and minimize violence. In a May 11 interview with History Now, Dr. Robert Gore reflected on his life in pre-gentrified Brooklyn, saying that he had to carry blades and box cutters on him on his way to school just to feel safe. Even becoming a physician, he still…

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Producer Nate Parker Says White people Need To Come Out Of Denial And Embrace Reconciliation And Justice For All


By Victor Ochieng When Nate Parker, the producer of short film AmeriCAN, gets a moment to speak on an issue, he does so with great passion. This was evident when he spoke with Joey Jackson and former NYPD detective Patrick Brosnan about the reality of white supremacy in America and some of its effects. During a national television interview, Jackson brought an argument that Black people have an opportunity to make…

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New Grant Will Allow Men To Get A Haircut And Blood Pressure Checked In Barbershops


By Robert Stitt What do barbers and doctors have in common? This may sound like the setup for a joke, but, in Los Angeles, the answer will soon be: it’s who you go to for a hypertension check. Many poor African Americans cannot afford to go to the doctor for a checkup, but that does not stop their ailments from occurring. Dr. Ronald G. Victor, the director of the Hypertension…

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Tavis Smiley Sets Up Scholarship Targeting his Alma Mater – Indiana University


By Victor Ochieng Broadcaster and author Tavis Smiley is definitely putting smiles on the faces of students through education. The 51-year-old has set up a $50,000 scholarship fund targeting his alma mater, the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs. The fund will be channeled towards recruiting African-American students, with a focus on students who are first in their families to join college. “My education at IU and SPEA continues to…

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385-Pound Man Speaks Out after Being Kicked Out Of United Airlines Flight Because of His Weight


By Victor Ochieng Errol Narvaez wasn’t happy a bit with the way United Airlines handled him when he wanted to travel on one of their flights. Narvaez was in Las Vegas over the weekend and had made plans of flying back to Jersey City during early Tuesday hours. But things started going wrong when he was first moved from his secured seat at the aisle to another in the middle…

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Corey Hawkins From Straight Outta Compton Gets Lead Role In Upcoming 24 Reboot


By Victor Ochieng Those who loved the role played by Corey Hawkins in Straight Outta Compton should get ready for his reemergence in the upcoming reboot of the highly acclaimed 24 franchise, coming to your screens as 24: Legacy, Deadline reports. In Straight Outta Compton, the 27-year-old actor was praised for his exemplary role, when he played music producer and rapper Dr. Dre. In the reboot, Hawkins will be taking up…

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Think Twice Before Marrying A White Woman


By Victor Ochieng They say love knows no boundaries, right? It’s for that reason that you see some Black men walking hand-in-hand on the street with their white wives. However, as a Black man, marrying a white woman has its challenges. Things will go on well until something bad comes up, and you get into a disagreement. At that point, you might end up being told some things that remind…

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Man Who Spent 44 Years in Prison Says He Survives by Letting Go of the Past

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By Angela Wills Otis Johnson, now 69-years-old was 25 when he was locked away for attempting to kill a police officer. After 44 years of imprisonment, he has re-entered society and is in complete disbelief with all of the changes that have taken place since he was sent to prison in the 70’s. Johnson agreed to allow a camera crew to follow him around New York to capture his reaction…

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Janelle Monáe Lands Acting Role In Upcoming Film ‘Moonlight’


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III It’s always good to hear about entertainers doing great things. With so much negativity surrounding many of our entertainers, whenever someone accomplishes something great, it should be recognized. Because the entertainment industry is a difficult and demanding field, there’s a tendency for so many entertainers to drop off. In addition to that, unless an entertainer is able to exhibit diversity, they will miss out on…

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Corey Jones, Killed in a Stand Your Ground State


By: Dr. Samori Swygert In Florida, the same state where the Stand Your Ground Law was invoked by George Zimmerman in the murder of slain teen Trayvon Martin, a young black man was killed with a legally registered gun.  In a country that is heavily entrenched in the 2nd Amendments’ Right To Bear arms, Corey Jones was shot and killed while in possession of his own legally registered firearm. In what…

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James Baldwin Honored in Greenwich Village


By Robert Stitt James Baldwin died in 1987, but another plaque in his honor was just placed in New York’s Greenwich Village. He already had two other notable plaques in the city. This one was placed at 81 Horatio Street, where much of his work “Another Country” was penned. According to The Network Journal, the bronze plaque, about 14 x14 inches, was placed by the Greenwich Village Society for Historical…

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Gregory E. Woods – A Look At Manhood (Part 1)


Looking hard upon the life I lived, I remember many of the armed and dangerous challenges to my life, and that of my family and how I alone or with others made sure women and their children around us did not have to have a moment like this begging for life.  It is not begging for one’s life that is given respect and dignity. It is from action and an…

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Former Soldier Arrested on Suspicion of Murder 45 years Later

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By Nigel Boys After avoiding conviction for years, Willie James Johnson, who allegedly stabbed 21-year-old Doris Lorraine Rivers to death in El Paso, Texas over 45 years ago, has finally been arrested, according to reports. The Daily Mail reports that Johnson, now 70-years-old was only 25 when he allegedly murdered the young mother, who was found stabbed to death on her living room floor on November 12, 1970. Returning from…

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Mortified Six-Year-Old Boy Hangs His Head in Shame as Father Launches Sexist Rant at Post Office Staff


By Nigel Boys A father was filmed recently launching into a sexist tirade at a Post Office worker in Los Angeles, telling a female worker that he would put her in her place after claiming that she wasn’t treating him with respect, the Daily Mail reports. “I gotta put you in your place because you’re a woman and I’m a man,” the unidentified man said. Stunned customers looked on as his…

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Cleveland Truck Driver Labeled ‘Serial Killer’ by Prosecutor


By Nigel Boys Forty-five-year-old Cleveland truck driver Robert Rembert, who previously served a 6-year prison sentence for voluntary manslaughter in 1997, has been labeled a serial killer by a Cuyahoga County prosecutor on Tuesday this week. The Root reports that that a grand jury in Cleveland, Ohio, indicted Rembert on 10 counts of aggravated murder in three 2015 slayings and one in 1997. He was arrested in the June slaying…

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