African-American Historical and Genealogical Society Set Out To Unite Black Families


By Victor Ochieng Slavery in the United States scattered black families all across the country, making it difficult or completely impossible for some of them to retrace their roots. The end of slavery saw close to 4 million slaves freed. Congress then set up Freedmen’s Bureau (1865-1872) and charged it with the mandate of transitioning the freed slaves from their slavery status to U.S. citizens. The program was to ensure…

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  Most Black people don’t know the history of Black hair and the significance it held in Africa. As I researched this video, I learned many new things. It felt great to discover more about our history. Efforts are made to erase our culture and connection to Africa so we must do our part to educate ourselves and each other to keep it alive. It was really important to me that I…

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Rachel Dolezal Isn’t Alone: Look At Who Else Has Passed For Black


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of days, you have likely seen the unusual story of Rachel Dolezal, the leader of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP who has been lying to people about being Black. As strange as the situations seems, Dolezal is not the first White person to pass for Black. Here are six other White people who deceived others into thinking…

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Watch: The Klan is recruiting….and doing military training

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.14.38 AM

The hey day of the Ku Klux Klan may be a thing of the past, but we must always be alert to what they might be doing. It appears that, according to this video below, that the Klan is making a resurgence, seeking to recruit new members, especially young ones. Even scarier is the fact that they are also arming themselves and training for various forms of combat, using both…

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Malcolm X tells grand jury who is trying to murder his family


Hear Malcolm X’s own words about his relationship with the Nation of Islam and how he ended up leaving the organization. After you watch the video, please tell us what you think. Can the black community move past this? In the video, Malcolm even says that he knows that he’s “a dead man already,” and that the kind of information he has about the Nation of Islam might lead to…

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Lee Daniels’ kids have read Anne Frank 100 times, but don’t want to read Roots


In case you don’t know the story of Anne Frank, it’s an intriguing diary written by a young Jewish woman during World War II.  The Jewish community takes great pride in the book, and they make sure that many of their children read it at some point in their lives as a point of cultural heritage. Lee Daniels, creator of the show “Empire,” and the films “Precious” and “Monster’s Ball,”…

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Dr. Umar Johnson on why three chapters were removed from Malcolm’s autobiography


Dr. Umar Johnson is a 37-year old Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Certified K-12 School Principal, activist, orator and political scientist. He practices psychology privately in Pennsylvania and also serves as a special education evaluator. He specializes in working with children who are suicidal, depressed and/or violent. Johnson also trains educators and mental health technicians in a variety of psycho-educational topics that include Attention Deficit Disorder and…

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Slave Homes Being Rebuilt At James Madison’s Estate

SLUG: me/slaves DATE: June 9, 2007 CREDIT: Ricky Carioti / T

The estate of former U.S. President and Founding Father James Madison has received a $10 million gift from philanthropist David Rubenstein to rebuild slave quarters and make other refurbishments on Madison’s Montpelier estate in Virginia.  The slave quarters are being rebuilt next to the mansion on the estate in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains.  They were cleared away approximately 165 years ago, and the site has been left…

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Nas’ Emotional Reaction To Picture of Slaveowner Who Owned His Family


This week’s episode of the PBS series, “Finding Your Roots,” includes some firsts for the show. The rapper Nas will be featured as he traces his ancestory back through slavery. Regarding Nas’ appearance and the historic episode, host Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. points out,  “We introduced Nas to five generations – we’ve never been able to do this before for any African American – five generations of his enslaved…

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What Your Social Studies Teacher Didn’t Tell You About Slavery


April V. Taylor The new book, “The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery And The Making of American Capitalism,” by Edward Baptist has incited an onslaught of controversy regarding his examination of the slavery and suffering of generations of Black people who were bought and sold and the economic wealth and power that was made possible from their exploitation.  Baptist is a history professor at Cornell University, and his new…

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The Abraham Lincoln You Don’t Know: Forget Emancipation, Go Back To Africa

abe lincoln

April V. Taylor Black people have been taught for years that their freedom is due in large part to Abraham Lincoln and his signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.  What many fail to realize is that Lincoln never wanted to free slaves and have them live on American soil.  A recent article written for The Root by scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. explores this topic and reveals that Lincoln implored free…

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More Black People Killed By Police Than Were Lynched During Jim Crow

stolen lives

April V. Taylor Most Americans tend to think of lynchings as a dated form of racial violence that suddenly disappeared with the ending of Jim Crow; however, America’s proclivity towards slaughtering black people lives on through the country’s police departments.  A recent article published by The Guardian illustrates just how true this reality is, revealing that historians estimate that during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, two to three…

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Yvette Carnell: How Negroes With Guns Saved the Civil Rights Movement


by Yvette Carnell If you read American history books, you’re led to believe that the Civil Rights movement was won by long suffering Christian blacks who turned the other cheek. But as writer Thaddeus Russell notes, the history of Jim Crow and the Civil Rights movement is actually a lot  more complicated than that. Russell hopes that in the future, schoolchildren will learn about people such as C.O. Chinn, who…

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10 Things you may not know about Black Greek Letter Organizations


There are many historically Black fraternal organizations that have highly esteemed members across the country. There’s Congressman John Lewis, a member of Phi Beta Sigma, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, Phylicia Rashad, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and so many more great people. Here are a few things you may not know about the history of black Greek letter organizations: 1.)  The…

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A psychologist explains that which shaped Maya Angelou

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 8.11.25 PM

In this video, Dr Boyce Watkins and Dr. Monikah Ogando discuss the life of Maya Angelou.  Angelou died recently, but left a major imprint on our society.   Angelou spoke six languages, had 30 honorary degrees, and had written books that were must-reads for the entire black community and beyond. Dr. Monikah Ogando, a psychologist with two PhDs herself, speaks with Dr Boyce Watkins and Angelou’s legacy and what she…

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