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July 22, 2014

Yvette Carnell: How Negroes With Guns Saved the Civil Rights Movement

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by Yvette Carnell If you read American history books, you’re led to believe that the Civil Rights movement was won by long suffering Christian blacks who turned the other cheek. But as writer Thaddeus Russell notes, the history of Jim Crow and the Civil Rights movement is actually a lot  more complicated than that. Russell hopes that in the future, schoolchildren will learn about people such as C.O. Chinn, who…

Elderly Black Marine Called a “Fake” by Soldiers After Appearing in Photo With NFL Star

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The family of a 77 year old Marine say they are upset that their elderly relative was ridiculed as a “fake” and liar after appearing in a photo with an NFL player. Player D’Angelo Williams snapped a photo of James Wesley Bolden after Williams decide to give up his airline seat to the elderly man, but many online commenters have accused Bolden, who was dressed in full uniform,  of being…

Top 10 Trends of the 1990s

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The 1990’s was a decade that saw a lot of changes.  The inventions of cable television and the internet made the world more connected than it ever had been and helped spread grunge, the rave scene and hip hop to young people across the globe. The dot com bubble brought unprecedented wealth to young techies, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union saw the economic and political international landscape change…

Break The Chains of Financial Bondage With 21 Day Financial Fast

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Michelle Singletary is a nationally syndicated, award winning columnist for The Washington Post.  She graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park and Johns Hopkins University and has a Master’s degree in business and management.  Her column, entitled “The Color of Money,” runs in over 100 newspapers and focuses on personal finance issues and advice.  The column has won multiple awards, including being nominated for a Pulitzer, receiving an…

Teen Confesses to Rαping Children at African Orphanage

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An Oklahoma teen who went on a missionary trip to Kenya is accused of rαping and mοlesting several children while there. The teenager now faces life in prison for alleged crimes he committed during his trip. Matthew Durham, 19, confessed to rαping several young girls and forcing young boys to perform οral sεx on him, reports KTLA 5. “This is a young man in our community that made choices to…

White Detroit Business Owners Owe Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Past Due Water Bills

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After the recession hιt, the unemployment rate in Detroit skyrocketed to 50 percent. Currently, the mostly African-American city is undergoing a massive bankruptcy and restructuring, but that hasn’t stopped city officials from turning off water to past due citizens by the thousands. This has the NAACP Legal Defense Fund accusing city leaders of racism. “That (the shutoffs are) being done in a discriminatory fashion; and they should at least take a…

Sheriff Buys Black and White Prison Jumpsuits After Orange Ones Become “Cool”

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A Michigan sheriff decided to purchase black and white prison jumpsuits after he found that the orange jumpsuits were a little too popular among inmates. Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel says the orange jumpsuits are now viewed as “cool” by inmates, so he invested in jumpsuits with black and white horizontal stripes. According to mlive.com, Federspiel blames some of the perceived coolness on cable shows, like the Netflix hit “Orange…

Spike Lee edits Radio Raheem footage to match Eric Garner’s death

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins The older I get, the more I appreciate Spike Lee.   Spike ruffles feathers with his raw commentary, but I’m firmly convinced that he cares about black people.  While most of the folks in Hollywood are too busy wondering if their overseers are going to give them approval to be outraged over the death of Eric Garner, Spike is making his voice heard almost instantaneously. Eric…