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August 11, 2014

Worker Says He Was Mocked With Black Santa Claus Doll

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When it comes to racial harassment in the workplace, the various types of taunting described can get pretty creative, at least according to firsthand accounts. One black University of Illinois at Chicago employee says he was taunted with both a rope and a singing black Santa Claus. He told WBBM’s Steve Miller that his life was made into a “living hεll” by co-workers who harassed him. “It’s been a living…

Barneys Must Pay $525,000 in Racial Profiling Settlement

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After an investigation launched by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Barneys agreed on Monday to settle racial profiling claims for $525,000. The investigation began after several black people came forward claiming to have been racially profiled while shopping at the department store. Barneys will now pay the agreed upon settlement as well as implement store procedures intended to end racial profiling. “Profiling and racial discrimination remain a problem in…

What Happened When Kevin Hart Spilled A Drink on Jay-Z?

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Kevin Hart is an actor and comedian.  He grew up in Philadelphia and was raised by a single mom.  His father was a cocaine addict, and Hart’s experiences growing up as the son of an addict have served as material for some of his comedy. Comedy became a coping mechanism for dealing with the pain of his father being largely absent from his life. He started his comedy career appearing…

Traditional vs. Roth IRA…. What’s the difference?

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Antan R. Wilson is an entrepreneur, investor, and financial adviser.  He also works as a wealth management adviser at Xia Global Investment Group.  Xia is an independent company that uses a wide range of financial products and services to help individuals and business owners pursue their financial goals.  He has also worked for Cape Securities, Inc. and J P Turner & Company. Wilson operates out of Atlanta, Georgia and spends…

Dr. Umar Johnson explains how hip-hop is killing black men

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Some people don’t like Dr. Umar Johnson, but it might be because his version of the truth is different from the mainstream.  But he’s not stupid, and he has quite a few theories that might help explain why black people are always found at the bottom of the barrel, even when Democrats and other so-called friendly organizations are lining up to help us. Dr. Johnson, in this long video that…