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February 5, 2015

Does the Movie “Black and White” Just Rehash Old Racial Stereotypes?

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By Jamaal Brewer If you have not yet watched the film Black or White, I’m warning you now that this is a *spoiler* alert. I remember first learning about Black or White after it appeared in the upcoming movie trailers for Selma . It didn’t spark my interest initially, but as someone who studies race relations and propaganda I wanted to see exactly what image it would portray and the…

Black Reporter Banished for Lying, But NBC’s Brian Williams Gets Off With Just an Apology?

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by Yvette Carnell After soldiers noticed discrepancies in Brian Williams’ harrowing tale that he was under attack and shot down in a military helicopter over Iraq, the NBC news anchor admitted that he’d lied and recanted the story he’d told since 2003. Williams, a veteran news anchor, apologized, and it looks as though he’ll escape with only a bit of haranguing from the Twitterverse. The same cannot be said for…

Neighborhood Uses “Caucasians” Only Law to Force Black Man Out of Business

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A black homeowner who has run a home based business since 2003 is now being pressured to close up shop thanks to a decades old, racist rule. James Mosbey has been running a personal health and nutrition business, as well as a car wash,  from his Texas home since he moved into the neighborhood in 2003. For over 10 years, Mosbey has advertised his business with billboards posted outside his…

Atlanta Barber Giving Old Men “Benjamin Button” Haircuts to Misbehaving Boys

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If you want to act grown, then one Atlanta barber has no problem punishing you with a grown man haircut. Have a child who refuses to act his age? Then you can bring your child to A-1 Kutz in Atlanta where Russell Wilson and his team of barbers are offering the “Benjamin Button Special” to misbehaving kids. Best of all, the “Benjamin Button Special” is free of charge for parents…