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February 4, 2015

Michael Jackson’s Neverland to Become Treatment Center For $exually Abused Kids?

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By Angela L. Braden In what may seem as a laughable display of biting irony, Michael Jackson’s 2700-acre estate, where Jackson was accused of molesting several children, may soon be the new home of a rehab facility for children to recover from s*xual abuse. The famous Neverland Ranch is now being sold to whomever makes the highest bid.  Two of the four investors that are trying to acquire the property…

State Lawmaker Says White People Are Racists Who “Polluted” His Bloοd

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A Nebraska state lawmaker recently raised eyebrows while filibustering a bill. According to The Nebraska Watchdog, Omaha Sen. Ernie Chambers said last week that white people are racist and that his blood had been “polluted” by them. Chambers, an African-American veteran lawmaker in the state, adamantly refused to apologize for comments made during a deliberation on marriage licenses. Chambers was also addressing an education board member who made headlines by…