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Michael Eric Dyson: What Are The Keys To Improving The Plight of Black Men?

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Michael Eric Dyson is an author, scholar, minister, and commentator who was born October 23, 1958 in Detroit, Michigan. He became an ordained Baptist minister at 19 and entered Knoxville college at the age of 21 after having done factory work to help support his family.  In 1985, Dyson graduated from Carson-Newman College with a bachelor’s degree, and he went on to earn Master’s and Doctorate degrees in religion from…

The Hampton dropout who is now a department chair: Dr Carey Latimore

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In this video, Dr Boyce Watkins speaks with Dr. Carey Latimore, chair of the History Department at Trinity University. Dr. Latimore talks about how he went from being a dropout of Hampton University to later becoming a highly-respected scholar. Additionally, Dr. Latimore talks about intellectual freedom and the ability of scholars to disagree without becoming disagreeable. The interview also talks about the importance of black scholarly mentors and how so…

Hattie McDaniel’s Conflict With the NAACP and Tragic Death

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While many people simply know Hattie McDaniel as the first African American to win an Oscar in 1940 for her role as Mammy in Gone with the Wind, there is much more to her story than just that.  She was born June 10, 1885 in Wichita, Kansas.  She was the 13th child of a family of entertainers.  Her father was a minister who played the banjo, and her mother was…

Mother allegedly kidnaps daughter to avoid black history lesson

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By: Krystle Crossman Normally when people want to keep their children out of school to home-school them, it is because they want to bond with their child or because they feel that the schools aren’t up to the task. In these cases, the parent will fill out paperwork to have the child home-schooled and go through all of the proper channels to make sure that their child still gets credit for…

Black Wall Street:The Bloodiest Race Riot in American History

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The neighborhood of Greenwood, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma became known as Black Wall Street in the early 1900’s.  Many black people moved to Oklahoma during that time to escape slavery and the harsh racism prevalent in other areas. In 1906, O.W. Gurley purchased 40 acres of land which he wanted to only be sold to blacks.  Gurley established multiple buildings and residences, and many blacks began to settle in the…

Three cities put in their bids to host President Barack Obamas presidential library. Chicago Honolulu and New York. www.blacklikemoi.com and

3 Cities Bid to Host Pres. Obama’s Presidential Library: What Will be His Legacy?

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Reported by April V. Taylor Monday marked the deadline for bids for President Barack Obama’s presidential library with three cities making their appeal. According to reports, Chicago seems to have the strongest appeal considering it is where Obama did the large majority of his political work prior to becoming president, and it is also where he started his family.  Honolulu, where Obama was born and raised, and New York, where he went…

Blacks and Hispanics Are Outnumbering “Traditional” Population, Says GOP Candidate

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On the one hand, Republicans tend to speak of a colorblind America, but on the other, they’re quick to call out minorities as somehow less than authentically American. Talking Points Memo unearthed a video of Republican U.S. Senate candidate from North Carolina, Thom Tillis, complaining that, unlike Hispanics and blacks, “traditional populations” weren’t growing. During the 2012 interview, Tillis discussed minority outreach before veering into a racialized discussion on demographics….

White Professor Sues HBCU Over Reverse Discrimination

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A white professor is accusing Alabama State University, an Historically Black College, of discriminating against him and his partner after they blew the whistle on racial preferences at the school. Professor John Garland filed suit against the university after allegedly being singled out for calling attention to reverse discrimination at the school. According to Dr. Garland, he “observed instances where applicants were not seriously considered for employment because of their…

Award winning writer Eric Monte launched Kickstarter Campaign detailing two brothers experience during the Civil Rights Movement. www.blacklikemoi.com

Hollywood Blackballed Him For Creating Black Heroes, You Can Change That

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Reported by April Taylor Eric Monte’s story is one of betrayal, hope, and, with your help, redemption. Monte is a living legend for his role in creating the first successful show with a black cast since “Amos and Andy.” Prior to the shows he helped create in the 1970s, blacks were mainly portrayed as being uneducated and were usually cast in roles as servants, sidekicks, or clowns. Monte’s characters were…

Dr. Umar Johnson explains why black boys are given so much harmful medication

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Black boys are typically the most likely to be placed in special education.  They are also the most likely to be put on special drugs that are designed to control and modify their behavior.  What are the long-term effects of giving medication to your children?  Are they going to be able to live healthy and productive lives, or are the drugs likely to push them down a path toward a…

Dr Boyce Watkins: Arsenio’s show might have been too black for TV

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The cancellation of the Arsenio Hall Show was a surprising and revealing reflection on the state of American television.  Dr Boyce Watkins, author of the lecture series “The 8 Principles of Black Male Empowerment,” says that Arsenio’s Show was amazing for the African American community.  He applauds Hall for creating the kind of television that is actually interesting to watch, much better than the other shows on during the same…

How Black Hollywood stays so fit and why you can too

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The desire to live a healthy lifestyle is slowly on the rise in the African American community. According to research, there has been a steady increase of African-Americans joining fitness centers across the country. Losing weight can be difficult, especially if you are embarking on this new journey alone. If  you need a bit of inspiration, here are some health and fitness gurus that can help you reach your fitness goals….


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Everyone loves a funny guy or girl right? The following comedians are the best to ever do it. Trust me, making this list wasn’t easy by any means because we have so much talent out there. Feel free to share your thoughts: Who Makes your Top 10?   10. Patrice O Neal Patrice O’Neal was hilarious. Its sad to see his star dim so early in life but the comedy he…

BLACK CINEMA: 8 films we must support this year

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In the world of film, the first quarter of 2014 has been pretty impressive for African American films. With success in the box office for movies like Ride Along, About Last Night, Repentance, The Single Mom’s Club and A Haunted House II it seems major studios are starting to get the picture, that black people love movies too! Fortunately, for movie buffs we still have the rest of the year to…

Real Cool Soul Train Line to Curtis Mayfield’s “Get Down”

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Everybody loved Curtis Mayfield.  He was one of a kind.  Here’s something that will make you feel good.  It’s a Soul Train line to Curtis Mayfield’s “Get Down.”  Check it out. But before you watch, here’s the basics on Mayfield, courtesy of Wikipedia: Curtis Lee Mayfield (June 3, 1942 – December 26, 1999) was an American soul, R&B, and funk singer, songwriter, and record producer. He achieved mainstream solo success and recognition from being involved…