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June 17, 2014

27 people shot in Chicago over Father’s Day Weekend: Even during church

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A string of shootings throughout Chicago started on Friday night and ended Monday, according to police, totalling more than two dozen incidents that police did not know if they are connected, according to published reports. The heightened spree of 27 shooting incident is abnormally high, even for Chicago, which has become infamous for shootings and homicide in recent years, according to NBC Chicago. The last shooting in the spree involved…

White woman orchestrated her husband’s death and got just 10 months in prison

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There’s this thing called “white privilege” that they speak about at universities, but no one believes that it exists.  They don’t discuss it in mainstream media very much, since the media is owned by white people. So, maybe a big part of white privilege means not having to discuss white privilege.  This article from Yvette Carnell discusses a white woman who committed a terrible crime, but was given one of…

Blacks and Hispanics Are Outnumbering “Traditional” Population, Says GOP Candidate

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On the one hand, Republicans tend to speak of a colorblind America, but on the other, they’re quick to call out minorities as somehow less than authentically American. Talking Points Memo unearthed a video of Republican U.S. Senate candidate from North Carolina, Thom Tillis, complaining that, unlike Hispanics and blacks, “traditional populations” weren’t growing. During the 2012 interview, Tillis discussed minority outreach before veering into a racialized discussion on demographics….

Hubert and Jeanne Mwangaza are HIV positive but have given birth to three healthy babies. www.blacklikemoi.com

Find Out How a Dad Saved His Children From a Deadly Disease

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Reported by April V. Taylor The Huffington Post recently highlighted the story of Hubert and Jeanne Mwangaza.  The couple are both HIV-positive but have managed to have three children who do not have the disease.  Rather than this being evidence of a medical miracle, it is an illustration of how a father’s involvement in prenatal care can have significant positive outcomes on the health of his children. A study conducted…

20.9 Million People Still Enslaved, Many Of Them People of Color

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When many people think about slavery, the Trans-Atlantic Slavery Trade which brought African slaves to the West Indies and America is what most often comes to mind.  For this reason, many are under the false notion that slavery was completely abolished in the 19th century; however, this is simply not true.  Despite the fact that slavery is illegal in all countries and was prohibited by the 1948 Universal Declaration of…

Maya Angelou Brings Tupac Shakur To Tears

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Dr. Maya Angelou is known for inspiring generations through the wisdom of her words and the way she carried herself through life’s ups and downs.  Born Marguerite Johnson on April 4th, 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri, she came from humble beginnings.  Growing up in Stamps, Arkansas exposed her to the deep racial prejudices and brutality of the Jim Crow South.  Her experiences with racial discrimination and prejudice became part of…

“Don’t Be Afraid to Be Black” Director John Singleton Urges Audience

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Often times when you hear people in Hollywood discuss why more black films aren’t put into production, they point to the risk of producing and financing an African-American movie. What if it doesn’t sell? Writer and director John Singleton told a mostly black audience at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Saturday that they shouldn’t fear being black because “negritude” sells. “Don’t be afraid to be black” Singleton told the…

Ice Cube Calls Obama the ‘Black Kid at a White School’ No One Likes Playing With

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Rapper turned actor Ice Cube thinks President Obama is doing the best job he can under the circumstances, but the analogy he used to describe Obama is sure to raise some eyebrows. When TIME magazine’s Belinda Luscombe posed 10 questions to Cube for an upcoming issue, she asked about everything from his children to the job Obama is doing as president. When she asked Cube how Obama was doing, the…

Black Democrat Says Media Should be Listening to Him Instead of John McCain

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On the issue of foreign affairs, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has been wrong far more often than he’s been right. While appearing on CNN last week, McCain called for most of Pres. Obama’s national security staff to be fired and for the U.S. to increase its presence in Iraq now that the country has descended into sectarian strife. Given McCain’s track record, Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) can’t understand why the…

450 Pound “Fat Boy” Pulled Over by Police Found to be Hiding Weed in Fat Folds

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Florida police got quite the surprise when they pulled over a 450 pound man for not wearing his seatbelt. When Volusia police pulled over Christopher Mitchell and Keithian Roberts on State Road 415 in Florida, Mitchell told them he was too large to fit his seat belt. Deputies probably could’ve discerned that Mitchell, who goes by the names of “Biggie” and “Fat Boy”, was indeed too large to fit the…