White Professor Sues HBCU Over Reverse Discrimination

by / June 16, 2014 Black News 5 Comments

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A white professor is accusing Alabama State University, an Historically Black College, of discriminating against him and his partner after they blew the whistle on racialAlabama State.jpg preferences at the school.

Professor John Garland filed suit against the university after allegedly being singled out for calling attention to reverse discrimination at the school.

According to Dr. Garland, he “observed instances where applicants were not seriously considered for employment because of their race.”

Dr. Garland claims to have overheard officials at the university say only African American faculty were “suited to our type of institution.” On another occasion, Garland says he heard members of a search committee say they were looking for a candidate who was both female and black.

Dr. Garland says once he spoke out against this discrimination, he was immediately retaliated against by university officials. He claims he was demoted to a job that paid $23,000 less and his biography information was scrubbed from the university’s website. Dr. Garland also alleges that he was placed in an office without a computer, mail service, filing cabinets, or phone extension.

Ironically, Garland’s partner, Steven B. Chesbro, is the only dean at the school who is not black, has also filed a discrimination lawsuit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Both Garland and Chesbro claim that after they accused ASU of discrimination, they were investigated and the school questioned others about their same sεx relationship.

Wayne Sabel, an attorney representing both Garland and Chesbro, says the men have tried to meet the school halfway.

“That’s why we have tried for more than a year to have a meaningful conversation with ASU,” Sabel said. “We’ve suggested mediation on a number of occasions. Unfortunately, they have shown absolutely no interest in trying to resolve the case without litigation.

ASU officials did not comment on the allegations made by Garland and Chesbro.




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  1. i read a book the other day about how most HBCU's were created by white people so we could work for white people. this sh&t is deep yall.

  2. I think the issue is not race here

  3. I doubt that these accussations are valid. But maybe now white people will see how it feels to be discriminated against because of race. These two have not said anything that to me would say racial discrimination, I mean for goodness sakes one is a dean. And why would they want to work at a college that is historically for Black people, created back during Jim Crow, when blacks were not allowed and or harrassed and attacked at white schools. You don't want us at your schools, fne we will build our own. But don't cme trying to get hired after we're up and running.

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