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May 14, 2014

Has Magic Sold his soul to payday lenders?

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  Zac Bissonnette says of Magic Johnson’s business practices, he has “sold his soul to predatory financial companies.” During an appearance on CNN, Zac mentions that there is a large industry of banks and finance companies that are designed to take advantage of low income minorities.  Many of these organizations include companies like Rent a Center or payday lenders, many of whom make loans that many experts might consider predatory….

Does the music industry hate black women?

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  Dr Boyce Watkins and Maria Lloyd talk about the disrespect of women in the music industry.       [leadplayer_vid id=”5354B7BA7518F”]

Alexis Carter is disappointed that Rihanna teased her for wearing an outfit that was inspired by her. www.blacklikemoi.com

Rihanna Fan Devastated by Singer’s Menacing Reaction to Her Outfit

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Reported by Krystle Crossman Alexis Carter had an idea for a Hollywood-themed prom that she would be attending at her high school. She found an outfit that depicted her love for her idol Rihanna and knew it would turn some heads at the dance. What she didn’t foresee is the bullying she’d face for her outfit. What is even worse, she didn’t think that she would be mocked by the person that she…

BLACK CINEMA: 8 films we must support this year

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In the world of film, the first quarter of 2014 has been pretty impressive for African American films. With success in the box office for movies like Ride Along, About Last Night, Repentance, The Single Mom’s Club and A Haunted House II it seems major studios are starting to get the picture, that black people love movies too! Fortunately, for movie buffs we still have the rest of the year to…

Columbia University students distributed a rapist list on campus after the school failed to punish alleged rapists. www.blacklikemoi.com

Students Publish a “Rαpist List” In Retaliation of School’s Delay In Punishing Perpetrators

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Reported by Krystle Crossman Columbia University students are sick and tired of the way that the school has been handling all of the sëxual assault complaints that have been placed. They decided that it was time for them to do something about it since the school doesn’t seem to care. The women’s bathrooms all over campus have been mysteriously adorned with lists of students who have sëxually assaulted or rαped someone…

Center for American Progress Center for HIV Law and Policy and Streetwise and Safe have collaborted to form a federal release policy road map to address unjust profiling policing and punishment of Black LGBT. wwww.blacklikemoi.com

Attorney General Eric Holder Works With Organizations to Stop Police Profiling of Black LGBT Community

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Reported by April Taylor The prevalence of racial profiling is never far from many people’s minds, but profiling of African American LGBT people is not often talked about. US Attorney General Eric Holder has announced a plan to begin collecting data on stops, searches, and arrests by federal law enforcement officials in an effort to support his newly proposed ban on profiling that is based on sëxual orientation and/or gender identity….

Jay-Z referred to Solange as a “private school thug”

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Nobody knows what happened in the fight between Solange Knowles and the rapper Jay Z.  Some media outlets are reporting that the two got into it over a Rihanna party and some other stuff, but nobody really knows for sure.  Also, nobody knows how that vido was leaked to TMZ which led to all the craziness in the first place. But one thing that people do know is that Jay-Z…

Black Cop worked as an undercover KKK Member

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April Taylor The Huffington Post recently reported on the story of Ron Stallworth, a Colorado Spring police investigator who went undercover as a “Black Klansman.”  Stallworth had already made history at 22 as both the first black detective in the history of the Colorado Springs police department as well as being the youngest.  In an effort to gather information about the KKK, Stallworth called a number listed in a newspaper…