Rihanna Fan Devastated by Singer’s Menacing Reaction to Her Outfit

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Alexis Carter is disappointed that Rihanna teased her for wearing an outfit that was inspired by her. www.blacklikemoi.com

Alexis Carter (right) in outfit inspired by Rihanna

Reported by Krystle Crossman

Alexis Carter had an idea for a Hollywood-themed prom that she would be attending at her high school. She found an outfit that depicted her love for her idol Rihanna and knew it would turn some heads at the dance. What she didn’t foresee is the bullying she’d face for her outfit. What is even worse, she didn’t think that she would be mocked by the person that she looked to for the inspiration of the outfit — Rihanna.

Carter saw a photo of Rihanna in an outfit that was a body suit with a plunging neckline that went below the belly button and had “wings” that were attached to the sleeves and the legs. She knew that was what she wanted to wear. Her mother and friends helped her to make the outfit in a sleek black color, making it slightly different from Rihanna’s emerald green one. She had a fantastic time at the prom and her friends loved the outfit, which complimented her body shape. Then the bullying started.

Tweets were sent with images of 16-year-old Carter in the outfit in various poses at the dance. They weren’t from people fawning over the creativity of the outfit but rather tearing her down for it. The hashtag #PromBat began to trend. Rihanna decided that mocking her fan was something that she wanted to do, so she sent out a tweet with the photo of her wearing the green outfit side by side with the photo of Carter in her outfit, and then added a sad face with her tweet. After doing that, she tweeted a photo of Carter next to the Wu Tang Clan symbol. Carter said that she was extremely offended that the singer would make fun of her for wearing the same outfit that she herself once wore.

The cyberbullying is still continuing, but Carter says that even though she feels like she can’t show her face anywhere, she is not afraid to tell people how she feels about the singer. She states that Rihanna does not love her fans as much as she claims to which is apparent because the singer is engaging in bullying someone that looked up to her.



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  1. First off Rihanna is absolutely no rolmodel, her music sucks, she has nasty unclean character traits because she’s damage material, she just carry herself like a whore and she don’t care.
    Your nothing like Rihanna, you sound like a nice smart young lady with class and Rihanna is beneath you forreal. Listen to your heart and you’ll hear the real truth: (Rihanna don’t care about nobody but Rihanna and that’s where it ends)… A classless act.

  2. Robyn you…
    Cowardly Ratchet Azz Zombie Elitist Young

    Bighead Into Tormenting Children Haphazardly

  3. Sweetie she probably was high when she did it..if that makes things better..She is No Role Model, but she is even worse of a human being to doing something so ignorant…She is RICH WITH POOR CHARACTER.

  4. so sorry

  5. Both of them are UGLY… !

  6. Get over that and continue to be creative and enjoy your life. RiRi doesn’t have power over your attitude, joy, and gratitude. She’s a singer, that’s all. So, back to real life. Make something delish and decadent to share with family to celebrate another little lesson you got a chance to learn.

  7. She mad because you look better than her

  8. You do u babe Rihanna is no treat shes a mess and id be ashamed of the things shes done in the past if I were her father. For u id only be proud being that you stood up for yourself.

    • @OC & seemespeak…

      Great encouraging post… I wish I could have found 1 pleasant thing to say about Rihanna, sad thing its not. She is so readable its not even funny, and she literally doesn’t care about nobody but Rihanna / flashing her body / and making money at all cost.


  9. Alexis you are a beautiful soul. Never forget that you can smile and enjoy life because your soul say so. Never use your liberty for a cloak of evil. Now go on and stay FREE!

  10. The 1st problem is idolatry. Sweetheart stop idolizing these dumb celebrities. They have a lot of money but are very ugly (character) & miserable people, who honestly don't give a crap about us. Rihanna is a nobody. Find a more positive person who does more than perpetuate hoeishness

  11. Girl bye…you are an adult and shouldn’t be looking for approval from anyone, especially Rihanna, who is NO role model. You need to stop looking up to someone else and be confident in yourself. Whatever…

    • It don’t matter Rihanna needs to be exposed for the betterment of all our daughters… Its the junk that stays hidden that breaks havoc…. EXPOSED!!!

    • That’s the thing…this is a high school girl and not an adult. Rihanna is the one actin like a child here though.

  12. The teenager upstaged Riri; after all, Riri's outfit may have cost as much or more than $10,000. Now that hurt. These stars are quite temperamental, as Salonge has shown. Buy they music when you like it, but stay away, stay very far away. They dangerous. Gasoline is very useful; but dont play with it around a match.

  13. Fuck Rhianna! She's a hoe! How dear she? But let a hoe be a hoe fa sho! Lmao

  14. Why is Rihanna your idol in the first place? Your idols and role models should be close to home, someone you can talk to and look to for advice. That was your first problem.

  15. She was just pissed because YOU looked so much better in your black outfit than she did in her green one. Your beautiful and your outfit was stunning on you..

  16. Why is a 16 year old girl wearing such a revealing outfit anyway? Why would a mother assist her daughter with wearing something like this? That is the real problem.

  17. Rihanna is a rich idiot that has no character and low self esteem. As beautiful as Rihanna is, her low self esteem is apparent by the way she seeks attention by dressing half naked and she doesn't have to do that. The sexy and beauty of a woman comes from the inside out. Don't emulate Rihanna (or anyone else), let your own beauty shine and come through. Peace

  18. Girl dont worry bout Tweety Bird…she just suffering from high school withdrawals,she missed her opportunity,she is dried the fuck out and you aren’t, you look cute and shame on Tweety that she would stoop so low in her coop to try to bully you, she is not a bad bish…believe me,ik…keep rockin baby girl, one day she might need you….

  19. @Robert Lewis : Tell it!!!! Amen to that!!! :*

  20. Amen!!! I second that…..

  21. And dont fogit to take off them hair hats. ~ jusCallmeStupid

  22. Most of you b*tches are hoes, and especially the ones pointing out the others.

  23. dont worry about her alexis , rihanna looks like the green flying lantern in her outfit , and rihanna is always rude to all her fans , she always belittle others about how much money she has but just remember if it wasn't, for fans like you she wouldn't have that money nor would she be that rich or famous and if fans like like you stop liking her where would she be , let god be in control of your life,ministry yunish make no man out of a god or idol,

  24. Let's not go overboard here…

  25. that dress is ugly period….they both can fly away….Rihanna is still an ass for this though….

  26. First it was Shaq for mocking a disabled man, then there was Barkley jabbing at plus size women down South, now we have this lil nothing Rihanna with her sly remarks!! Yeah, as another post suggested, stop idiolizing these media/entertainment idiots!

  27. I guess it is more shocking of who young women want to model after these days: now is the time for " mother" figure in her life to step up and say " sweetie, this is one of those things you can expect from someone who is worldly! Stop worshipping false gods- that's idolatry!

  28. When are we as black women going to look at how we are being used as no more than a fools and tools for any man to use us as he wants. My sister your form should not be the only thing that shows. It is whats on the inside that makes you the great woman that you are.

  29. Sorry for the young lady, but entertainers aren't role models or people to look up to.

    • @Mr. Ronnie Outlaw…

      Wow!!! if you only knew! You just painted a picture of a thousand words. I ain’t even gonna go there…

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    Thank you, very nice post.

  31. Carter looks like an idiot, as well as looking like some sort of demented bat.

  32. Tacky Rihanna. Very tacky!

  33. @Jayme that was harsh your an adult going after a teenager smh

  34. Jamie Swan…

    Lmbo!!! Ri Ri does look like a (Humanoid Lab-Bat freak of nature)… and the young does not look right in that outfit because of her stance. She styling it for a snapshot the wrong way but you can still tell she does not have Rih’s demented personality…

  35. Robert, you are being pretty harsh on Riri, no? Do you have the same opinion of Josephine Baker? Could it be that Riri is leveraging everything she has to make that money. With others taking off their cloths, which is no big deal except for prudes and perverts, she has to keep herself competitive in the money game, maybe? Or do you presume to know how much money she should store up for herself even with other celebrities going bankrupt left and right, maybe? I think she is taking her cloths off to make mo' money and you think she is just an "idiot" who makes more money as an unintended consequence of her low self-esteem? So, she could not, according to your opinion and shrewd deduction, be smart like a fox. After all, a lot of folks gone call her a tramp regardless of the evidence, no?

    What say you.

    ~ julian

  36. She is a talented and versatile entertainer. She doesn't have to parade herself in partial nudity to be successful. Yes I do fill the same way about Josephine Baker. Many women entertainers have accumulated vast wealth and did it with style and dignity. All artist should be judged by their talent as opposed to their attire. There is a thin line between sexy and voyeurism.Your opinion refers that "money" is her God, Isn't that harsh? I called her an idiot because she doesn't realize that her talent will bring her longevity, fame and plenty of wealth.

    • Now Mr Lewis..

      Come on now!! Please don’t insult Joesphine Baker like that, she had class and character baby!! There is a difference… when people talk about Rihanna they’re not playing the guessing game. Her actions and character speak for itself .

  37. Robert,

    I appreciate the cogency of your comment. But don't you think you are being quite presumptive about what it takes to make the money she has decided to make. Let's think about those other successful women you may be referring to. Let starts with the most successful, Madonna, made mo' money than most. At this point in her career, Riri has not done anything Madonna has not done.

    Now, in fact, of the top seven singers who have sold over 250 million records, you know like Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Lez Zeppin, Elvis P., etc., only Madonna is in that group at number 4. (Maybe Riri wants to penetrate that group and therefore believes that she has to pull out all the stops. Just speculating. But no, she is just an "idiot" she can do what Madonna could not do without taking off her cloths.

    I think it would be very difficult to second guess someone without inside information on the industry or direct experience. Do you have either of those things at a level that would give you the insight to judge the situation better than Riri herself, who is actually mounting the career, so that you can confidently say "she doesn't realize that her talent will bring her longevity, fame and plenty of wealth."

    With all due respect, I think you are just projecting you sensibilities on Riri and that you actually have no idea what it will that for her to accomplish what goals she has set for herself – unless you are clairvoyant. R u clairvoyant?

    ~ julian

  38. Robert,

    PS: I am surprised you are willing to even second guess Ms Baker who was the first Afro American woman to star in a major motion picture, Zouzou (1934) and who was world-famous. Not that we should swallow it whole, but according to wiki, she refused to perform for segregated audiences in America, made significant contributions to the Civil Rights Movement, and was even offered unofficial leadership in the movement in the United States by Coretta Scott King in 1968, following Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination, which she turned down. However, in addition she is also known for assisting the French Resistance during World War II, and as a result received the French military honor, the Croix de Guerre. (Cross of War)

    So, at this point in RiRi’s career, she cannot wear Ms Baker’s pumps, but because of ideas like yours, Ms Baker was run out of the country on a rail because she displayed to much female skin.

    ~ julian

    • @Julian Longo…

      I’m LMBAO!!!! You need to stop! You are too funny! and I know dang well you were laughing your behind off as you were writing this piece. LMBO!!! You have a great sense of humor LMBO!!!
      I can’t stop laughing, this is too funny!!! But its also all truth LOL

  39. Artese, actually there is nothing wrong with "Idolatry" – the Bible teachings notwithstanding since everybody is not religious and therefore dedicated to its principles. The problem arises when one choosing the wrong idols or role models since often having a role model to model appropriate behaviors is a short-cut to learning such behaviors – which is a good thing.

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  41. Bulling has gotten out of control with the youth of today we do not need ignorant adults doing it to our youth. Rihanna’s actions should have made the six o’clock news just like she did when she got a beat down from Chris everyone supported her only to have her go back to him, maybe then this would have affected her sales so she could have learned a lesson from it. We are suppose to uplift our youth not knock them down. Her past should speak for itself she is a selfish uncaring person old enough to know better. My issues is not what she wears she grown wear what you want look at Miley if they want negativity let them keep it but stop with the bulling. Miss Alexis Carter my advise to you is be yourself it is the only one to have your back with no strings attached.

  42. Julian Longo
    Artese, actually there is nothing wrong with "Idolatry" per se – the Bible teachings notwithstanding since everybody is not religious and therefore dedicated to its principles. The problem arises when one choosing the wrong idols or role models, but otherwise, having a role model to model appropriate behaviors is a short-cut to learning such behaviors – which is a good thing.

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