Amelia Boynton Robinson, A Civil Rights Legend Dies At 104


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III On Wednesday, America lost a trailblazer within the civil rights movement. Amelia Boynton Robinson died at the age of 104-years-old. Boynton Robinson was credited with helping to lead the ‘Bloody Sunday’ March of 1965 in which she nearly died. After being beaten and nearly killed while crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama for voting rights, newspapers showed what happened which brought about national…

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Brave or Brainwashed? Black Mother Speaks Out Against Black Lives Matter


By Shanieka Stanton An Illinois mother has taken to social media to deliver a scathing message to members of the Black Lives Matter camp, and many are praising her as a hero. In a video posted to her Facebook page, Peggy Hubbard expressed sheer outrage and disgust over the recent protests occurring after the Aug. 19 St. Louis police shooting of 18-year-old Mansur Ball-Bey, and the indifference shown by #BlackLivesMatter…

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Kerry Washington Loves Her New Figure And Tells Why


Reported by Liku Zelleke Thirty-eight-year-old “Scandal” star Kerry Washington says she doesn’t want to go “back” to her pre-baby body and weight. Regardless, though, she looks as fit as ever as she adorns the cover of SELF magazine’s September issue. Washington gave birth to her baby Isabelle Amarachi in April 2014 and her body – in a sports bra and a leotard – definitely doesn’t show that she’s the worse…

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Beverly Johnson’s New Book ‘The Face That Changed It All’ Discusses Why She’s Lucky To Be Alive


By James A. Merritt Known as the first Black supermodel, Beverly Johnson, 63 is ready to tell her story by detailing some of the horrifying trappings of the modeling industry in the ’70s and ’80s in her new tell-all book, The Face That Changed It All. According to People, Johnson shares startling memories of starving herself to weigh just 103 pounds after being called “too fat.” At the time, she…

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Oldest U.S. Veteran Dies At 110-Years Old


By Nigel Boys Emma Didlake, who was believed to be the oldest U.S. veteran at the age of 110 died on Sunday in Detroit, Michigan, just one month after being honored by President Obama at the Oval Office in Washington, D.C. During her last month of life, the woman who signed up for the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps in 1943, at the age of 38, visited several veterans memorials and…

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Symone Sanders Named Bernie Sanders’ New National Press Secretary


By Robert Stitt Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders may not get the press that Hillary Clinton does, but he aims to change that. Sanders named a new national press secretary, Symone Sanders, who he feels will give him the extra push he needs to win the nomination. While they share the same name, Bernie and Symone are not related. In fact, he only met her for the first time three…

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The Bic South Africa Ad That Is Drawing Criticism


By Robert Stitt Bic makes pens. There are few things sexual about pens, unless they are those novelty pens that you turn upside down to see a picture un-robed. Even then, those are sold at novelty shops and truck stops so nobody has made any big complaints about them. Seems Bic found a way to make women mad. Again. In 2012, Ellen DeGeneres took on Bic for their “Pens for…

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How One Woman Describes Being Mixed Race In The Black Lives Matter Movement


By James A. Merritt “When I talk about my family culture, I’m mixed. When I talk about racism, I’m black. When Trayvon Martin was shot for wearing a hoodie, I was black. When Eric Garner was choked to death for selling cigarettes on the street, I was black. When Sandra Bland was arrested for failing to turn on her blinker, I was black. When churchgoers were shot for being black,…

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How Shame And Betrayal Led Three Pregnant Women To Their Death


By Robert Stitt When people face stressful, depressing, and emotionally charged situations, you can never be sure how they will react. When you add humiliation to the mix, you can be sure the reaction will not be good. Such is the case with a pregnant woman in Ghana who returned home early from her shopping trip. According to the Inquistr, the woman walked in on her husband having sex with…

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RHOA Welcomes Back Sheree Whitfield


By Andre Jones After seven seasons on the hit Bravo reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), NeNe Leakes, the show’s clear star power, has decided not to return for an eighth season. In her place, Bravo has brought back former RHOA personalities Sheree Whitfield and Marlo Hampton. Whitfield, former wife of NFL player and Atlanta Falcon Bob Whitfield, has a new contract with the Bravo network to return for…

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You’ll Never Guess What Agnes Fenton at 110-Years-Old Credits Her Longevity in Life To


By Nigel Boys Five years ago, when Agnes Fenton reached the ripe old age of 105, she told ABC News that the secret to her longevity was drinking three bottles of Miller High Life and a shot of Whiskey every day. Although the caregivers where she now lives in Englewood, New Jersey have cut out her daily tipple, because they didn’t like her drinking alcohol, she has now reached the…

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The Black Power Struggle: Fighting Sexism in Exchange for Racism

Strong Black Women

By Shanieka Stanton “No one has been fighting for black people harder than black women,” Lincoln Blades, author of “You’re Not a Victim, You’re a Volunteer,” wrote in theGrio on Friday. In his article entitled “Just a reminder: No one fights harder to save black lives than black women,” Blades made electrifying statements, charging that both the Civil Rights and Black Panther movements were criminally malignant in their treatment of…

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Research Proves Women Can Become Addicted To A Man’s Semen


April V. Taylor Based on a survey that found that women who had sex regularly without a condom became increasingly depressed the longer they went without it, State University of New York psychologist Dr. Gordon G. Gallup has theorized that women develop a “chemical dependency” on semen. The fact that women who used condoms regularly did not experience the same depression is part of what led to the conclusion. Scientists…

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Queen Latifah reportedly goes off on fan for saying she came out of the closet


Reported by Liku Zelleke Queen Latifah is thrilled after her new HBO biopic “Bessie” was well-received by viewers. The critically-acclaimed story of blues legend Bessie Smith stars Latifah in the lead role. Mo’Nique played her mentor, Ma Rainey, and Tika Sumpter played her lover, Lucille. The biopic was 22 years in the making, and Latifah insists the wait was absolutely worth it by saying the experience of playing the blues…

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Member of Drake’s Entourage Sentenced to 6 Months for Beating His Girlfriend

drake ento

Reported Stephen Kanyi Travis “Baka” Savoury, a well-known member of rapper Drake’s entourage, was sentenced to six months in jail for assaulting a woman during a domestic dispute in Toronto. The 37-year-old pleaded guilty to assaulting the 22-year-old, whose identity is being protected by the courts. She and Savoury were in an on and off relationship for several months, and it eventually turned ugly. Attorney Katherine Rogozinski said that the…

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