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Research Proves Women Can Become Addicted To A Man’s Semen

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April V. Taylor Based on a survey that found that women who had sex regularly without a condom became increasingly depressed the longer they went without it, State University of New York psychologist Dr. Gordon G. Gallup has theorized that women develop a “chemical dependency” on semen. The fact that women who used condoms regularly did not experience the same depression is part of what led to the conclusion. Scientists…


Queen Latifah reportedly goes off on fan for saying she came out of the closet

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Reported by Liku Zelleke Queen Latifah is thrilled after her new HBO biopic “Bessie” was well-received by viewers. The critically-acclaimed story of blues legend Bessie Smith stars Latifah in the lead role. Mo’Nique played her mentor, Ma Rainey, and Tika Sumpter played her lover, Lucille. The biopic was 22 years in the making, and Latifah insists the wait was absolutely worth it by saying the experience of playing the blues…

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Member of Drake’s Entourage Sentenced to 6 Months for Beating His Girlfriend

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Reported Stephen Kanyi Travis “Baka” Savoury, a well-known member of rapper Drake’s entourage, was sentenced to six months in jail for assaulting a woman during a domestic dispute in Toronto. The 37-year-old pleaded guilty to assaulting the 22-year-old, whose identity is being protected by the courts. She and Savoury were in an on and off relationship for several months, and it eventually turned ugly. Attorney Katherine Rogozinski said that the…

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You won’t believe what this host said to these two black women

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Kevin O’leary is a regular member of the hit CNBC show, “Shark Tank.”  But he may have to apologize after this one.  In a recent episode, two black women appeared on the show to try to get the hosts to invest in their brand of lipstick. In case you’re not aware, the show is one where people pitch their business ideas to a group of fat cats, who then decide…


Black woman elected mayor, majority of police force quits

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Some cities in America are in denial about the racism that they face.  This story might be an example to help us rethink the idea of being part of a post-racial society. Parma, Missouri elected its first black mayor.  This should be a monumental occasion, as Tyrus Byrd broke a huge racial barrier in this small town.  But the celebration was short-lived.  Soon after her big victory, the new mayor found…


Why the founder of Victoria’s Secret threw himself off a bridge

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The Victoria’s Secret show costs more than $10 million to put on and is hailed as one of the most important fashion shows in the world.  What is not so known about the company is the tragic story of its founder, Roy Raymond.  Raymond started the company after being influenced by a shopping trip he’d just taken with his wife. The saddest part about Raymond’s life is that he killed…


J. Cole Offers Single Mothers His Childhood Home Rent Free

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By Victor Ochieng Certain celebrities somehow earn a little extra respect from their peers and fans, and rapper J. Cole is that guy. While Cole is respected for his sensational music and lyricism, he is also revered for contributing wonderful treasures to society. After releasing his two studio albums in 2011 and 2013, fans and music business moguls waited with bated breath for his third album. And when he finally…


Dr. Maya Angelou: What Did Her Mom Say That Helped Her Change The World?

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  Dr. Maya Angelou is known for inspiring generations through the wisdom of her words and the way she carried herself through life’s ups and downs.  Born Marguerite Johnson on April 4th, 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri, she came from humble beginnings.  Growing up in Stamps, Arkansas exposed her to the deep racial prejudices and brutality of the Jim Crow South.  Her experiences with racial discrimination and prejudice became part…


Ferguson Activists Tell Country What The Mainstream Media Won’t In #FergusonFireside

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[View the story “#FergusonFireside Tells Country What The Mainstream Media Will Not” on Storify]


Inmates Die Of Constipation, Gangrene In Alabama Jail

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April V. Taylor Family members of three inmates at the Madison County jail in Alabama have filed a lawsuit against the county and Advanced Correctional Healthcare (ACH), the private company contracted to provide medical care to inmates.  The lawsuit alleges that the inmates suffered brutal mistreatment as staff denied them of necessary medical care for treatable, non-fatal conditions in order to save money. Nikki Listau died within two days of…


April V. Taylor: Toni Morrison Earned The Right To Choose Her Legacy

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April V. Taylor It seems many people have taken offense to Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison choosing to leave her papers as part of the permanent library collection of Princeton University, where she taught at for nearly two decades.  Those who have taken offense feel as though the papers should have been left to HBCU Howard University, where Morrison graduated from and also taught such influential Black leaders as Stokley Carmichael….

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Dr Umar Johnson: Black feminism produces “man haters”

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In the video below, Dr. Umar Johnson talks about black feminism.   The popular scholar says that many of the black feminists in America today are what he calls “man haters.”  He says that their dislike for men, especially black men, is derived from being hurt by men in the past, through some kinds of sexual abuse, emotional abuse or physical abuse. Johnson says that good men are led to…


Florida Inmate Found Dead After Guard Threatens To Kill Her

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April V. Taylor Latandra Ellington only had seven months left to serve on her sentence at the Florida Lowell Correctional Institution, but the Miami Herald is reporting that after writing a letter to her aunt just weeks before about how she feared for her life, Ellington was found dead in her cell in solitary confinement.  The letter was written on September 21, and Ellington stated that “Sgt Q” had threatened…


Mother sets husband on fire for doing the unthinkable

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This story, reported on The360Experiment.com, is every mother’s nightmare.  Millions of children are harmed every single year by otherwise safe-looking adults, and this sometimes happens right under the nose of the parent. If you are a single parent, please see this story as a wakeup call to be very protective of your kids.  The man that you love may have a sexual appetite that extends to your children.  The scariest…


Black Women 5 Times More Likely To Have Abortion Than White Women

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April V. Taylor Abortion rates have been declining in the United States for the last 25 years and have reached the lowest rate since Roe v. Wade, but, according to the Centers for Disease Control, black women are still disproportionately affected, having abortions at 5 times the rate of white women.  While the reasons for the overall decline in abortion rates is widely discussed, few are looking at why black…