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December 15, 2014

Hispanic Population Will Double That of Blacks by 2044

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The browning of America is not news and has been widely discussed by several news outlets. The fact that white people are set to go from majority to minority is a given, but new information indicates that the Hispanic population will soon overtake that of blacks. A new Brookings Institute report indicates that by 2044, Hispanics are projected to make up 25.1 percent of the U.S. population, which will double…

Police Use “Minimum Force” to Disarm White Man Dressed in Full Body Armor

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Eric Garner was chοked to deαth by an NYPD cop on suspicion of selling loose cigarettes, while John Crawford was gunned down in an Ohio Walmart while carrying a pellet gun. If justice were blind in this country, then a white man who was armed to the teeth should have been taken out immediately. Instead, officers with the Gonzales Police Department patiently coaxed the man out of his apartment so…

VIDEO: Police Tase, Call Woman B!t@h For Taping Them

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April V. Taylor Police in Baltimore are under fire after assaulting and tasing 36-year-old Kianga Mwamba while she was filming officers who were making an arrest.  Mwamba began filming officers after she witnessed them kicking a suspect who was on the ground. After officers yelled at her, Mwamba advised police that her father was an officer and that she knew she had a right to film.  Officers then demanded that…

Officer Darren Wilson Nicknamed “Ears”, Notorious for Harassing Ferguson Residents

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After a Ferguson grand jury reached a decision not to prosecute officer Darren Wilson for gunning down Michael Brown, St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch promised to release all evidence presented to the grand jury. He didn’t do that. In fact, as was widely reported last week, McCulloch omitted testimony from key witness Dorian Johnson in the package presented to the media, as well as other testimony that painted Wilson…