Hispanic Population Will Double That of Blacks by 2044

The browning of America is not news and has been widely discussed by several news outlets. The fact that white people are set to go from majority to minority is a given, but new information indicates that the Hispanic population will soon overtake that of blacks.

Photo Credit: Brookings

Photo Credit: Brookings

A new Brookings Institute report indicates that by 2044, Hispanics are projected to make up 25.1 percent of the U.S. population, which will double the African-American population.

“Between 2014 and 2060 both the Asian and Hispanic populations will more than double at growth rates of 129 percent and 115 percent respectively. Multiracial persons will more than triple, growing at nearly 220 percent. These new projections assume a greater gain for Asians than in previous projections but reduced gains for Hispanics. The former reflects rising Asian immigration and the latter a drop-off in Hispanic fertility,” reads the report.

And although the white population is set to increase, it won’t increase enough to offset the growth of other minorities.

“The white population is projected to increase modestly until 2025 when it reaches 199,867,000; after that, it will sustain a continued decrease until 2060 when whites will make up only 44 percent of the population. Natural decrease, the excess of deaths over births, for this aging population will be the primary component of this decline.”

The growth of Hispanics may become important politically since they are more open to voting Republican than are blacks.

An increase in the number of Hispanics who are voting Republican was evident in the most recent Midterm elections.

“In 2012, Democrats enjoyed a wide margin over Republicans; 71 percent of Hispanics voted for Obama to 27 percent for Romney – a 44 percent advantage for the Dems. But as NBC News’ Carrie Dann reports, in Tuesday’s elections Hispanics voted for Democrats by a margin of 28 percent,” reported NBC News.


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  1. Begs the question: how many of those Hispanics will also be Black? Slave ships dropped more African captives off in Spanish, French and Portuguese America than in the US…

  2. Good point. Many of these articles keep confusing race with ethnicity, though the last US census form allowed you to choose race independently of being Hispanic Classifying people as just "Asian" is also nearly meaningless, since the continent includes many different people groups: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asia#mediaviewer/File:Asiatiska_folk,_Nordisk_familjebok.jpg

  3. Jim Gurganious Precisely. It is also a pathetic attempt to draw a wedge between African Americans and Latinos.

  4. Well at the rate they’re murdering and imprisoning blk ppl, combined with the influx of mexican immigrants, is it really that difficult to project those percentages?

  5. Throughout the grand scheme of issues you secure an A for effort and hard work. Exactly where you lost me personally ended up being on the specifics. As as the maxim goes, the devil is within the details

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