Officer Darren Wilson Nicknamed “Ears”, Notorious for Harassing Ferguson Residents

After a Ferguson grand jury reached a decision not to prosecute officer Darren Wilson for gunning down Michael Brown, St. LouisDarren Wilson 2 County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch promised to release all evidence presented to the grand jury. He didn’t do that.

In fact, as was widely reported last week, McCulloch omitted testimony from key witness Dorian Johnson in the package presented to the media, as well as other testimony that painted Wilson in a negative light.

“Clearly, I inadvertently omitted some material,” McCulloch said, according to Reuters. “I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.”

What we learned from the newly released evidence is that Wilson had an alleged history of harassing Ferguson residents, according to one person, and that Dorian Johnson was consistent in his testimony.

A Ferguson resident told the F.B.I. that Officer Wilson was nicknamed “Ears” in the neighborhood, “cause his ears big”. The person also said Wilson had a reputation of  “messing with people around here” and “pulling people over.”

Dorian Johnson, who was walking with Michael Brown at the time he was kιlled by Wilson, was consistent in his testimony.

“Once the officer fired the second shot at my friend Big Mike I knew he was struck because he instantly stopped in his tracks,” Johnson told detectives. “He stopped running. His hands were in the air before he turned around.”

Johnson confirmed that Brown was unarmed and had his hands up at the time he was gunned down.

“My friend went all the way down in the fatal [sic] position,” Johnson told detectives. “I watched him take every, several more shots. I watched his facial expression.”

“I see the pain in his face,” he said. “He cannot say nothin’. He’s not screamin’ ‘cause I feel like he’s still in shock because each time, each time he’s shot, he’s tryin’ to get another word out until the fatal shot which, I don’t know what made him stop moving, but he stopped moving and he was on the ground.”


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