Mortician Opens Healthy Market to Save Lives


By Robert Stitt Who knows more about life than one who deals in death? A mortician sees a side of life most of us want to forget, they see what kills people each and every day. One mortician, tired of seeing people die needlessly from avoidable maladies such as diabetes and hypertension, decided to do something about it. Erich March, a mortician in East Baltimore, believes that many people suffer…

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I created a video to inform women of the health risks associated with using relaxers. The video’s purpose is not to bash or condemn women who relax their hair. I repeat, this video was not made to bash, condemn or judge those who choose to chemically straighten their hair. It was made to educate those who may not know this information. Most of us engage in some activity or use a…

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Research Proves Women Can Become Addicted To A Man’s Semen


April V. Taylor Based on a survey that found that women who had sex regularly without a condom became increasingly depressed the longer they went without it, State University of New York psychologist Dr. Gordon G. Gallup has theorized that women develop a “chemical dependency” on semen. The fact that women who used condoms regularly did not experience the same depression is part of what led to the conclusion. Scientists…

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Second Person Dies of Ebola In US


Surgeon Dr. Martin Salia is now the second person to die of Ebola on U.S. soil.  Salia’s wife and children live in Maryland, and he had been working in Sierra Leone.  An initial test for Ebola returned a false negative, delaying the beginning of treatment for Salia.  He had been working as the chief medical officer and surgeon at the Kissy United Methodist Hospital in the Sierra Leone capital of…

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CDC Claims Black And Latino Youth Suffer From Hood Disease


A local CBS-affiliated network in San Francisco reported that a study conducted by Harvard doctors and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention finds that nearly 30 percent of youth in inner-cities are affected by “hood disease.”  The term is used to describe a complex form of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that affects young people who live in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods where they are repeatedly exposed to trauma. A…

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Tragic: Ebola Victim Thomas Duncan Begged for Diaper Prior to Deαth


Last week the nephew of an Ebola victim who died accused the Dallas hospital that treated him of racism. If the allegations are true, then the loss of Thomas Duncan is even more tragic than originally thought, but the heart-wrenching story of the moments prior to Duncan’s deαth are so horrendous that they will probably do little to put his family’s mind at ease. In addition to losing his life,…

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Ebola: How Bad Can It Get And How To Protect Yourself


With the first case of Ebola being diagnosed recently in the United States, what once seemed like an unlikely threat is now hitting much closer to home than many Americans would like. Many people do not know much about the disease or the impact it has had so far. Here are some facts and information that every person should now about the disease. The virus is a haemorrhagic fever that…

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How Black Hollywood stays so fit and why you can too


The desire to live a healthy lifestyle is slowly on the rise in the African American community. According to research, there has been a steady increase of African-Americans joining fitness centers across the country. Losing weight can be difficult, especially if you are embarking on this new journey alone. If  you need a bit of inspiration, here are some health and fitness gurus that can help you reach your fitness goals….

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Black girl gets a perfect 10 with the gymnastics routine you’ll never forget

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 6.52.12 PM


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Actress from “Motown The Musical” Discusses Her Battle with Cancer


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III “Earlier this year, Valisia LeKae made a splash on The Great White Way in what many thought was to be the role of her lifetime as Diana Ross in Motown The Musical. A little over six months after the Berry Gordy-produced show became one of Broadway’s biggest box-office hits of 2013, the Tony Award-nominated performer discovered she had ovarian cancer.” Clearly, this was something that…

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Former Reality Star Brings Message of Hope


Known for his long flowing hair, inviting smile and charming personality, Ahmad Givens, better known as Real from Real Chance for Love became a household favorite as he and his brother sought for a chance at true love. As some of the earliest Black male reality stars, they set the path for others. Unfortunately, Real has endured a serious health scare. Earlier this year, he shared with the world that he was…

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NeNe Leaks Recovering after Hospital Scare

nene leaks

Nene Leaks is probably one of the most recognizable names and faces of the entire Real Housewives series. The star of the Atlanta version and most recently, I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding, she has many adoring fans who welcome her and her family into their homes every week. The Huffington Post is reporting that NeNe Leakes suffered a health scare earlier this week. After tweeting a picture of herself with…

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Why is “Pink Slime” Beef Still Legal in The US?

big hamburger

You might want to read this article before you bite into that juicy, fast food burger. In 2012, McDonald’s publicly vowed to change its burger recipe after losing a battle to a famous British chef who exposed to the world that the beef used at McDonald’s was not fit for human consumption. Jamie Oliver, also known as The Naked Chef to television viewers, took on McDonald’s over a period of about two…

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Kamara Taylor: Black Women & The Fight Against Cancer

By: Kamara Taylor With crime being ever so rampant in minority communities, we tend to overlook the biggest threat and killer that continues to destroy homes and the family dynamic.  This terrible menace is CANCER. As Angelina Jolie has become the face of the BRCA 1 gene by removing both breasts to prevent the likelihood of cancer occurring, most African American women are the largest carriers of the triple negative…

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Chef Mike Valli: Atlanta’s Youngest & Flyest Celebrity Chef

(L) Chef Mike Valli (R) Madam Prezident By: Madam Prezident Most young men Chef Mike Valli’s age are finishing college, looking for a job that will lead to a long time career. I guess it’s safe to say that Chef Mike Valli isn’t most men. While his peers are trying to figure out life, he’s already developed a passion for “flyness” and food.  Amongst young people, One of the hardest…

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