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November 17, 2014

Listen to Bill Cosby Joke About Drugging Women’s Drinks

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This week another woman came forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sεxually abυsing her. In a second recent development, Cosby’s attorney came out and said that the comedian is trying to put the decades old allegations behind him. So this has already been a tough week for Mr. Cosby and it’s not getting any better with the revelation that Cosby made a joke about drugging women in 1969. In the…

Second Person Dies of Ebola In US

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Surgeon Dr. Martin Salia is now the second person to die of Ebola on U.S. soil.  Salia’s wife and children live in Maryland, and he had been working in Sierra Leone.  An initial test for Ebola returned a false negative, delaying the beginning of treatment for Salia.  He had been working as the chief medical officer and surgeon at the Kissy United Methodist Hospital in the Sierra Leone capital of…

Man Indicted for Attempted Μurder With Only Rap Lyrics as Evidence

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Deandre Mitchell was charged with attempted mυrder, which, given the crime rate in some urban areas, is not particularly noteworthy. What is striking about Mitchell’s case is that the strongest evidence against him were his rap lyrics. In the rap video presented to the grand jury, Mitchell was talking about committing mυrders and there were AK-47s present. Even though there was no physical evidence linking Mitchell to the crime, he…

Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Lashes Out at “Old and Discredited” Sεx Abuse Allegations

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Bill Cosby has received an onslaught of negative press after the re-emergence of rαpe allegations, and he hasn’t been quick to address the accusations. As a consequence, Cosby’s appearance on David Letterman’s show was recently canceled, and during an interview with NPR, Cosby went silent instead of addressing the charges. Now, however, Cosby’s attorney is speaking out on the allegations. During Cosby’s NPR appearance, the comedian just shook his head…

Woman Gets 78 Years For Waterboarding Her Children

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Lakechia Schonta Stanley has been sentenced to 78 years in prison for what is being referred to as the ‘systemic torture’ of her children.  Stanley pleaded guilty to 34 felonies that included multiple counts of assault and endangering the welfare of a child stemming from her beating, whipping and waterboarding her own children. Had it not been for her then 10-year-old daughter deciding to reach out to a school librarian,…

Florida Man Shοt Deαd After Warning Speeding Driver to Slow Down Around Kids

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When a Florida man spotted a car speeding down a neighborhood street on Thursday, he warned the driver against speeding where children were playing. That word of caution led to him being shοt to deαth. Bradley Holt, 24, told the driver of a Mustang to slow down because there were children in the area. Holt had seen a group of children playing near his apartment and asked the Mustang driver…

Ferguson Resident: People Who Aren’t Down For The Cause

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Ferguson, Missouri erupted in demonstrations after unarmed Black teenager Michael Brown was gunned down by white police officer Darren Wilson.  Brown’s body was left laying in the hot summer sun for four and a half hours after Wilson took less than 90 seconds to kill him after stopping him for jaywalking. People quickly took to the streets to express their anger, not just about Michael Brown’s death but about the…