Malcolm X tells grand jury who is trying to murder his family


Hear Malcolm X’s own words about his relationship with the Nation of Islam and how he ended up leaving the organization. After you watch the video, please tell us what you think. Can the black community move past this? In the video, Malcolm even says that he knows that he’s “a dead man already,” and that the kind of information he has about the Nation of Islam might lead to…

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This man wants you to remember: Not all cops will shoot you


By Nigel Boys In the wake of outrage following the recent shooting death of an unarmed Black man in South Carolina by a police officer, a video posted on YouTube and Facebook by a Black man named Will Stack claims that not all Black people are victims and that not all cops are bad. The 22-year-old U.S. Army National Guardsman recounts his experience with a White officer in Lexington County…

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CDC Claims Black And Latino Youth Suffer From Hood Disease


A local CBS-affiliated network in San Francisco reported that a study conducted by Harvard doctors and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention finds that nearly 30 percent of youth in inner-cities are affected by “hood disease.”  The term is used to describe a complex form of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that affects young people who live in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods where they are repeatedly exposed to trauma. A…

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April V. Taylor: Toni Morrison Earned The Right To Choose Her Legacy


April V. Taylor It seems many people have taken offense to Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison choosing to leave her papers as part of the permanent library collection of Princeton University, where she taught at for nearly two decades.  Those who have taken offense feel as though the papers should have been left to HBCU Howard University, where Morrison graduated from and also taught such influential Black leaders as Stokley Carmichael….

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Young Ferguson Activist Calls NAACP President Uncle Tom

backs turned

April V. Taylor In a surprising turn of events during an event keynoted by Dr. Cornel West, a group of young activists who have been on the front lines in Ferguson, Missouri protested a speech given by NAACP President Cornell William Brooks at Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis.  Activist and journalist Rosa Clemente describes what happened as follows, at “a gathering of over 3,000 people…at some point the young people…

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Michael Brown’s Mother Shows Strength of Black Women, Marches With Protesters

mother marching

April V. Taylor As protesters gathered at Michael Brown’s memorial Saturday night, the mood was solemn.   Protesters chanted as they waited for Brown’s mother, Leslie McSpadden, siblings and other family members to arrive. As they pulled onto Canfield Drive, protesters asked media to respect her as they swarmed her car. As she emerged, she was clearly emotional and overwhelmed by the large crowd of hundreds of people from all over…

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Hundreds March On Ferguson Police Department, Deliver Casket To Them


[View the story “Hundreds March On Ferguson Police Department, Deliver Casket To Them” on Storify]

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April V. Taylor: Has Ferguson Provided The Flashpoint For The New Civil Rights Movement?

new civil

During a press conference last week, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon made a statement regarding the protests and police aggression that followed the fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th.  Echoing words that have been used numerous times over the last six decades to protest police brutality and racial apartheid perpetuated by government entities, Nixon stated, “This is a test.  The eyes of the…

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April V. Taylor: What The Mainstream Media Is Hiding About Ferguson Part 1

2014-08-23 18.51.13

If people were not aware that the mainstream media presents a biased view of current events, the events that unfolded in Ferguson after Michael Brown’s death have revealed the bias to the masses.  Many of the images of protesters and the portrayal of the type of community Ferguson is have not told the whole story.  During my visit to Ferguson, I have witnessed multiple things that the mainstream media has…

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April V. Taylor: Does Ferguson Prove That American Apartheid Exists?

stop killing us

As an activist who works to pursue equality at every juncture, there was an instinctual pull for me to travel to Ferguson, Missouri where unarmed teen Michael Brown was gunned down by a Ferguson police officer during what witnesses say was him surrendering.  I needed to come to bear witness to the historical, divisive, and unprecedented events that have been unfolding and to work to ensure that no more mothers…

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Dr. Samori Swygert: Hidden Colors 3 is an outstanding film!


Movie Review: Hidden Colors 3 a smash hit must see! By: Dr. Samori Swygert The ground breaking documentary series, Hidden Colors, debuted its’ 3rd installment (Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism) last night (6/26/2014) in select theaters across the country. Hidden Colors 3 was a masterful production, and I consider it to be mandatory viewing. I fervently believe that our youth need to see this, and its’ prior series….

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Dr. Boyce: What Black Athletes and KFC Chickens Have in Common


In this video, Dr. Boyce Watkins talks about the state of black athletes and why many of them are similar to KFC Chickens or cattle who are bred and raised for one purpose.  Do you agree?  Do too many athletes live in a state o bliss without the intellectual tools to be productive members of the black community?    

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Chef Mike Valli: Atlanta’s Youngest & Flyest Celebrity Chef

(L) Chef Mike Valli (R) Madam Prezident By: Madam Prezident Most young men Chef Mike Valli’s age are finishing college, looking for a job that will lead to a long time career. I guess it’s safe to say that Chef Mike Valli isn’t most men. While his peers are trying to figure out life, he’s already developed a passion for “flyness” and food.  Amongst young people, One of the hardest…

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4 Things Young Black Women Should Remember When Dating

By: Madam Prezident   70% of African American women are unmarried. Although that’s a large amount of unmarried black folk—it’s a harsh reality. Being an African American woman currently on the dating scene, I noticed a few mistakes that we as women make when meeting someone new. These mistakes are the top 4 things that keep us single. 1)    Clingy Stop being clingy—if you are the clingy type, then stop….

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Kamara Taylor: Black America and “Good Hair”

  By: Kamara Taylor It’s amazing to me how individuals are perceived and judged on different criteria.  As African Americans are still working diligently to assimilate into a country that we were unwillingly brought into, our skin tone is no longer a good enough factor to expand our possibilities of growth academically and in the workforce. When compared to my peers and colleagues, my hair is considered a “better” grade…

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