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October 13, 2014

Mumia Abu Jamal addresses Ferguson protesters, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez Perform at #HipHop4Justice

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Michael Brown’s Mother Shows Strength of Black Women, Marches With Protesters

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April V. Taylor As protesters gathered at Michael Brown’s memorial Saturday night, the mood was solemn.   Protesters chanted as they waited for Brown’s mother, Leslie McSpadden, siblings and other family members to arrive. As they pulled onto Canfield Drive, protesters asked media to respect her as they swarmed her car. As she emerged, she was clearly emotional and overwhelmed by the large crowd of hundreds of people from all over…

Charles Huggins ex husband of Melba Moore is convicted of fraud www.blacklikemoi.com

Ex-Husband of Famed 70’s R&B Singer Convicted of Fraud

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Reported by Nigel Boys Charles Huggins, the 68-year-old former husband of Beatrice Melba Hill, more commonly known by her stage name of Melba Moore, who was divorced from the R&B singer and actress in 1991, was convicted on Friday of wire fraud. The music producer who worked with stars such as Tom Cruise and Whitney Houston was also convicted by Federal Judge Sidney Stein last week of conspiracy to commit…

Lincoln Public Schools encourages teachers to stay away from gender specific titles www.blacklikemoi.com

School District Stops Teachers From Referring to Students as “Girls And Boys”

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Reported by Nigel Boys According to the Lincoln Journal Star, the administration at Lincoln Public Schools (LPS) in Nebraska doesn’t like their teachers distinguishing between male and female students using gender-specific terms because it might make transgender students uncomfortable. The district would much prefer that their teachers use terms like “you guys” or “hey campers,” instead of “boys and girls” or “ladies and gentlemen” because it will help homosëxual or…

Adrianna Kenebrew is a legally blind gymnast who wants to go to the Olympics

11-Year-Old Legally Blind Gymnast Aims For the Olympics

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Reported by Kacie Whaley Adrianna Kenebrew thinks of herself as an 11-year-old Olympian-in-training.  With a passion for gymnastics, she moves like a pro as she swings around an uneven bar and makes flipping across her gymnasium look effortless.  If she did not need to wear glasses for every practice and performance, no one would ever know that she is legally blind. Although Adrianna has been practicing gymnastics for three years, she has congenital glaucoma.  She…