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September 23, 2014

Chicago Teens To Charge U.S. With Genocide at United Nations Against Torture

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April V. Taylor A group of inter-generational people from Chicago who call themselves, We Charge Genocide, will be sending six organizers to present a report to the United Nations Committee Against Torture at their 53rd Session in Geneva, Switzerland.  The United States will be under review during the session, and their hope is that young people of color who are part of marginalized communities and most targeted by police violence…

Case of Black Man Gunned Down by Police Inside Walmart Heads to Grand Jury

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John Crawford was holding a pellet gun when he was gunned down by police officers inside an Ohio Walmart. Crawford’s family says he was gunned down “on sight”, while officers at the scene insist that Crawford refused to drop his weapon. Now a grand jury is reviewing the evidence and will make the final decision as to whether the police behaved properly. According to local affiliate WHIO, a special grand…

Charles Blow on Black Masculinity & Sεxuality: “There’s Room Enough for Everyone”

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New York Times writer Charles Blow has a memoir coming out soon and one of the surprises therein was an admission that Blow is bisεxual. In an interview with Mother Jones, Blow discusses his own thoughts on black masculinity and overcoming the pressure to fit in. “I’m trying to illuminate how perilously narrow we draw the concepts of masculinity and sεxuality in our male culture—particularly in black male culture—and to…

Fire Destroys Michael Brown Memorial, Some Residents Cry Arson

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April V. Taylor Just before 7 a.m., the memorial erected on Canfield Drive, mere feet from where unarmed black teenager was gunned down by police officer Darren Wilson, went up in flames.  Twitter lit up with pictures and outrage.  Many who were at the scene report smelling something that may have been used as an accelerant.  However police and officials are saying that candles near he memorial site are what…

Tyler Perry is reportedly having a baby

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It turns out that Tyler Perry is going to be a father in the near future.  According the sources at Bossip.com, the mother of the child is 28-year old Ethiopian model Gelila Bekele.  Tyler didn’t want to reveal the name of the mother, but when someone of his stature has a baby on the way, people love to start snooping. Perry is 45-years old and this is his first child.  …

The Abraham Lincoln You Don’t Know: Forget Emancipation, Go Back To Africa

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April V. Taylor Black people have been taught for years that their freedom is due in large part to Abraham Lincoln and his signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.  What many fail to realize is that Lincoln never wanted to free slaves and have them live on American soil.  A recent article written for The Root by scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. explores this topic and reveals that Lincoln implored free…

Reporter explains why she cussed out her bosses and quit

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Charlo Greene was a reporter at a remote Alaskan television station, but she is now known all over the country.  Greene made the news for her dramatic exit from her job, while also announcing that she is going to run her own Cannibis Club. Greene’s exit was stunning.  During a media report on Cannibis, Greene simply said, “f*ck it, I quit,” and walked off the stage.  The look of her…

Rush Limbaugh’s Black Pal Calls Jim Crow the “Good ‘ol Days”

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James Golden, better known as “Snerdley,”  is famous for being the radio partner to right winger Rush Limbaugh. In an interview with The Daily Caller, Snerdley trafficked in the right wing notion that the Jim Crow years were some sort of Golden Age for black people. “Isn’t a shame that the good old days were the days when things were segregated legally in this country?” he observed. “The good old…