The Abraham Lincoln You Don’t Know: Forget Emancipation, Go Back To Africa

April V. Taylor

Black people have been taught for years that their freedom is due in large part to Abraham Lincoln and his signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.  What many fail to realize is that Lincoln never wanted to free slaves and have them live on American soil.  A recent article written for The Root by scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. explores this topic and reveals that Lincoln implored free blacks to go to Africa “for the sake of their race,” and out of respect for white people.

Lincoln  held a forum with delegates from area black churches at the Union Bethel AME Church in Washington.  Five free men went on to hold further discussion with Lincoln in which Lincoln told the men that Congress had already set aside funds for free blacks to go to Africa and start colonies of free slaves there.  Lincoln stated, “You and we are different races.  We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races.  Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffer very greatly, many of them by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence.  In a word we suffer on each side.  If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated.”



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  1. Bobby: How were we going to go back to Africa? It took about 3 months with good weather, and less than 1% of our slave ancestors knew anything about navigating on the seas or using the rigging to sail the ships, where was the food, etc. to come from?

  2. Tadar wazir dnt be a cunt did the whites show us navigation NO when we came on the ships did we have food NO we should of chosen DEATH but we chose slavery dnt .be a jackass and questions as if your bored or undermining blks take a seat .

  3. ALL YOUR comments are worthless new slavery is here fuck all of YOU I'm ready TO fight

  4. I wonder what the world would be like if whites never destructively came to America. ..and the natives still had their land…..America would probably be a fantastic place….

  5. Everybody goes to Hell. Hell is the grave, a resting or if you would, a holding area until we are gathered by God for the White Throne Judgment.

  6. Presidents don't really have a chance to be great. They've got 435 or so baby sitter/spies to get in their way whenever they attempt to accomplish anything. Then they have to deal with society at large,with all of the differing perspectives and political motivations. Not to mention that just because someone is "fortunate" enough to get elected, that doesn't mean that the person has it all there himself or herself.

  7. Modern day whites promulgate the BullS&^$ that their ancestors taught them. Why is it that people can't call a nickel a nickel? Institutional slavery is more insidious than the overt slavery our ancestors faced. Remember the O'jays…"they smile in your face…" And now they're coming back with the overt Bull*(^). The game's been rigged against us forever. Maybe we should let go and let God.

  8. Enzera Boenzu We didn't leave on our own free will, neither did the white take us by force; we were sold into slavery by our own people. Stronger tribes captured smaller tribes of people, so the thought of we would be this and that if we stayed is up for debate. Check out what's happening in some parts of Africa now, Muslims fighting against Christains.

  9. Yes indeed! He was black himself! Another little gem that was left out of the text/history books!

  10. Here's some other stuff that was hidden from most of us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbtKUb4bul4

  11. I think Abraham Lincoln was actually helping us mr cornel west. Wasn't he doing what the free slaves in Liberia.and what Marcus Garvey was trying to do for us. America doesn't belong to us. Africa belongs to us

  12. Did you ever think that Blacks at that time wanted to return to their homeland..its not like they came here for a better life they erte captives in a foreign land i would of wanted to go home!

  13. I wonder did anyone took him up on the offer? It’s obvious my ancestors didn’t.

  14. As well, Lincoln considered sending two million Black slaves to Mexico but Mexico's president declared that if you send the slaves to Mexico he would have them all killed. So, Lincoln scrapped that idea.

  15. You are crazy black people are original people White people Are not there history only goes back 6,000 years and they consist of recessive genes because they come from original people who's genes are dominant

  16. If we had taken that trip back it would be as it is now. They'd be washing wars on us because of the resources that Africa has. There are white ppl n Africa now. It didn't so them to begin with and I doubt it would have changed with us going back to Africa. Just my opinion.

  17. If we had taken that trip back it would be as it is now. They'd be washing wars on us because of the resources that Africa has. There are white ppl n Africa now. It didn't so them to begin with and I doubt it would have changed with us going back to Africa. Just my opinion.

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  20. Everybody writing big ass paragraphs, and most are clueless on the topic… The only thing that's True is, Slavery is over,, Abraham Lincoln's Dead,, And Racism is alive. Lastly black on black crime needs to stop, how else will any other race give us respect if we are constantly disrespectful to one another! ???

  21. @Joe Bonner he said "how can you go back to somewhere you've never been "

  22. He was absolutely right!!! Where has integration gotten is? Would we be further along as a people if we had our own culture, ideas and government? Hell yes

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