Rush Limbaugh’s Black Pal Calls Jim Crow the “Good ‘ol Days”

James Golden, better known as “Snerdley,”  is famous for being the radio partner to right Snerdleywinger Rush Limbaugh. In an interview with The Daily Caller, Snerdley trafficked in the right wing notion that the Jim Crow years were some sort of Golden Age for black people.

“Isn’t a shame that the good old days were the days when things were segregated legally in this country?” he observed. “The good old days, when two-parent families were the norm in the black community — and they were — two parent families were the norm back during segregation days.”

He went on to observe, strangely, that Howard University was graduating black lawyers during Jim Crow, as if they aren’t still doing that.

“Howard University was graduating doctors and lawyers who were qualified, not through Affirmative Action, but genuinely qualified through hard work and merit by the score,” he says. “And there was this sense we were achieving against all the odds, and we were going to push and break through. Those were during the days of segregation.”

It is odd to hear Golden accuse Howard University, a mostly black HBCU, of accepting blacks due to race based affirmative action?

“How did the people who were leading the world’s art form in music degenerate into this depravity that calls itself the music industry right now in terms of black culture?” he bemoans. “How did we get where we’ve got some girl hυmping her boοty up and down, and that’s considered the state of black art? It’s disgraceful in this country.”

Then he somehow ties black unemployment to a hike in the minimum wage.

“The real issues concerning black America have been unaddressed by Obama,” he declares. “In fact he’s doing everything he can to secure higher unemployment with these calls for the minimum wage to go up. Most black people don’t understand that because they’re not taught in school economics because most economics are taught by liberals, and they don’t teach the truth about this.”

Golden also blamed “unionized schools” for unemployment among young black men.


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  1. Rush Limpheads "House Negro" must be well paid to demonstrate what a complete Jackass his master has paid him to be. I guess Limphead rubs his House Negros head for good luck and thank God for finding him this sick Negro!

  2. I will not personally attack this man for his views or opinions but yet I will challenge him to prove them as being facts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and have a right to believe anything they can imagine, but facts stand alone and not one opinion will ever change a fact. But I'm not totally unsympathetic to his ignorance of todays media of which he is a part. It only takes a look at who is truly getting rich from these girls shaking themselves to understand that the same filthy mindset alive and well during segregation is still prevalent today but worse.

  3. WE SOO HAPPY GITN PAYN ANY, NA KINDA WAY STILL N THA HOUSE_COMB MY HAIR N MY TEETH_RAIN ON MY~KOCH KANSAS:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152358142232006&set=pb.524782005.-2207520000.1411513601.&type=3&theater

  4. Does this FOOL understand IF we were in his,”Good Old Days”, does he know those same, “white People” weekend entertainment was lynching and those blacks that were actually a THREAT (STRONG FAST EDUCATED) were the First to die.

  5. that be one dumb negro……

  6. Our has been watered down for a reason & it wasnt our decision. Hip hop in the 90's got too powerful we educated ourselves with our history thru hip hop & white people in high places felt threaten that we were becoming too informed, too unified & too powerful so they started assinating our top artists then replacing quality music with negative music dumbing down our music culture but the powers that be can NEVER kill our music!

  7. William Anderson ill say it. James golden is a house nigger. I think that sums it up succinctly enough.

  8. Greetings all.

    With all due respect to those sisters and brothers who may feel differently…

    I WILL attack this devil…I mean this "man" for his views and opinions…for several reasons.

    1. Any Black person with common sense who's followed Rush Limbaugh knows he's an anit-African/anti-Black racist and will only have a Black person on his show who makes money off of publicly bashing and hating African/Black folks.
    2. This guy is NOT stupid, he points out our community problems in a context that glorifies, promotes, and condones the far Rights anti-Black/anti-African economic, political, cultural and law enforcement racism and aginst us. And like Rush Linbaugh…he gets PAID for this purposeful misinterpretation of the problems of the Black community!

    Based upon these two facts alone…and there are more facts to present, James Golden is not only a proven sellout, but someone who deserves no respect from the African/Black community, period.

    Golden knows full well that there IS a difference between de-segragation, and integration…like brother Tony Brown has said so many times before. Golden knows that the inadequate, White-owned-and-controlled poltiical definitions of "liberal" verses "conservative" doesn't even apply when it comes to Black folks. Golden knows that most White "conservatives" who own and control the media institutions and related entities which encourage moral decay in the Black/African community will be IGNORMED, as they focus on hating Black folks…whith Golden as their champion in Black face! James Golden knows that many "conservatives" switched parties from the Democrats to Republicans when the civil rights movement started to pick up steam, since many of these folks hated Black folks. Of course, this Black "conservative" won't talk about that!

    It would take me too long to go into how he's disrespecting EVERY Black doctor and/or lawyer who's graduated from Howard, implying that their no qualified since the end of the Civil rights movement! Even though affirmative action allowed White folks to attend HBCU's and even allows Whites, in some instances to get on special programs as a 'minotrity", in some colleges…like the one in Berea Kentucky! But of course, James Golden is too "conservative" to talk about that.

    If there's any justice left in this Earth, James Golden will be given the opportunity to experiance some of the "good ol days" by one of the "conservative" racists, Tea Party folks he supports! Heck…maybe he'll even get an invitation to attend a BBQ at Cliven Bundy's ranch! Of course, I'd advise him to travel with a White conservative to keep from being shot on site…or to pose as that Black Republican politician…who still announced his visit ahead of time to Bundy (to keep from getting shot)! And the sad thing is, when he turns to the the Black community for help during his betrayal…I doubt anyone, even if they're able, will come to his aid.


  9. This is when one says, 'NO COMMENT(s)…not worth the effort to type about it.

  10. Hmm, didn’t know that rush had a sidekick who is almost a better comedian than he is. Man, FREE YOUR MIND!!

  11. James Golden is really not a true black person, he just happens to have the skin color by default. I will say he is right on the minimum wage issue though. If minimum wage goes up, businesses will cut back jobs and scale down other costs to balance things out. This is how capitalism works in its truest since. Golden is right about that and I'll give him credit for this, but hanging with Limbaugh is something I would never do (and I'm Republican).

  12. White folks can, and always will find multitudes of black ass self hating Negro fools to do their bidding. They get paid handsomely to denigrate the black race trying to keep Massa happy..

  13. Just a brain dead knee-grow, working for a dope addict cracker!!

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