This video makes you wonder if Al Sharpton can read….seriously

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In this video, Rev. Al Sharpton is going to battle with the teleprompter on this show on MSNBC.  People are sharing the video everywhere, wondering how Sharpton got the job.

Sharpton is smart enough to be a power broker in civil rights and also smart enough to jump ahead of the line when other journalists tried to get a night time news show.  But when you hear him pronounce some of these words, you might be as curious as we are about why he is on the air.

But don’t get mad at him.  He’s doing his best.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about Sharpton and his legacy.  What do you think it will be?

Alfred Charles “Al” Sharpton, Jr. (born October 3, 1954) is an American Baptist minister, civil rights activist, and television/radio talk show host. In 2004, he was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. presidential election. He hosts his own radio talk show, Keepin’ It Real, and he makes regular guest appearances on Fox News (such as on The O’Reilly Factor), CNN, and MSNBC. In 2011, he was named the host of MSNBC’s PoliticsNation, a nightly talk show.

 Sharpton’s supporters praise “his ability and willingness to defy the power structure that is seen as the cause of their suffering” and consider him “a man who is willing to tell it like it is”. Former Mayor of New York City Ed Koch, a one-time foe, said that Sharpton deserves the respect he enjoys among Black Americans: “He is willing to go to jail for them, and he is there when they need him.” 

His critics describe him as “a political radical who is to blame, in part, for the deterioration of race relations”. Sociologist Orlando Patterson has referred to him as a racial arsonist, while liberal columnist Derrick Z. Jackson has called him the black equivalent of Richard Nixon and Pat Robertson. Sharpton sees much of the criticism as a sign of his effectiveness.  


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  1. Sharpton’s inability to read is one reason I stopped watching “PoliticsNation”. My 11 year old twins think his mispronounciations are funny, though. Maybe he can hire them to help him with the hard words.

  2. Not a damn thing wrong with Al Sharpton. Mispronounces words just like everybody else! Get a job Boyce. This is so dumb!

  3. Al Sharpton cannot read. It is embarrassing to watch him. I believe he should go back to college or hire a speech coach to teach him how to pronounce those difficult words. I wonder how he got that job when it is obvious he cannot read.

  4. I cringe whenever I hear him butcher the english language on the show so I don't tune in. I just can't do it. I wish him well though. Maybe his audience would be better served it he stuck to print rather than cable.

  5. The man has ALWAYS struggled with proper pronunciation, obviously those that r just noticing this having been paying attention. That, or they suffer from the same affliction. IJS

    The reason he got the tv and radio shows is bcuz he’s the POTUS’ boy, and what makes it worse is that he seems to think being loud somehow makes him appear to be more erudite to many members of his loyal, mindless audience. SMH

    • Sorry, I meant ‘haven’t’ been, guess I was having a ‘Al’ moment myself there. 🙂

  6. Rev. Al is doing the best he can. Perhaps he can employ a speech therapist. Putting Rev. Al aside, Steve Harvey needs help also. I listen to him and althrough the show I cringe when I hear his speech errors.

    • Steve Harvey is a comedian so although he may not speak properly he gets a pass because it will be considered him being funny, however the good Rev is supposed to be a commentator of current events etc. He has a paid staff, somebody on there can let him read the script for the days show and abbreviate the words he can’t pronounce so he will do a better job. Consider it job security.

  7. He does talk funny but he,s always done so.The question is this, does he not sound and look good-with his hair do-coming though your door if your the wrong color or living on the wrong side of town and he,s there to fight for your rights…..

  8. This is a blopper tape. Try as yo might you will not be able to make one dint in the trajectory of Mr Sharpton. Besides, he is much better.

  9. And the point is? I know some Ph.D.’s who can't read, write, enunciate, use proper English or grammar, but they’re quick to criticize others when it suits their purpose. Hating is such an unintelligent and ugly thing.

  10. Learn to e-nun- ciate your words, whilst you pro- nun-ciate them Mr. Sharp-tongue!!!!

  11. I agree with you Mr. Alexander, And your point is? I know a lot of good Doctors that can't write!

  12. This "article" is just more nitpicking and throwing shade at Rev Al. It's not as if he makes this faux pas on every show. He's hosted PoliticNation for years and has done a good job. The writers on these "black" forums are are becoming increasingly childish and petty. Sheesh.

  13. You cringe???

  14. Al Sharpton is an embarrassment to the black community. He is a functioning illiterate and MSNBC should be ashamed of putting him on the air.

  15. Hey, James…how about you go to hell! Write something worthy please. Does he get his message across? He is employed (making allot more than a broke journalist) and making a difference when it counts.

  16. All you Blacks on this site having such hard words to say about Rev Al Sharpton, what the HELL or you doing beside running your mouth?. I have never in my life seen such Jealous people this man has done more for Blacks than any person since Martin L King. You rather talk about Al, than talk about a White man that HATE your black a$$ don’t want to see you coming toward them. You JEALOUS, ENVY, MISERABLE people find something to do with your life beside talking about another Black person STOP being so damn dumb and get A-LIFE.

  17. @ Altha, Amen, Amen, Amen!

  18. Altha, I’m with you on this one.
    Look at some of the comments made criticizing Sharpton.
    If they are making some of the same errors in their grammar/writing on this blog what would they do if faced with ten cameras pointed at them. They probably would not be able to articulate a single sensible sentence. HATERS

  19. None of us, including white folk, speak perfectly. You need to remember that the English language is not our original language and we were originally prohibited from learning it. I think we need to focus on the character of Rev. Al and the message that he sends. Furthermore, we need to focus on saving our community.

  20. oh I don't need argument here on comment when i read negative here.

  21. MSNBC loves people like Sharpton because they can relate well with dumb audience.

  22. I have said it before and I will say it again – Al Sharpton should not have a television show at prime time or any time! Al Sharpton and others (Jesse Jackson, etc.) criticized MSNBC and CNN for not have hardly any African-American journalist hosting shows, especially during prime time. Instead of advocating for experienced skilled African-Americans to get a prime time show and pushing to add more African-Americans period, Rev. Sharpton gets a prime time slot, passing over numerous well deserved and experienced journalist i.e., Tamron Hall, Soledad O'Brien, and numerous correspondents that could move into hosting spots.

    While I appreciate and respect Rev. Sharpton and his work, (I also acknowledge his show has improved), overall the show is terrible because he can not pronounce, enunciate, read, or whatever the issue is; it is awful and painful to watch. I watch Tamron Hall, Joy Reid, Soledad O'Brien and other African-American journalist because they are journalist – they pronounce, enunciate, are read effectively. Because they are seasoned journalist they engage the audience. Torre' does not get the credit or exposure he deserves, he is rarely called to host for an absent host or to be a guest commentator, yet he is smart, articulate, pronounces and enunciates words correctly and he can read. Rev, Sharpton should be advocating for Torre and other African-American journalist.

    Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jackson are guilty of raising hell on the hard issues which is great and needed, but they both have a history of negotiating deals for their or their family benefit. I don't begrudged them benefitting from deals, however take care of the people and the community first and push for experts in the respective disciplines to move up the ladder, vs. themselves, especially when their skill set does not match the job description and they don't have transferrable skills to do the job. Rev. Sharpton's skills are not transferrable to be a TV news host/anchor! Rev. Sharpton should push for Joy Reid to get his time slot and for Torre to get Joy's time slot! Rev. Sharpton should stick to his day job, it is clearly not as a TV news host/anchor!

    MSNBC's four (4) best shows are Tamron Hall, Joy Reid, Ed Shaw and Rachel Maddow (boy do I miss Keith Olbermann)

  23. AS and JJ are Judas-goat fake reverends with fake Judas-goat “organizations,” that are propped up by leftist/Democrat /business money, designed to keep the black vote herded onto their political
    plantation. These so-called reverends have “activist” organizations instead of heading church congregations. They have been paid from the
    beginning to mislead black America. They use race and racism on the black electorate, as a form of group mind-control shock therapy. They were not chosen by black America, neither one has ever
    held elected office. They foisted themselves upon black America, with the help of their white benefactors, to pimp black politics as their
    personal career tool.

    Compare AS, this slimy, ignorant, uneducated, blasphemous, paid political stooge con-artist who sounds like he’s calling hogs, to the dignified black men like Ralph Bunche, A Phillip Randolph, Thurgood Marshall, Medgar Evers, and Martin Luther King, who were true patriots in the quest for African American enfranchisement. The comparisons lets one see how Africans Americans have been so incredibly manipulated and duped by so-called “progressive” business and political interests via
    the shenanigans of the two ‘churchless’ reverends over the past 40 years.

    Black America can do better; we have highly educated, refined, honorable men among us; why should we allow African American culture to be represented by the likes of this usurping counterfeit? When we allow the likes of clearly characterless men to represent us to the world, the world neither respects them nor the rest of us.

  24. Caucasians have a 'Good Ol' Boy' network where it's not "what" you know but "who" you know…the good Rev proves Black people have one as well.

  25. Are you for real??? According to you there are people that have attained Doctor of Philosophy degrees that can not read or write…BS. Some of y'all talk out the side of y'all neck just to make a point.

  26. He could possibly suffer from Dyslexia. I don't understand why they're making a big deal out it. That's the problem with our people. We can't be united like we were in the 60's and 70's. We always have to hate on one another, killing each other, or pulling one down who is doing better than us. It really needs to stop!
    Every other ethnicity are united, and support each other! The Koreans, Chinese, Middle Easterners, Italians, East Indians, etc… They all stick together, and pull one another up instead of pulling one another down like 'crabs in a barrel'. My grandmother always said that. And she was right. No unity annihilates a race.

  27. Rotfl. Whomever put this together is wrong for that. God will punish them . lol

  28. Waidus ShamaYah Hughes Yep, I didn't stutter and it wasn't a typo.

  29. Al Sharpton is an intellectual and serious thinker and has been a respected activist and preacher for years. He has done a great deal for the Black community and for all communities. Lift him up. Don’t tear him down!

  30. Altha got it right…nothing but haters. Rev Al has contributed to the black community more than any current Civil Right worker. Leave the Rev alone. Instead, you should critize Donald Trump, the Tea Party crowd, Fox 5, Rush Limbaugh and the numerous haters of black people. Love not hate is the word of the day.

  31. Rev had the National Spot light before he made it to MSNBC, I am sure this is why he was given the position. Just because someone else might be able to articulate themselves a “bit” better doesn’t mean they should take his place.

    Admittedly, I ..(and most of U ) probably could not do a better job than him.

    Before criticizing him, Look at where your criticism originates from, is it your personal dislike of him, is it a genuine concern for the A.A imagine or R U just A CRAB? I’m just asking..

  32. This article is true. Thank you for being honest. I honestly believe that the man cannot read or write English. My son 17 year son is dislexia with A and B Average grades in High School and he Has never spoken that way. I am from South America and learned English at 18 while studying in Colllege and I do not speak like Al Sharpton. My kids are very good about pointing out my “funny” accent but that is not an every day or weekly event because I do not sound like and idiot. Another story is that comments like the ones on this site are a perfect example for: 1) American Blacks are very racist. 2) American blacks cannot see pass their color of their skin. 2) American blacks have a huge chip on their shoulder never living behound their historical pass. You were born in the greatest country in the planner and all you do is whine and whine some more that “whites” are keeping you down and they are evil. Get over. Slavery happen many, many years ago. We as a group of people, race, color, religious, human race have all suffer one way or another since the beginning of time. 3) do you know what is keeping the American blacks down? Welfare and the Democratic party. 40 plus years in the welfare system voting Democrat. What do you have to show for? I am Hispanic, brown, short, a woman with a funny accent with an engineering degree. Married an American engineer. Without the college degree where will I be in the USA? Probably making $100,000 less than what I am making right now. 4) American blacks are ok with low standards. Look Al Sharpton can be found smoking crack and most American blacks will excuse him and celebrate him at the same time. Is that was a white Republican we all be trying to keep the guy out of the party. Look at the two high up politicians one from Louisiana with money in the refrigerator and the other in Washington smoking crack. Why no demand back them to get the guy out if politics. 5) Al Sharpton Civil rights leader. What leader? What back civil rights in 2914? Get off the couch, drugs, Tvs and get a real job instead of goverment jobs. Finish College. Get a real degree engineering, law school, doctor , accountant etc. regarding Al Sharpton, My 14 year old middle schooler and soon to be a freshman in High school can do a better job in solving problems. At last your party the one that 99% of American blacks support has been on the process for the last 20 years of making another block of “American blacks welfare recipients” by that I mean the Hispanics from Central America are the new “American blacks”. Permanent democrats voter, ignorant and dependent of the goverment. Yes, Al and Jessy Jackson are now going from black civil rights leader to ” latinos” civil rights leader. Stop people. Live the American dream. You do not need any one to speak for you, to represent you and/ or as you constantly separate yourself from the rest of America by singling yourself out as the ” black race”. Fire the Al Sharptons of the world, stop listening to that garbage rap music that all they do is degrade women.

  33. I just re-read my statement after posting in this site. I did not check for spelling etc. forget about commenting ” see what an idiot blah, blah”. See the truth of what scam the Al Sharpton of the world and the Democrat party are, See your family and friends…how far are they in comparison to Asians in th USA. Don’t waste your time about insulting me. I have an Engineering degree and working for 25 years married as you will say a “white” guy an engineer with an MBA, have two kids with good grades at school. I am from South America we do not see color or race. Only the democrAtic party see color and race on people like you and people like me. That is why they want to allow millions of illegals mostly from Centro America in the USA to secure votes. Most people from South America do see College degrees and education. The only way out poverty and ignorance is a good education. American blacks should try to be more like Asians instead of keep letting people like Democrats and the Al Sharpton of the world telling them how they should be, feel and. Ge off the Democrat plantation and again live the American dream. People around the world die to come to this country to have what you, your friend and family have rejected for 40 plus year….happiness, success, freedom and more.

    • Al Sharpton does not have a reading or speaking problem, Ma. I am a certified Reading Specialist and find no problem with his speaking or reading. Yes, he makes an occasional mistake in reading and speaking, as other hosts and readers do.
      I think more people have a problem with his philosophy, his activism and his politics.
      Ma, you misspelled your son’s problem which is Dyslexia. He would have a problem with writing and reading, but not necessarily speaking. It seems you also have problems in your writing and your thinking which indicates that engineers can be educated but also ignorant.
      Black people have made it in this country inspite of all of the hurdles this country has made them jump through, but God has
      a plan for all the racists in this country. Someday this country will appreciate the genius of the Black people which gave the world its first humanity. Inspite of all the racism, still we rise!

  34. Smart, educated well spoken: Clarence Thomas, Dr Ben Carson, Condolezza Rice Tim Scott, Marco Rubios, Ted Cruz plus more….all conservatives that refused to be part of the Black and so, call “latinos” welfare mentality, democrat plantation.

    Mean, hater comments? Look at yourself in the mirror. re-read everyone post on this site. The author of the original article is correct. We all have to wonder if the Jessy Jackson and the Al Sharptons so, call civil rights leaders can read and write. My guess is that they cannot.

    Just to get ready and anticipate your vulgar, hateful comments and insults to some of the people that I just mentioned above….”uncle toms, token minorities etc”. As a foreign, South American, and naturalized citizen, I wish I wish if they were more of these people around in this country.

    Again you are vey lucky to be born in the greatest country in the planet. You won the lottery the day you were born. It is never too late for you, your family and friends to move on pass race, welfare, democrats and so, call being led and “save” by scam of civil right leaders. They are only ving their pocket full of money because they are at the very corrupt.

  35. Al Sharton, Jessy Jackson both born and raised in the USA cannot read and or write in thir native language English.

    At last why American blacks are the only race in the USA that need to have leaders speaking or their whole race.

    Where are the Asian leaders in the USA? What is their excuse for coming to the USA dirt poor and succeding.

    The only thing that will get the Jessy Jackson and Al Sharoton of the old is bring cut with a teenager boy. American Blacks will make every excuse in the world to tolerate, protect those two corrupt individuals.

    Un just in this country for blacks? American Blacks when compared with all backs in the world…they are the most uccesfful of all and make the most money.

    As Dr Ben Carson will say ” I rest my case”

  36. Mary about your comments about spelling on the past comments. It is call I-pad, auto correct, 11pm, writing in bed while reading the news. Your comment sounded as if I am sayin to you ….your “mama jokes, ugly fat woman or man”

    Have a conversation. See the truth about what been happening to your “culture” as everyone keeps mentioning on this ite. See who has been in your so, call side for decades…how is that working for American blacks? Keep supporting,ndefending the people responsible in your “culture” for your high un employment, crime, , kids out of wedlock and more.

    Also as you seemed to be an expert on language excusing Al Sharpton for the lack of knoledge or his language is sad.

    By default Mary Engineers are by nature smart people. Are you driving a car? Who designed that Mary? I we send people to space? Who design all of the pace vehicles, equipment etc? My excuse of writing theses comments on an ioad, auto correct, 11 at night does not reflect my intelligence and/or lack of intelligence. It just means that I do not care to go bak and move my little finger to correct the unto correct. At last Mary expert on languages….engineers are engineers,manalitycal etc becauuse they tend to favor the ight side of the brain the more analytical one, numbers etc. The people that likes to read write, lawyers, teachers, art people favor the left IDE of the brain. I get pay to come up with solution, answers, save money and evaluate data. At mast, I id say that I was a foreign with funny accent.

    But keep focusing on the “mama jokes, insults” for me and/or how backs have been treaded un fairly but the evil white people. and not look at the real problem that has been plaguing your “culture” for decades that is supporting the Democrat plantation and the corrupt so, call civil rights leader.

    Did I mention Dr Ben Carson, Condolezza Rice, Clarence Thomas as examples of great Americns.

    At last you should look at yourselves as Americans and stop looking at yourselves as “black” or “black culture”. When you finally do that you will see how wrong was for you to follow the wrong leaders and//or party. If you do not then in 2079 blacks will still be playing the victim, the race card and so, forth while every other race here keeps moving and forward and succeding.

    Ok I m not going back to correct what I wrote so, save the “hate” comments. But if you do say anything about hate comments do look at yourself in the mirror while you write that.

    • Ma,
      The real problem plaguing our people are people who think like you and know little about Black people. I will continue to look upon myself as a proud African in America and uplifting my people’s culture, which has been ignored or hidden by people like you. You may call this the “race card” if you choose but I will call it the truth.
      I have “looked at myself in the mirror and I like what I see. I do not hate people like you. I feel sorry for you.
      I usually don’t respond to people of your ilk because it does no good.

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