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May 8, 2014

Rikers Inmate “Baked to Death” in Overheated Cell | breakingbrown.com

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A mentally ill inmate at Rikers passed away in an overheated cell just one day after officials at the prison had requested repairs for the heating problem. The Associated Press reports that two requests for repairs were made on February 14 but delayed due to a holiday weekend. Since the following Monday was President’s Day, the request for the repairs wasn’t received until the following Tuesday. Former Marine Jerome Murdough,…

Elgin Baylor Says Clippers Owner Liked Showing Off “Beautiful Black Bodies”

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Former NBA player and L.A. Clippers general manager Elgin Baylor spoke with CNN on Wednesday about Donald Sterling’s racial views. Baylor acknowledged that he’d had disagreements with Sterling over the issue of race and that Sterling would sometimes bring women into the locker room to show off the bodies of African-American players. “Look at those beautiful black bodies. That’s what he used to say,” Baylor said. He said he had…

Detroit Teacher Let Go After Using Broom to Breαk Up Fιght

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A Detroit teacher has been fired after cell phone video revealed that she used a broom to breαk up a fιght between students. In the video, two Pershing High School students are seen fιghting  and knocking over desks before a teacher intervenes, using a broomstick to try and breαk up the fιght. She hιts one of the students in the back and that student backs off, only to be charged…

Phaedra Parks Husband will reportedly spy for the feds to avoid 30 years in prison

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This might be one of the most bizarre media revelations in quite some time.  But according to TMZ, Apollo Nida is going to be serving as a spy for the government.  The husband of Real Housewives star Phaedra Parks has, according to the outlet, struck a deal that will help him to avoid 30 years in prison after he was found to have stolen $2.3 million dollars in a massive…

Malcolm X says black men act like little boys when begging white people for jobs

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In this video, Malcolm X tells some of the hard truths about black economics.  According to Malcolm, the black man commits himself to being a “boy” when it comes to getting what he needs economically.  His argument is that black men and women spend all of our time begging for whites to give us what we need, only to become upset when the white man tries to control our lives….

How did Sam Cooke really die and why did he die so young?

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Sam Cook helped to transform a generation.  He inspired millions of people black and white to never give up and to believe in their dreams.  Unlike the corporate-owned artists of today who don’t have a conscience, Cook sang about things he believed in and stood with other civil rights heroes like Martin Luther King and Muhammad Ali. His dedication to black people cost him dearly, but he continues to remain…

The Woman Who Brought Actress Nia Long to Tears

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Tell us the truth:  Do you think that it’s right for us to deliberately raise so many children without their fathers? This is a topic of heated discussion in the black community, since there is a broadening of awareness of the long-term effects of fatherlessness in the household.  People find that their kids dont’ show them them effects of the missing parent until they are old and out of the…

Meet the 16-year old Beyonce describing her future

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When most of us get a chance to see our favorite celebrities, it’s when they’re polished, successful and articulate.  We don’t often get to hear from them before the lights, the fame and the money. Beyonce is in rare form in this video, talking about staying humble and keeping God first in her life.  She talks about the haters that she has to sometimes deal with and what she is…

NYPD Keeps raiding woman’s house looking for her dead husband

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Reported BY Liku Zelleke If anything, you should admire the tenacity of the NYPD; Karen Jordan knows it firsthand. So far, the police officers have barged into her house, at least 12 times, looking for her husband. So far, it’s all been in vain. Because, what they don’t seem to accept or understand is that the poor guy has been dead for over 8 years. James Jordan Sr. passed away…