Zimbabwe President Opens a “Blacks Only” Stock Exchange?

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Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe is probably one of the most controversial leaders in the world.  He is determined to make everything black-owned, even if by force.  Is this fair to those who are having their assets taken?  Some say “no,” but others point to years of colonialism, where whites were the ones going to Africa and taking things for themselves. 

His new economic plans are considered to be harmful to the country, but he was elected by a landslide.  Is he any more or any less corrupt than other leaders around the world?  The jury is out on that one. One thing’s for sure – it’s surprising that the US or European nations haven’t come after him to try to take him down. His long-term survival as the leader is nothing short of miraculous. 

The plan to grab mining companies, most of which are South African-owned, follows President Robert Mugabe’s landslide re-election last week.

Saviour Kasukawere, the ‘indigenisation’ minister, said on Tuesday that the government or black Zimbabweans would take 51 per cent of the shares in all major foreign-owned companies, valued at about £4.8 billion. No compensation will be paid.

John Robertson, an independent economist in Harare, said: “There is no logic in that plan. He is in danger of introducing economic apartheid which is absurd.”

Mr Robertson added: “I think this is only politicking and there is no substance to this.”

Metals and minerals, including platinum and gold, accounted for 71 per cent, or £480 million, of Zimbabwe’s total exports last year.

South Africa has a bilateral trade and protection agreement with Zimbabwe. If the regime presses ahead and seizes a controlling stake in South African mining companies, they could use these agreements to secure compensation or the return of assets via international courts.



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  1. I ABSOLUTELY 100% support his efforts and I hope many Africans and African descendants WORLD-WIDE will do the same. Not just in theory but in practice.

    Just took a look at their website http://www.zimbabwe-stock-exchange.com I will study it before I invest in anything. But I will invest in something to support them.

    My hope is that they create liaisons with African descendants globally especially in countries like Haiti & the USA. Once we are ALL united, there will be NO STOPPING US.

  2. President Mugabe has as much right to do what ever he is doing for the betterment of his countrymen.He has had excellent teachers in the Apartheid regime that he grew up with. America has also not been remiss in her example also.It is about time that the rest of the world sees that just because you have a black skin it does not mean that you are stupid and should be a slave to the European.Mr.Mugabe is a king and he rules as such.South AFRICA SHOULD BE A FORCE TO RECKON WITH AND AN EXAMPLE FOR THE WORLD TO TAKE NOTE OF.

  3. This is absolutely wonderful!

  4. I JUST LOVE BROTHER PRESIDENT ROBERT MUGABE! BRAVO! If this nation's president could get a little whiff of that Real MAN'S testicular fortitude in the face of RELENTLESS European Imperialism? We might have a real Black Leader in the white house over here.

  5. Great! Buy some soap today?

  6. This is GREAT! will support any way I can.

  7. That's What's up.

  8. I actually agree with this I support it 100% bravo.

  9. You do know that President Mugabe is president of Zimbabwe, not South Africa right? And that apartheid was in South Africa and not Zimbabwe. So no, Mugabe didn’t “grow up with an apartheid regime.”

    • Mugabe did grew up under an apartheid regime with Ian Smith at the helm. Rhodesia (which changed to Zimbabwe) was just as racist as South Africa.

  10. This kind of racist ideology is stupid and not call for in the 21 first century. you cannot success in any thing by oppressing a vast group of people.

  11. You have a block mental response about African history. First know why he took this decision as a leader because actually, u are just a person who doesnt know anything about Africa except what u read in college in USA. You should understand that he is a leader not a talker and someone who is trying to impress the WEST. Stop using the word Stupid when you don't know anything about leadership

  12. Yarimson Yarimeh Turay what is your problem with me. you sound like one of those figured headed, empty skull, racist and narrow minded people whom still live in the past. I said, Robert Mugabe will never success by oppressing a vast group of people. If you want to live in a racist world go ahead and move to Zimbabwe. Leave this great nation where intelligent people fought to unite and bring people together. Leave the freedom you enjoyed here. I bet you would survived in Zimbabwe.

  13. you idiot… white ppl have ruled the world for the last 500 yrs cause based on racism … and who is he oppressing?

  14. I find it surprising he hasn't been stopped, maybe its too soon and they want to see how far he goes. This reminds me somewhat of Muammar Ghadaffi. He too was determined to unite Africa…but evil didn't like those plans too much and took his life. Peace and blessings to my African family.

  15. Ghadaffi had a past…seems this dude doesn't.

  16. No, you're missing what I'm saying Patrick Blazek. Ghadaffi had no reason to believe they would kill since he had met all of their requirements. He past wasnt of question from the surface. That's why they set him up to kill him and used that he killed his own people. It was so much bigger than that. Ghadaffi had a plan to unite Africa and its finances. This my friend is why he met such an early death.

  17. Every nation and its leadership has a past..but when you seek to make change that will make you less dependent and perhaps perceived as a threat then you must die. We see this in history time and again.

  18. Henkie Kehson …great nation?…intelligent people?…bring people together?…Wow!!!

  19. @Henkie kenson you really shallow minded

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