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October 28, 2014

Nas’ Emotional Reaction To Picture of Slaveowner Who Owned His Family

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This week’s episode of the PBS series, “Finding Your Roots,” includes some firsts for the show. The rapper Nas will be featured as he traces his ancestory back through slavery. Regarding Nas’ appearance and the historic episode, host Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. points out,  “We introduced Nas to five generations – we’ve never been able to do this before for any African American – five generations of his enslaved…

Federal Police Officer Allegedly Put Gun to Uber Driver’s Head

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The passenger who allegedly pointed a gun to the head of an Uber driver is actually a federal officer. Salt Lake City driver James Brothers says he picked up a group of people earlier this month at a bar and dropped off a man and woman at a party and another at a hotel. He said passenger Byron McDonald began acting strange as he approached the hotel after having a…

Mother of 4 Shot Dead Over Road Rage Incident

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Perla Avina, a 30-year-old mother of 4, was shot dead during an apparent road rage altercation.  The shooting happened when Avina was riding in a Toyota Camry with her husband through Oakland’s Brookfield Village neighborhood.  The couple was returning from a shopping trip at Supermercado Mi Tierra.  Avina had a tradition of preparing posole for her family to enjoy the Raiders game together every other week.  Instead of gathering for…

Restaurant Owner Removes “African” From Sign Due to Decline in Business Over Ebola Fear

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In the U.S. there have only been a handful of people who’ve contracted the Ebola virus and all of them had direct contact with someone infected with the disease. Still, fear is rarely rational and fears over Ebola have resulted in shunning Africans. Owners of a Minnesota restaurant claim that their African name and cuisine once drew in patrons with exotics appetites, but now business is down due fears about…