Mother of 4 Shot Dead Over Road Rage Incident

Perla Avina, a 30-year-old mother of 4, was shot dead during an apparent road rage altercation.  The shooting happened when Avina was riding in a Toyota Camry with her husband through Oakland’s Brookfield Village neighborhood.  The couple was returning from a shopping trip at Supermercado Mi Tierra.  Avina had a tradition of preparing posole for her family to enjoy the Raiders game together every other week.  Instead of gathering for a celebration, the family is now mourning her death.

According to police, an angry motorist fired multiple bullets into the couple’s vehicle, with one of the bullets striking Avina in the head as she sat in the passengers seat.  Avina’s husband, Luis Lopez Gallegos, drove her the few short blocks to their home to call paramedics, but Avina died in their driveway.  Gallegos reports that his wife worked as a medical receptionist and that the two have four children who range in age from 1 to 14-years-old.

The shooter has not been identified or apprehended.  About the shooter, Gallegos states, “He was a coward with a gun.  A young guy with a gun who doesn’t care about life.”  Gallegos says that the driver took issue with the way he was driving but does not remember all of the events that led up to his vehicle being sprayed with bullets.

A neighbor who was outside when Gallegos pulled into the family’s driveway, Dwayne Jackson, says that Gallegos yelled at him to call 911.  Jackson says he tried to give Avina CPR, but he knew that she “was gone.”  Jackson, who works as an auto mechanic, said that the timing of the incident, which was around noon on Sunday, when many people are returning from church, was awful.

CrimeStoppers has teamed up with the Oakland Police Department to offer up to a $30,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest of the person who shot Avina.


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  1. lost for word.. rest in paradise.

  2. Sad

  3. A coward a reason a gun.

  4. I wish I knew where his was. I could use them 30 g’s. U heard…

  5. Prayers

  6. Here we go again! A man who cannot drive properly pisses off another driver and instead of his own ass getting shot, his baby’s mamma gets killed for his dumbness. Don’t you think it is strange that he cannot remember shit. Read the article again. Now it sounds like he wanted to get rid of the bitch so it seems now that it was a hired hit! That’s a man for you. After a man gets bored with his self, he gets tired of you! He then moves on to the next woman. In this case if he was REALLY her husband, he took the vows “until death do us part” to another dam level! Gee whiz!! : [

  7. Something ain't right with this story. Obviously 2 sides to it too. Could be a hit on the wife. If u know ur pissing someone off, why not pull over? I find it strange that he can't remember anything. Why drive home? Why not drive to a hospital? I feel bad for these kids…whoever killed her needs to be apprehended. I hope someone learns from this situation.

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