French Politician Told to Go Swing From Trees Like a Monkey

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Anne-Sophie Leclere was suspended by the National Front in France after calling Christiane Taubira a “monkey,” who she would “rather see in trees than in the government.”

Anne Sophie Leclere is a mayoral candidate in Rethel, in the Ardennes. The mayoral candidate posted on her Facebook page an image of a baby monkey with a caption “at 18 months” and a picture of Taubira with a caption “now.”

Envoye Special, who found the pictures, asked Leclere about the pictures and who said that it had nothing to do with racism. However, she went on to say “to be honest, I’d rather see her in the branches of a tree than in the government. Quite frankly, she’s a savage when she arrives with a devilish grin. But it has nothing to do with racism.”

IBT has reported that the racism associated with Taubira has followed the trend of racism thrown at Congolese-born Prime Minister Cecile Kyenge, Italy’s first black cabinet prime minister. Kyenge has been subjected to being called an orangutan and has had bananas thrown at her during a public appearance.

Enrico Letta named Kyenge prime minister in April, which makes her the first black cabinet prime minister in the country’s history. The doctor, who is 49 years old, has endured a steady stream of death threats and abuse by right-wing Italians that goes to show the racism in the country.

One thing is for sure, the calling of “monkey” by Leclere is not the first of racist remarks by Italians against black politicians in the country. Right-wing Italians have been giving out a steady stream of racist remarks against black prime ministers long before the Taubira issue broke out and it may just be getting worse with the Leclere issue at hand with the public lime light.

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  1. We are not liked much anywhere it seems .Smdh

  2. It has more to do with Low Self-Esteem. When you encounter people who resort to name calling, it’s more of a defense to cover up their inadequacies, which mirrors how they perceive themselves. People with sound minds embrace cultural diversity as a way to learn and grow. In a world with a multiplicity of intelligence, creativity, and talent, those with a dull wit may find it hard to adapt! It becomes more apparent in a downward economy. Darwinism takes precedence, separating the weak
    (minded) from the strong.

  3. I am still not clear about who this white French woman is that made the Racial verbal and monkey facebook attack on this French woman of African descent. Some one please help me understand what happened.

  4. These Devil’s won’t Quit it because they believe in White Supremacy! Some ignorant Negroes the same instead of fighting against it ignorant Negroes have internalized this BS? Black folks have taken a Good look at a Monkey? It has white skin underneath that fur & straight hair! You crackers look like some fuckin’ Monkey’s Well you be a Monkey’s uncle lol Satan is a MF it’s alot of these Woods who believe in White Supremacy all in our faces! Check these Enemies No Doubt! When they call Names fire right back at them,we got names for you crackers too!

  5. After black people build this world now they want us to go back to our motherland. WE build this world for free our parents was raped, whip, sold, family was separated, etc. And now they does not want us around but its to later now. Black people demand your respect from them.

  6. OMG!!! Hate is such a Horrible thing to have fester through out the world…Imagine how important we r! Hate festers throughout your body, thus making People of color over the top. Racism eats at the core of ignorance and Hate. The truth really hurts … as People we must pray for these people that choose to be ignorant and miseducated….(1) We were the first Civilization… Our genes and bloodline run thru each and everyone…What did our ancestors do to them… did Our Ancestors not love and nuture them? Our poor babies… when Our Ancesters were building Temples …they where still walking on all four… I guess that would hurt me to the core…Cave dwellers I pray for U. You are Angry or maybe just hurt and ignorant…but yet your women want Our men and Your men have LOVED Our womwen especially in the Dark… and now if we will have them … It is no longer in the dark…
    even when your have what you call education U can only say we should be swinging from TREES!!!! PLEASE explan why U still have hair, grose long hair all over your faces and bodies…why do U have to shave your body…. answer… because U have not yet evolved…I believe U were described as “Cave Dwellers”.. U need that hair to keep U warm…
    Just as a Mother does with a child … we still love U… for burning books, destrying our Statues, rewritting Our History, exploiting people loving peaceful people that don’t look like U and that is why You have re-written History to make U superior to all cultures…. only allowing just enough History to slip thru the cracks… so you can Appear to be Superior…
    Even when we are raped, beaten, spit on, lenched, bombed, aborted and hated…Until the God of my understanding decides it is Time …U will still continue to attempt to be Miseducated and Hate because U know the Truth and so do Others.

  7. Honkies be honkies all over the world.

  8. Is it the common right wing trait or are there more???

  9. Europeans believe that white supremacy superiority crap. They need a good lesson in African's history to shut that foolishness down!

  10. To my sister be strong…… White people are so hateful. Even those who are married or dating Black men and Women. They feel they can say or do whatever they like to us. Sooner or later the time will come where we as a people will not tolerate the racism anymore and will be prepared to die.

  11. Its sad what some human beings are made to go through …

  12. I agree with what Abeola has said. If people still want to harbor ignorance & hatred in their heart hell & the lake of fire awaits them. Get God then you have love. Be blessed in Jesus name. Acts 2:38. Obey!!!

  13. And what Michel said.

  14. She should have shoved a banana down this white Hos throat! go fix your nasty rotten teeth you b!tch!

  15. Right on! the Revolution Will be Live and In "Color."

  16. Why do we keep trying to be accepted? We are a race of people just like them. When you got to ask why they don't like us look back into our history . Get info on what our ancestors went through for us to be here. Hanging, beatings, dog attacks, raping of our women, church bombings. And they kept going. Keep your head up.

  17. This is just another example of self hatred and fear. Oh and immaturity. Name calling, really?

  18. My people why do you get so offended when these Pigs call us Monkeys. To me it’s a big compliment as monkeys are very intelligent animals. They are so wise that a Cracker can leave his/her entire lives behind to go and study these animals and even live with them. No Black person in his right mind would go and live in a jungle to study an animal. That’s why they die useless deaths, stung by a fish, eaten by a bear, face torn off by a gorilla and the list continues. Crackers can never upset me with remarks. Fine perhaps we look like monkeys in their eyes. But the Only we can compare them with are Pigs! They share the same color and they even behave like them. Surely if Blacks evolved from monkeys, white must have evolved from pigs! That’s why they love the meat of a pig! I’ll be a monkey, because in my eyes Whites are PIGS!

  19. This is why we need a worldwide “Agenda”. Look at the video The BlackMan(State of Emergency) on Youtube. It’s also on Afrotak TV. Peace!

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  23. OK 1st take a excellent look at your self. What do you like what do you not like so significantly. Work on that which you do not like. But do not listen to other folks their opinions do not matter only yours does. Function on having the attitude that this is who you

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