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October 21, 2013

Man Shoots Black Teen Then Writes Racially Charged Jail Letters; Says Blacks Should Be Shot So They Can Change Their Behavior

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By Staff Blogger Charged with the fatal shooting of Jordan Davis last November, Michael Dunn has written at least 100 letters, containing racist remarks, to family and friends. Dunn is in prison while awaiting trial for a first degree murder charge for the death of the 17-year-old teenager. The teen is reported to have died over an altercation surrounding the loud music from Davis’s car at a gas station. Michael…

Cancer Survivor Uses Secret Formula to Have Longest Dreadlocks in The World

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Asha Zulu Mandela holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest hair, which is 19 feet and 6 inches long. Although she has suffered from numerous health problems, being diagnosed with cancer, suffering from two heart attacks and undergoing more than a dozen surgeries, she has managed to turn her life around as an entrepreneur. In Clayton County, she has managed to overcome her illness using natural remedies and…

French Politician Told to Go Swing From Trees Like a Monkey

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Anne-Sophie Leclere was suspended by the National Front in France after calling Christiane Taubira a “monkey,” who she would “rather see in trees than in the government.” Anne Sophie Leclere is a mayoral candidate in Rethel, in the Ardennes. The mayoral candidate posted on her Facebook page an image of a baby monkey with a caption “at 18 months” and a picture of Taubira with a caption “now.” Envoye Special,…