Two Teens Make History After Being Named First Same-Sex ‘Cutest Couple’

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Dylan Meehan and Brad Taylor entered the category after a friend, Chelsea Blaney, approached the principal about allowing them in. Blaney wants Ellen DeGeneres to invite the students on her show to encourage other schools to rethink yearbook categories.

New milestones of social acceptance seem to be met every single day, and this particular story of the winners of a traditional high school superlative is no exception. Dylan Meehan and Brad Taylor made the risky decision to enter in the running for ‘cutest couple’ after a friend, Chelsea Blaney, approached the principal about them being considered for the category. Their supportive friend didn’t just stop there; Blaney also wants Ellen DeGeneres to invite the students on her show to encourage other schools to rethink making yearbook categories a little more ‘modern’.

Dylan Meehan and Brad Taylor are  two seniors at Carmel High School in Putnam County, New York, who have now become the first gay people to be voted “cutest couple” in the school’s yearbook.

Chelsea Blaney claims to have come up with the idea for her same-sex coupled friends to enter the popular category after noticing that straight couples were the only people who entered and won the title in previous years. That was when she approached the principal, Kevin Carroll, about allowing the two boys to be entered into the running.

The principal gave a statement to Newsday saying, “Kids aren’t hiding anymore,” he went on the proclaim ” They feel free, and they feel safe in the school — that’s the way it is.”

So  the running was in full effect and Dylan Meehan and Brad Taylor were on the ballot. After all the votes among nearly 300 seniors at Carmel High were counted, Meehan and Taylor were announced the winners. After hearing of her friends’ victory Blaney posted a photo last Monday of the two men on her Tumblr.

Underneath the picture read the caption: “Two of my best friends won Cutest Couple of our senior class,” Blaney wrote. “First time in my school history a same sex couple has even been able to run for this category, not to mention winning it. So proud of them, and my school.”

The post was followed by numerous (112,389 to be exact) comments of praise and support, something that oftentimes has not been modeled for the LGBTQ community.

The couple told The Huffington Post via email, “This whole thing has been a bit surreal for us because we have been raised to believe that love is love. We never realized that our happiness and openness would inspire so many individuals,” the email then went on to say, “The support we have received from our family, friends, and even strangers has led us to believe that our affection for each other is normal.”

It is refreshing that two young individuals are allowed the space to be proud of the feelings and emotions that they share for one another with out any unnecessary hatred from outside forces.

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