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June 5, 2013

Two Teens Make History After Being Named First Same-Sex ‘Cutest Couple’

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New milestones of social acceptance seem to be met every single day, and this particular story of the winners of a traditional high school superlative is no exception. Dylan Meehan and Brad Taylor made the risky decision to enter in the running for ‘cutest couple’ after a friend, Chelsea Blaney, approached the principal about them being considered for the category. Their supportive friend didn’t just stop there; Blaney also wants…

How Did a Black Man Get Arrested During A BMW Test Drive?

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Two steps forward, one step back! Just as soon as we think we are moving closer to equality and a color-blind society, we are hit with reports such as this one. Jon-Christopher Sowells, who is¬†pictured above, thought nothing of a simple test drive he decided to take a his local BMW dealership. It soon became a drive he would never forget! The unthinkable to place in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Sowells…

Bronx DJ Sacrifices His Life When His iPhone Falls Off Subway Tracks

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Now most iPhone users seem to go hard as supporters of the Apple brand, but this incident definitely takes that cake.There is no doubting that a Bronx DJ loved his trendy phone after risking his life for it.¬† Francisco Diego, also known as DJ Teck Traks of New York, tragically lost his life after being electrocuted and struck by a Subway train in an attempt to retrieve his fallen phone…