Natural Hair Becoming More Popular for African American Women

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Recent survey data is showing that the number of black women sporting natural hair has increased substantially in recent years.

“Natural hair has been a movement for several years. What we’re seeing now is a confirmation that this is a lifestyle that is very important to a lot of women,” says Cyntelia Abrams, marketing coordinator for Design Essentials, a company that commissioned a study on the topic.

The number of black women who claim that they don’t use chemical relaxers or straighteners has risen to 36% in 2011, which is a significant increase from 26% in 2010.   At the same time, sales of relaxers have dropped by 17% over the last five years.

Last year, 29-year old Rochelle Ritchie, a reporter in West Palm Beach, Florida, went natural on the air.  She said that she “grew tired of “the financial burden” and “feeling like I was covering up.”