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June 6, 2014

Glenn Beck Said God Made Him Get Van Jones Fired from the White House

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Talk radio show host Glenn Beck reminisced on Wednesday about cυtting Van Jones’ career at the White House short, but Beck says it was God’s will. In the early days of the Obama administration, activist Van Jones was brought in as an environmental adviser. Jones hadn’t been at his job long before Glenn Beck, then a rising star on the right wing,  launched a character assαssination campaign against Jones. Beck…

Former Inmate Can’t Afford Food Because of $21,000 in Fines

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If you ever wonder why ex-cons have such a hard time integrating back into society, maybe Ardell Shaw’s story will help you understand the obstacles put in place by the state to make it almost impossible for them to rebuilt their lives. In a discussion with HuffPost Live on Wednesday,  Shaw revealed that his arrest on drug charges in Washington state not only sent him to prison for 14 years,…

How to Know if You’re a Financial Zombie

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African Americans are often held back by our lack of access to econmic freedom and financial literacy. This can cause us to make decisions that might be otherwise deemed unethical, but we go along with them nonetheless because we are afraid of losing our freedom. In this video, Dr. Watkins explains what it means to be a “Financial Zombie,” and what it means to live a life that is without…

JET Magazine’s Final Issue Arrives at Newsstands on June 9

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By Andrew Scot Bolsinger The final issue of a pioneer magazine that focused on its core audience of blacks in America and expanded into the mainstream marketplace will release its final print magazine on June 9. JET Magazine will revert to an entirely online presence following its final issue as it transitions to an all-digital format. The front of its final printed magazine is an assortment of the most iconic…

Dr Boyce Watkins & S. Tia Brown: Jamal Bryant, “These hoes ain’t loyal”

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In this episode of Financial Lovemaking, Dr Boyce Watkins and S. Tia Brown discuss Pastor Jamal Bryant’s remarks in church. During a recent sermon called “My enemy’s worst nightmare,” the pastor used the term “these hoes ain’t loyal,” which led to controversy. This builds a conversation about the relationship between the black church and it’s congregations, and whether black women are duped by pastors who give messages that might be degrading….

Judge and public defender fight in the hallway. www.blacklikemoi.com

Judge Grows Angry With Attorney, Invites Him to Fight In the Hallway

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Reported by Nigel Boys We’ve all heard about strict judges who think nothing of finding attorneys in contempt of court, but there’s one judge in Brevard County, GA who has taken disobedience of his commands to a whole new level. If you find yourself in the courtroom of Judge John Murphy and he tells you to sit down and be quiet, you better do what he says, or he might just…

Twenty adults were involved in a brawl at a Cincinnati kindergarten graduation. www.blacklikemoi.com

Elementary School Forced to Lock Down After 20 Adults Brawl at Kindergarten Graduation

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Reported by Krystle Crossman Around 20 people were involved in a brawl at a Cincinnati, Ohio kindergarten graduation on Monday The Mt. Healthy North Elementary school was placed on lockdown when the fight broke out. The fight is reported to have begun when a 33-year-old man walked up to his child’s mother’s boyfriend and punched him square in the face. Raymond Walker was charged with assault and inducing panic among all…


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Jimi Hendrix was a musician and songwriter who is most known for being one of the most epic and influential guitarists in musical history.  Hendrix was born in Seattle, Washington and started playing the guitar when he was 15 years old.  He moved to Clarksville, Tennessee and began his music career after receiving an honorable discharge from the US Army. His career spanned just four short years and began in…

NYPD Arrests 103 Gang Bαngers After Some Admit Crimes on Facebook

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Investigators pursuing criminals normally have an arduous task ahead of them. There are leads to be followed up on, witnesses to be interviewed, and even surveillance video to be reviewed. But a recent gang bust by the NYPD that netted 103 arrests was made at least somewhat easier due to the fact that a few of the alleged gang bangers openly admitted their crimes on Facebook. In a powerful show…

50 Cent Blames His Ex for Brainwashing Son, Destroying Relationship

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Rapper 50 Cent burst onto the scene with hot songs like “Wanksta”, which featured his then 6 year old son Marquise. Now, however, the rapper turned businessman, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, admits that he no longer has a relationship with his son. It was widely publicized that 50 Cent wasn’t at his son’s graduation, something the rapper blames on his son’s mother. But in a recent interview with…

Civil Rights, Anger, and Courage:Dave Chappelle and Maya Angelou Iconoclast Episode

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Dave Chappelle is the wildly successful stand-up comedian who is most known for his sketch comedy series Chappelle’s Show on Comedy Central.  The beginning of Chappelle’s career was rocky.  He got booed off the stage at the famed Apollo Theater’s “Amateur Night,” and he played in a number of television pilots, but none of the shows were picked up as a series.  At one point, Chappelle even considered leaving the…