Police Chief Who Sent Racist Emails About Lazy Blacks Faces Only Suspension

Only days after two Ohio officers were fired for sending racist text messages, mosielloPelham Manor’s Police Chief is being punished for sending racist emails.

Chief Alfred Mosiello mocked African-Americans and Latinos in the emails, but being racist won’t cost him his job.

Mosiello will face only a two week suspension after joking that African-American women are lazy welfare queens and Latinos keep their cash off the books.

The Journal News obtained the emails and described the board’s decision to give Mosiello a slap on the wrist as opposed to firing the police chief:

Last month, the village Board of Trustees opted instead to suspend Mosiello without pay for two weeks, to strip him of 25 vacation days and send him to counseling. Village Mayor Bertrand Sellier suggested that while the bill for Mosiello’s therapy – as much as $25,000 – was significant, the village would not have to spend money on litigation trying to oust the chief and that Mosiello was a longtime employee who had taken responsibility and “apologized for his poor judgment.”

“If they’re not going to fire him then he should be demoted,” said Damon Jones, the president of Blacks in Law Enforcement of America in Westchester. “He should not be in a position where he is in charge of policies and procedures.”

Officer Mark Lenci, who was forced out due to disciplinary action stemming from the arrest of a black man, says he confronted Mosiello about the racist emails. In response, he says the chief cursed at him out.

“These police departments are basically run by people who have biased views of African Americans and people of color,” Jones said. “The politicians are afraid to admit there’s racism in their police departments.”






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